Bastard and Proud

In Loyola, in JS1, when asked about my family, I happily and naively told everyone that my Mom was a single parent. What ensued was relentless bullying where people called me a bastard and made cruel barbs about the fact that I lived with only my mother and my father didn’t care about me.

Night Clouds

Dear Daddy, I fucking hate you, you piece of shit. Today I stopped being unsure. As long as you live if I can I will destroy you, and when you die, I promise I’ll visit.

Basement Girl

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, and I apologise. I’ve had a very rough week, and I’ve been close to tears..

Ho Ho Ho..Oh Fuck it

I’m at my aunt’s house. I guess I’m supposed to be happy that the holiday is here, but I haven’t been here twenty-four hours,..