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Read Because It Rocks: Paperakyu

Read Because It Rocks: Paperakyu

I’m going to be recommending some of the lesser known series that I’ve read but that are still pretty amazing. I hope you like it and take the chance to try a new manga that you otherwise might not have read. ^_^

London Purchases Part 2 – Toys

Went to a lot of great anime merchandise stores that I’d been planning to go to forever. Until now, I’ve ordered all my anime..

Wazobia Update

I know it’s late, and I’m sorry!! But better late than never right? There’s a new page up on Wazobia!! So please check it..

Wazobia :: Work in Progress

It’s Igbo from WaZoBia!! I’m still working on the WaZoBia web comic. For something so short, each page takes a lot of hard work!..

Drawing an Igbo Priest

Here’s a short video of me sketching an Igbo priest for my my graphic novel. Sorry my camera died before I could finish but..

A Little While Ago

I bought a book to help me understand better how to draw in Manga style It’s called The Monster Book of Manga (girls) and..


I just watched the latest episode of Inuyasha and in this one, Sesshomaru’s mother (who is the Guardian to the Gate of Hell) called..