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Nobody wants to get this phone call, but it came last night. I heard about it this morning. My cousin was sitting in his..


My Great Uncle died this morning. He was ill and we were all going to see him but he died this morning. I am..

Things I wish …

I wish I had somewhere to go. I have nowhere to go and so I have to stay here. I wish I could just..

Bastard and Proud

In Loyola, in JS1, when asked about my family, I happily and naively told everyone that my Mom was a single parent. What ensued was relentless bullying where people called me a bastard and made cruel barbs about the fact that I lived with only my mother and my father didn’t care about me.

Selfish Parents

I just realised that lucky or not, fortunate or not, or however it may be, I was blessed with two extremely selfish parents. Even..

My Apologies

I’m taking a much deserved break and am in Colorado for a convention so I have been MIA for more than a week I..