What a Shitty Weekend

The events of this weekend / last week just drained all my energy. You’d have to have been living under a rock to not..

Finally Booked a Doctor

Just got back from the hospital. After pretty much forever, I’ve finally got a referral for what is probably the only Clinical Psychologist/Psychiatrist in..

Situation Update

Things are looking up. I have found somewhere to stay. It’s temporary but at least I will have a roof over my head for..

Finished Another Chibi Today

This one is for the gorgeous and amazing Zara (aka Zed) Emezi. If you’d like a chibi of yourself like this, I’m drawing them..

Get a mini portrait of yourself!

Update: Please use the Fiverr link – – to order your commissions. If you’re in Nigeria and want a chibi please let me..