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My Rabbit came today. It’s blue. I specifically ordered pink. FML

So Much for Igbo Chastity

There is no group of people on Earth that like to claim they are “moral” and “decent” and “chaste” like Igbo people do. Here’s..


I just found an Igbo *ahem* “instrument” that apparently was used in the “guidance” *ahem* *cough**ahem* of young brides to be *ahem* *kpehe* *cough*..


This is about sex, and that’s why he’s punishing me. How can you hate me for something you wanted? Let’s be honest. Namu is..

My Friend Elwe

My friend Elwe, he kisses you and you smile to yourselfThe only smile that you will get before you give yourselfMy friend Elwe, he..