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Stop Molesting Me with Your Religion

Instead of going away, she broke into an angry whine.

“Why can’t you take it? I am inviting you to my church! Even if you don’t want to come, you don’t have to reject my church flier”

Seriously? Is this girl for real?

The Pointy Nails Trend

I usually don’t hop on bandwagons but I think my manicure at The Nail Bar back in October reminded me of how much I..

My Nails

I just never really showed them off.             They’re fucking gorgeous! Courtesy of The Nail Bar

One Afternoon

I keep wondering what went wrong? What went wrong? What happened????

I don’t know.

But my sweet, intelligent, funny friend isn’t coming back to Salamander.

I Don’t Have the Strength … To Be a Nigerian

Now that I think about it. Practically everyone in Nigeria is having sex for money. I don’t know about other countries, but from what I’ve seen of relationships in America from different ethnicities, while there’s an expectation of exchanging gifts and other such things, it is nowhere near as advanced and expensive as it is in Nigeria.