Back from the Doctor

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Christmas Prezzies… Ha Ha Ha

This is obviously well past Christmas, but I thought I’d do a post anyway. So, for the longest time, I have resisted the inexorable..


Whitney Houston a nwugo! =( Rest in Peace.

Choose Joy

For a long time, I’ve been so angry. About a lot of things, about situations and people that let me down and that I..

Occupy Ministers in New York

This is easily the best Occupy Nigeria related video I’ve seen all year. The minister’s people were just looking smugly on as if to..

5 Years

On a happier note, today is the 5 Year Anniversary of this blog!!!!!! I’ve been blogging on Sugabelly 2.0 for FIVE YEARS non-stop.  (not..

Things I wish …

I wish I had somewhere to go. I have nowhere to go and so I have to stay here. I wish I could just..