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My cousin Obi died yesterday. I knew he was gravely ill, but I suppose I thought the medical science necessary to support him through a normal lifespan was there and so I thought his life would just continue being an endless blur of hospitals and doctors and drugs.

Eleven Years

I didn’t bother to wake up early to say goodbye to my friends.
I didn’t realise then, that I’d never see Zikora and Toke again.

One Afternoon

I keep wondering what went wrong? What went wrong? What happened????

I don’t know.

But my sweet, intelligent, funny friend isn’t coming back to Salamander.


My Great Uncle died this morning. He was ill and we were all going to see him but he died this morning. I am..

Pain Never Gets Old

I wasn’t going to write a post today. Probably because I didn’t want to interrupt the language discussion going on in the post below...