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My Friend Elwe

My friend Elwe, he kisses you and you smile to yourselfThe only smile that you will get before you give yourselfMy friend Elwe, he..

Poetry to Save my Dying Spirit

I was his queen, or so I thought,‘Til it all came crashing downNow I’m the Queen of Bruises,And I wear his thorny crown. I..

A Chat with Bakura

I’ll just post the transcript. All names have been changed: Bakura to me 11:10 AM me: Also, I think you’re largely insensitive and I’m..


Today I fought with a man, my man, a man I love. Not with punches, or blows exchanged and then felt, but with words,..

Weasley is our King

I don’t think life’s really worth living anymore. I am so miserable here. But still, I trudge on. Everyday, I drag myself out of..