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The Pointy Nails Trend

I usually don’t hop on bandwagons but I think my manicure at The Nail Bar back in October reminded me of how much I..

Ty Ogunkoya is One Fine Dude

Nigerian model Ty Ogunkoya (Full name: Akintayo) is on the cover of Fab Magazine’s Celebration Issue. Ty is one of my favourite models and..

I wasn’t going to call it..

…until someone else called it on Bella Naija… lest I be accused of hating. LOL. Nah, people are going to call me a hater..

Fashion Show Update.

So like I said, Multi’s camera messed up at the moment of truth, so I had to go beg other photographers to relinquish some..

I’m in NYC

I’m in the dorms at Columbia University prepping for a fashion show. The show starts in less than thirty minutes and I’m one of..


This woman and her style make me deliriously happy.

What I Wore Today

So I thought about what Angela said, and questioned why I have taken to wearing red lipstick every day. The answer is that it makes..