Anyone who can read or uses the internet knows by now that I design T-shirts. To be honest, I’m not really sure what inspired..

A Tale of Two Cokes

This is depressing. I had 2 (yes, TWO Cherry Cokes), three bars of chocolate, a handful of caramel kisses, and half a bag of..


omg! I just started this blog and already I’ve had: Two packs of cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers A pack of Chips Ahoy..

Stop Attacking Nigeria!!!

I saw this post on someone’s blog, and I was so infuriated that I just had to reply. This was my response: Okay, number..


My aunt (who has two boys) feels that now that there’s a girl in the house she can make up for all the house..


Yay!! It’s the New Year!! Now I can sleep! I’m having a sale!!! Consider it my present to the bloggers that inspire me.

My New Year’s Resolutions

It’s four minutes to the new year, and what is more befitting for the last post of the year than my New Year Resolutions...

Merry Christmas!!!

TO all bloggers, blog readers, internet surfers, friends of mine, family, loved ones, and superhot geeks everywhere such as myself, I hope you have..