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I think when it comes to art, I hold myself to such impossibly high standards that anything short of perfection is an utter disappointment for me.

Hello WordPress!

I’ve moved! I’ve finally joined the self hosted WordPress club!! I’m really going to miss Blogger but I think moving to WordPress was a..

Internet Woes

Right now my internet connection is tenuous at best so until I have better internet access, my posts are going to be sporadic. As..

In which there is much ado

It appears my last post has caused a great deal of furor in certain corners of Blogville.I think perhaps some people are getting too..

Next Week

I have finals. Specifically, I have SIX finals. As a Nigerian it is my duty to get all As, so I will not be..

Internet Deprivation

Hi everyone, I am blogging from Starbucks. I’m spending Christmas with my Grandma and she doesn’t have internet so I’ve been suffering Internet Withdrawal..

Stuff Nigerians Hate

We finally did it! All the pet peeves that Nigerians have been carrying around since coming into contact with the rest of the world..