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The Pointy Nails Trend

I usually don’t hop on bandwagons but I think my manicure at The Nail Bar back in October reminded me of how much I..

My Nails

I just never really showed them off.             They’re fucking gorgeous! Courtesy of The Nail Bar

I hate my body

I act like shit don’t faze me Inside it drives me crazy My insecurities could  Eat me alive…. 

Men Strike Again

So I came across the Ask Men 99 Most Desirable Women list and I was bored so I decided to see who these 99..

My First Foray into Igbo Makeup

I’m trying this year to immerse myself deeper into my culture. I think we have some of the most beautiful traditions in the world...

Sugabelly’s Boob….Tube

I haven’t always had the biggest breasts around, but I’ve always had big breasts. They haven’t always been this big, but they’ve always generally..