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So You Want to Learn Igbo…

Sexy Igbo is a revolutionary learning system and practise community for Igbo designed to get even absolute beginners speaking Igbo fluently.

Drawing an Igbo Priest

Here’s a short video of me sketching an Igbo priest for my my graphic novel. Sorry my camera died before I could finish but..

So Much for Igbo Chastity

There is no group of people on Earth that like to claim they are “moral” and “decent” and “chaste” like Igbo people do. Here’s..

Necessary Randomness

I finally found what I was looking for (at least partially). Here is probably one of the last mud two-storey structures that wasn’t knocked..


I just found an Igbo *ahem* “instrument” that apparently was used in the “guidance” *ahem* *cough**ahem* of young brides to be *ahem* *kpehe* *cough*..

Ancient Yoruba Boots!!!

I’m sorry if you think I’m crazy, but this is in response to a question that SHE asked me in the previous post, and..