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Help Choose My New Glasses!

I went to Lenscrafters today and got my eyes checked. I’m a little short sighted plus I have some astigmatism so I wear glasses..

Today I did nothing productive

… well that’s not entirely true. I took some pictures. It’s Domo-kun!!! Isn’t he cute??? Dear God… please deliver me from the pimples that..

My Apologies

I’m taking a much deserved break and am in Colorado for a convention so I have been MIA for more than a week I..

My New Bicycle Came

I assembled it myself.  I probably would have finished sooner if I hadn’t spent all day by Hung Lo’s bedside. (He’s ill). More (and..

We Went Out For The Day

We had a Greek breakfast, dropped by an awesome book store, got gelato, stopped for coffee, then ended up with sushi for dinner Good..

My First Foray into Igbo Makeup

I’m trying this year to immerse myself deeper into my culture. I think we have some of the most beautiful traditions in the world...

Some Lies and Some Truths

I was tagged by my best friend Lolia which means I have no choice. Some of the following statements are true. Some of the..