Hello WordPress!

I’ve moved! I’ve finally joined the self hosted WordPress club!! I’m really going to miss Blogger but I think moving to WordPress was a..

My Childhood Died

My childhood died all soaked in blood without even a box to be buried in. I used to say even though I’m twenty-three, I..

Goodbye 2012

This year ran so fast!!!! I can still remember last New Year’s so clearly. This was a mixed year for me. It was definitely..

YNaija Feature

I have a written feature up on the YNaija SuperBlogger series. Read it here: Still away at camp so things will be a..


I’m stuck in a camp in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!! My phone hasn’t worked for two days and Internet access is little more than..

Hurricane Sandy Worries

For about half a second I was thanking my lucky stars that I’m in Nigeria not America now that Hurricane Sandy is tearing up..