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Nights in Our House

In the almost two years I have lived here however, it has remained cold and empty, and fewer than three people have come through the door in all that time.

I’m Such a Fan of #WasteHisTime2016

How many times have we heard of, and seen first hand, Nigerian women who thought they were in steady, serious relationships, only for their boyfriend to send them invitation cards to his wedding (to someone else) out of the blue?


Besides struggling with constant suicidal thoughts, I’ve suffered from utter apathy for little over a year now. Nothing excites me anymore, nothing makes me happy anymore. Just when I thought I was at my darkest moment, I met someone on Twitter and fell in love.

Last night

HL and I had another fight. But we made up. I think… I’m beginning to understand what I want. I want affection. And with..

Night Clouds

Dear Daddy, I fucking hate you, you piece of shit. Today I stopped being unsure. As long as you live if I can I will destroy you, and when you die, I promise I’ll visit.