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Thinking about Toyin

I can’t stop wondering why Toyin Salau couldn’t have gone home. Why wasn’t there anyone who could have told her, “Wait there, I am coming to get you.” ???


I miss Abuja but it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to go back, at least not until the end of the year at any rate. Until then, I have to find a way to make DC my home. If you know anyone who’s hiring, I’m available. Seriously.

Hurricane Sandy Worries

For about half a second I was thanking my lucky stars that I’m in Nigeria not America now that Hurricane Sandy is tearing up..

Suo Beke | Speak English

Suo Beke by sugabelly (Sorry there’s some repetition. I don’t know what went wrong with the soundcloud player)Igbo: Ndi Yanki na kpam amu. Otue..


For the terror suspect is NOT Igbo ….. or Yoruba for that matter… Update: Kai, It’s like everyone has lost their sense of humour..

Last Night of School

I haven’t got anywhere as far as packing is concerned so I’m not even going to bother blogging about it. I do have a..

sugabelly 2.0

Every few months or so, I write a post about how I want to revamp my life, and I never get around to it...