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Aunty Sugabelly

“…I know why you are fat. …It’s because you are eating too much cake.” – my six year old niece

Sick in Hospital

Again. This time I have food poisoning. I just finished throwing my guts up and now I’m waiting for the doctor. The nurse has..


is the first night that I will sleep in my room .. in my bed .. in two weeks.


Jesus Te ama! Todos que tengo es tuyos. Soy tuya y tuya quiero ser. Haca conmigo lo que haras. =D lol. I speak spanish...


when did you lose your virginity? At some point in time. What do you think about 1st generation american children born of nigerian immigrants?..


Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Inuyasha can’t die!!! Inuyasha is THE ACTOR!!!!!!!!

I’m Sorry!!!

I’m at a business conference so I haven’t been able to blog. Will put up a post later today. Promise. Conference just ended, about..

The Burying of Bakura

Beauty comes from brokenness. He was broken a long time ago; I was bent. He broke me into many little pieces and hid them..

Happy Birthday Nosa!!!

Hey everyone, it’s Nosa’s birthday today, so head on over to his blog and wish him a happy birthday!!!!