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Chinese Whispers

Before you give your oh-so sanctimonious opinion on this painful, and traumatic event in my life, make sure you are commenting on the actual facts.

You are Not Blessed. Just Lucky.

If all of you are the special snowflakes that the Divine has his eye particularly trained on, what does that make the defenseless, crushingly poor, and oppressed victims of this world? The ones that didn’t catch Divine Favour abi?

Stop Molesting Me with Your Religion

Instead of going away, she broke into an angry whine.

“Why can’t you take it? I am inviting you to my church! Even if you don’t want to come, you don’t have to reject my church flier”

Seriously? Is this girl for real?

What a Shitty Weekend

The events of this weekend / last week just drained all my energy. You’d have to have been living under a rock to not..

I Am Not A Feminist

Nigerian men are not going to stop marrying you if you openly admit to being a feminist. The only way they can continue benefiting from the atmosphere of fear surrounding the feminism of Nigerian women in Nigeria is if Nigerian women continue to trade away some of their rights in exchange for acceptance in our patriarchal society.

Dear God…

May all the children and relatives of every senator, House of Rep member, Minister, Governor, and Local Government Chairman that voted for or supported..

Men First???

What the fuck is wrong with Nigerians? Seriously, Nigerian men can you tell us because I’m sure many of us are burning with curiosity. Is there some sort of secret night meeting that Nigerian men all over the country attend where they are given mind altering drugs that fill them with humongous delusions of entitlement?