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I Have A New Baby Cousin

Say hello to Ifeanyi ?????? Just a few days old, and I love him already.     He’s so adorable.   Sigh, this is giving..

I Finally Tried Coffin Nails

In my bid to get out of my comfort zone, I finally took the plunge, and got my nails did! My coffin nails look amazing, but it got a lot harder to wipe my ass, and do other things.

I’m Such a Fan of #WasteHisTime2016

How many times have we heard of, and seen first hand, Nigerian women who thought they were in steady, serious relationships, only for their boyfriend to send them invitation cards to his wedding (to someone else) out of the blue?

My Super Duper Lottery Plan!

With the current lottery jackpot at $1.4 billion, I’ve spent the last week imagining what I would do with $868 million (the lump sum cash payout) if I won the Powerball. Here’s my super duper lottery plan!