The Day Zikora Died

It’s another December 10, and I can’t describe accurately how I feel. Am I supposed to cry? Am I supposed to scream? Should I..

Un Dia Muy Divertido

My Honours project went great. I delivered my speech on the political influence of the Ancient Olympic Games, and the roles of the gods..

Today’s Gbese

After I saw this picture of Ini Edo in MADE magazine on Bella Naija, I just had to say something. (Note, I was the..

From the People at G R@dio..

Groundstreet Radio used to be a pet project. It started out as an add-on to my terrestial radio show 90 Degrees that I did..


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Nkem Ugo stopped by

Ugo commented on my blog (Thanks Ugo!!! I sort of just joined blogville as far as Blogger is concerned, and the response hasn’t been..

Heroes: Truth and Consequences

I’m watching Heroes right now, and I’ve realised something: * Maya is the GREATEST agbaya in the world. * Peter Petrelli is the SECOND..

Baby Voodoo

I’m looking towards new projects now, a new direction in my life. This is college, not secondary school. The proverbial land of opportunity. I’ve..

Blue Skies

I am front desk officer today. I suppose that means that I just sit at the reception and look pretty. Get the visitors to..