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London Purchases Part 2 – Toys

Went to a lot of great anime merchandise stores that I’d been planning to go to forever. Until now, I’ve ordered all my anime..

A New Week

Yay, the new week has started and I’ve already whiled Monday away. Oh well. Christmas week was quite interesting don’t you think? Thank goodness..

Meet My New Love

Sakujun Sa Isn’t he pretty? I’m so excited because I found an Inuyasha Replacement to get me through the remaining six days of the..


I just watched the latest episode of Inuyasha and in this one, Sesshomaru’s mother (who is the Guardian to the Gate of Hell) called..

This is THE TRUEST thing I ever Heard

While we’re on the topic of people internalizing racist attitudes and using them against themselves, let me just air something that has been threatening..