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I really want to put my work up on Deviant Art, but I’m scared. The artists on DeviantArt are so good, it’s crazy and..

More Drawing

I was talking to Mellowyel yesterday about the possibility of developing a signature drawing style. I’ve been feeling very creative recently so drawing is..

You know how…

….every artist has their own particular style? Well I think I’ve found mine

More Sketches

I am being lazy here. Mostly because I can’t sleep. Anyway, here is my second sketch of my main characters the twins (a.k.a. Aku)...


I know I know! I promised and this is so late, so please forgive me. Here is my sketch for Bilili. It’s a preliminary..

The Thing Around Your Neck

I just got back from an amazing book reading and signing by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for her short story collection The Thing Around Your Neck


So since last week I’ve been depressed about losing my ability to draw among other things. Thanks everyone for the encouraging words about practice...

So I Decided to Colour My Drawing

And because the skin was now darker, the fro looked far too light. Like so… No Biggie.I corrected it by blotting lots of mini-sections..

Today is World Drawing Day

Three nights ago I spent the whole night crying because I tried and tried to draw the view from my window and just couldn’t. I have my sketchbook and paints with me and my charcoal and pens, but nothing is coming and it’s so scary.