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Igbo Rocks Again

I started the Ndebe Project blog again!! I know it’s been DOA for the longest time but I finally got my notes in order..

Scripting Ndebe

First of all, forgive my terrible hand writing. I’ve recently discovered that just because one has beautiful handwriting on paper does not necessarily mean..

More Sketches

I am being lazy here. Mostly because I can’t sleep. Anyway, here is my second sketch of my main characters the twins (a.k.a. Aku)...

Scripters Needed!!

The Ndebe Project is looking for Scripters – people to test the script. It’s very easy and takes very little time. Every couple of..

Ancient Yoruba Boots!!!

I’m sorry if you think I’m crazy, but this is in response to a question that SHE asked me in the previous post, and..

Cool Igbo Word of the Week

Dadalida Ndebe Script: Syllables: Da-Da-Li-Da Tone: HIGH-HIGH-LOW-LOW Type: Adverb Meaning: Daily Usage: N na je afia dadalida Ndebe Script: Translation: I go to the..

The Igbo 2.0. blog launches!!

Hey everyone, I know we’ve all been having fun with Blogville Koko Mansion, but I’ve also been working on the Ndebe Project. I just..

A Fire and A Film

The night before last there was a fire in my building. The fire alarm went off and I heard it but I was also..