Glow Up


I’m getting berra, I’m getting berra.
I can’t just getting berra one time.
I have to step up to step up to step up.

I Finally Tried Coffin Nails

In my bid to get out of my comfort zone, I finally took the plunge, and got my nails did! My coffin nails look amazing, but it got a lot harder to wipe my ass, and do other things.


My ends were super damaged and a mess. They had to go. Huge dark circles under my eyes. I’m under an incredible amount of..

I’m 25

Still not entirely sure why I’m here, or if I still want to be. But what do we say to the God of Death?..

The Pointy Nails Trend

I usually don’t hop on bandwagons but I think my manicure at The Nail Bar back in October reminded me of how much I..

My Nails

I just never really showed them off.             They’re fucking gorgeous! Courtesy of The Nail Bar

Team Natural

ThirdWorldProfashional put up a post today about natural hair and relaxed hair in Nigeria and her opinions on various matters involved in the whole..

Leggy said something…

…That confused the hell out of me: Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something here, but the last time I checked, between having natural hair and having..

So Nice Anon Asked Me..

… to put up photos from when I was fifteen Hmm… let’s see… I don’t have a lot of photos from my teenage years..