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Homosexuality is Un-African

Or so our fellow compatriots would like us to believe. Yoruba: Benin (the country): Akan (Ghana): Igbo( my, my, my – although this is..

The Philanthropist: Update on NBC

I checked the NBC forum on The Philanthropist this morning to see if my question had been answered by their so-called expert on Nigeria,..

Guess Who I’m Going to See

Sugabelly will be live at SummerStage in July for the performances of: Oumou Sangare Asa Les Nubians This summer is totally rocking. 😀 Oooh,..

African Film Festival

I just got back from the African Film Festival in Brooklyn. It was totally amazing. I bought tickets for the shorts at the Brooklyn..

Kal will love this

I came across this on Vox. I actually stole it from Rosina Ruby Lips, but being Nigerian, I just couldn’t resist the call of..