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Hurricane Sandy Worries

For about half a second I was thanking my lucky stars that I’m in Nigeria not America now that Hurricane Sandy is tearing up..

One Afternoon

I keep wondering what went wrong? What went wrong? What happened????

I don’t know.

But my sweet, intelligent, funny friend isn’t coming back to Salamander.

Alcohol Dreams

Last night I went out with Skinny Goat and had way too much to drink. I remember arguing with somebody about something, singing off..

Mellowyel Sent Me a Package

Containing some of my favourite things: An Inuyasha t-shirt A book on how to make graphic novels and lots and lots of Shortbread Isn’t..

Random Photos Part 4

Say Cheese!! Sandra..ever camera ready Waiting for the munchies Ha!! Her drawing was close… but not enough to beat me =D Aww, I got..

Random Photos Part 3

Then you crack the eggs… Our friend was eating spaghetti with sour cream… ew!!! Anyway, this is the egg I fried.. =D Krystle wasn’t..

We Went Out For The Day

We had a Greek breakfast, dropped by an awesome book store, got gelato, stopped for coffee, then ended up with sushi for dinner Good..

Shameless Plug

Hey everyone so my gorgeous friend Nev is featured on Black Girl With Long Hair as one of the Now and Then transitioners. Nev..