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My ends were super damaged and a mess. They had to go. Huge dark circles under my eyes. I’m under an incredible amount of..

Weave Be Gone

I’m back in braids. I feel a bit disappointed though. I honestly thought this would be the year I’d just walk around with an..

Team Natural

ThirdWorldProfashional put up a post today about natural hair and relaxed hair in Nigeria and her opinions on various matters involved in the whole..

40 Day Master Cleanse: Day 5

I woke up about an hour ago so I don’t really have much to report. I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 235.2lbs..

All’s Well That Ends Well

Thank goodness the bank managed to sort everything out. Luckily I discovered the fraudulent charges on the same day they were made so they..

Shameless Plug

Hey everyone so my gorgeous friend Nev is featured on Black Girl With Long Hair as one of the Now and Then transitioners. Nev..