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Things that bother me about being a woman, being Igbo, being Nigerian, being West African, being African, being a foreigner, and being black.

So I finished my exams and stumbled upon this

Frankly, I think that Nigerians go overboard to the point of mental delusion with the whole Christianity thing (particularly the Mount Zion, mountain of fire, Jewish-referencing, promise land spouting set) because they feel they empty culturally.

The Heart of Man…

I’m not usually one of those animal rights people. And before anything else is said, I’m a happy omnivore – i.e. I’m a herbivore..

A Rant

So writing this story has opened my eyes to many things. And if you commented on the excerpts I posted please don’t think that..

Dbanj has a new video

I know on the many previous occasions that I have pointed out the very disturbing fact that more and more Nigerian artists continue to..