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Things that bother me about being a woman, being Igbo, being Nigerian, being West African, being African, being a foreigner, and being black.

Security Sexism

So the other day I had to run an errand at the INEC office in Maitama. I’ve never been there before but I’d heard..

I Am Not A Feminist

Nigerian men are not going to stop marrying you if you openly admit to being a feminist. The only way they can continue benefiting from the atmosphere of fear surrounding the feminism of Nigerian women in Nigeria is if Nigerian women continue to trade away some of their rights in exchange for acceptance in our patriarchal society.

I Don’t Have the Strength … To Be a Nigerian

Now that I think about it. Practically everyone in Nigeria is having sex for money. I don’t know about other countries, but from what I’ve seen of relationships in America from different ethnicities, while there’s an expectation of exchanging gifts and other such things, it is nowhere near as advanced and expensive as it is in Nigeria.

New Occupations

Right after the new year I suffered from major blogging fatigue. (Or more likely In spite of everything that went on in the past..