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Drawing an Igbo Priest

Here’s a short video of me sketching an Igbo priest for my my graphic novel. Sorry my camera died before I could finish but..

Independence Day Process

Here’s a video of me painting the Independence Day girl in SAI.  Sorry I didn’t record the whole thing. (Tech problems)


Ichafu means “Head scarf” or “Head tie” in Igbo.

My First Live Stream

I drew this last night while streaming live on Ustream. It was my first time ever livestreaming video and I’m so glad it turned..

Day 1 – Yourself

The doctor said I had to stay in bed and rest so I’m doing this 30 Day Drawing Challenge that I found on the..

You know how…

….every artist has their own particular style? Well I think I’ve found mine

Today is World Drawing Day

Three nights ago I spent the whole night crying because I tried and tried to draw the view from my window and just couldn’t. I have my sketchbook and paints with me and my charcoal and pens, but nothing is coming and it’s so scary.