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So You Want to Learn Igbo…

Sexy Igbo is a revolutionary learning system and practise community for Igbo designed to get even absolute beginners speaking Igbo fluently.

Decoding Anamachikwanu

So this week I stumbled upon what I consider to be the most awesome Igbo song in the history of Igbo songs, second only..

Igbo Rocks Again

I started the Ndebe Project blog again!! I know it’s been DOA for the longest time but I finally got my notes in order..

My Language Challenge Entry

Here’s the entry for my Language Challenge. I’m speaking Igbo and the transcript is provided underneath. ^_^ Please note: I use “mbwa/mgba” (match –..

Igbo Expression of the Week

Taba Nsi Be Patient (Lit: Eat Shit) Igbo rocks. Go forth and speak it. =D Expansion: An Idiom is a phrase or expression producing..

Scripting Ndebe

First of all, forgive my terrible hand writing. I’ve recently discovered that just because one has beautiful handwriting on paper does not necessarily mean..