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Finished Another Chibi Today

This one is for the gorgeous and amazing Zara (aka Zed) Emezi. If you’d like a chibi of yourself like this, I’m drawing them..

The Web Comic is Up!!!

My new web comic Wazobia is up on Jigida Comics (My Nigerian Comics publishing label). Check it out and let me know what you..


I’ve decided I like doing portraits. There is something very calming and relaxing about drawing a portrait, perhaps because you have to take your..

Commission Portrait Process

Here’s a commission I’m working on. It’s a not-so-serious portrait of a blogger I’m doing for his blog. I’ve also got a bunch of..

Drawing an Igbo Priest

Here’s a short video of me sketching an Igbo priest for my my graphic novel. Sorry my camera died before I could finish but..

Independence Day Process

Here’s a video of me painting the Independence Day girl in SAI.  Sorry I didn’t record the whole thing. (Tech problems)