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Summer Stage and the IAAF

I went to the International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn on Saturday and then Summerstage in Central Park on Sunday. After smuggling my camera..

African Film Festival

I just got back from the African Film Festival in Brooklyn. It was totally amazing. I bought tickets for the shorts at the Brooklyn..

The Week In Summary

Despite the fact that I promised to give up Hulu for Lent, I have been watching it every night. I also have been missing..

Fashion Show Update.

So like I said, Multi’s camera messed up at the moment of truth, so I had to go beg other photographers to relinquish some..

Oh My God…

I farted in an elevator full of people. It wasn’t my fault. I was late for class and I get gas whenever I’m anxious...

Countdown: 30 Days

In thirty days I will be moving to New York to start a new life. I cannot wait. I’ve been to New York before,..