My cousin Obi died yesterday. I knew he was gravely ill, but I suppose I thought the medical science necessary to support him through a normal lifespan was there and so I thought his life would just continue being an endless blur of hospitals and doctors and drugs.

I Have A New Baby Cousin

Say hello to Ifeanyi 👶🏾👶🏾👶🏾 Just a few days old, and I love him already. He’s so adorable. Sigh, this is giving me serious..

Hi Mom!

Look what I found!! A picture of my Mom when she was in Primary School!!!! She must have been seven or eight in this..

Aunty Sugabelly

“…I know why you are fat. …It’s because you are eating too much cake.” – my six year old niece

Bastard and Proud

In Loyola, in JS1, when asked about my family, I happily and naively told everyone that my Mom was a single parent. What ensued was relentless bullying where people called me a bastard and made cruel barbs about the fact that I lived with only my mother and my father didn’t care about me.