I hate my body

I act like shit don’t faze me Inside it drives me crazy My insecurities could  Eat me alive…. 


I wish I had the courage to jump To fall through the air And shatter my skull on the concrete below Then get up..


Nobody wants to get this phone call, but it came last night. I heard about it this morning. My cousin was sitting in his..

Wazobia Update

I know it’s late, and I’m sorry!! But better late than never right? There’s a new page up on Wazobia!! So please check it..


My Great Uncle died this morning. He was ill and we were all going to see him but he died this morning. I am..

The Web Comic is Up!!!

My new web comic Wazobia is up on Jigida Comics (My Nigerian Comics publishing label). Check it out and let me know what you..

Thank You!!

Thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes!!!! I had a really nice birthday!!! No cake, but I went to see a movie..

Weave Be Gone

I’m back in braids. I feel a bit disappointed though. I honestly thought this would be the year I’d just walk around with an..