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My Great Uncle died this morning. He was ill and we were all going to see him but he died this morning. I am..

Things I wish …

I wish I had somewhere to go. I have nowhere to go and so I have to stay here. I wish I could just..

Bastard and Proud

In Loyola, in JS1, when asked about my family, I happily and naively told everyone that my Mom was a single parent. What ensued was relentless bullying where people called me a bastard and made cruel barbs about the fact that I lived with only my mother and my father didn’t care about me.

Selfish Parents

I just realised that lucky or not, fortunate or not, or however it may be, I was blessed with two extremely selfish parents. Even..

My Apologies

I’m taking a much deserved break and am in Colorado for a convention so I have been MIA for more than a week I..