A Little While Ago

I bought a book to help me understand better how to draw in Manga style It’s called The Monster Book of Manga (girls) and..

Random Thoughts

I’ve had a mixed week. On one hand I’m still stuck in my old dorm but at least I’ve finished packing. On the other..

The Making of Nigerian Fiction

I thought I’d do a little post showing part of the process of bringing Nigerian Fiction to life. Preliminary sketch Starting the first face..

Week Mashup

Here’s a very short excerpt from my story about Faza our Ogbanje. It was said that no woman on Earth could resist Azie Faza...

Today is World Drawing Day

Three nights ago I spent the whole night crying because I tried and tried to draw the view from my window and just couldn’t. I have my sketchbook and paints with me and my charcoal and pens, but nothing is coming and it’s so scary.