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Week Mashup

Here’s a very short excerpt from my story about Faza our Ogbanje. It was said that no woman on Earth could resist Azie Faza...

Nigerian Fiction

Hey everyone, wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where everyone could read great Nigerian fiction written by every day Nigerians who..

A New Week

Yay, the new week has started and I’ve already whiled Monday away. Oh well. Christmas week was quite interesting don’t you think? Thank goodness..

More Sketches

I am being lazy here. Mostly because I can’t sleep. Anyway, here is my second sketch of my main characters the twins (a.k.a. Aku)...


I know I know! I promised and this is so late, so please forgive me. Here is my sketch for Bilili. It’s a preliminary..

Waiting for the Weekend

This, like every week before it, has been a rather lazy week for me. I honestly think that laziness is my biggest vice and..

A Little Bit of Writing

So I’m working on a story, which is exciting because I haven’t written a story in so, so, long!!! Also, I’ve never completed a..