What I’ve Been Eating during Lockdown

Before the pandemic ground everything to a halt this year, I had been fighting a losing battle with my addiction to Starbucks coffee.

I really could not go a single day without going to Starbucks, and since I usually got two cookies with my regular coffee, I was burning through $8.57 every single day.

I am constantly struggling to improve my financial habits in pursuit of financial freedom, so the irony that I was burning through $260.67 a month wasn’t lost to me, but try as I might, I just could not stop myself.

Anyway, as more and more alarming news started coming out of China, I started seriously reconsidering the wisdom of my daily interaction with the barista at Starbucks, especially since they were having even more interactions with other people, so I stopped going despite horrible cravings for coffee.

At first I was at a loss for what to do, but on a whim, I decided to pick up some brightly coloured Pukka teas during my grocery run, and it turns out I really really like their tea.

The three ginger one is wayyyy too strong

I honestly just grabbed every colour they had in the store to try, and I figured I might like at least one, but I’m glad I took a chance, because I found that I really love the Lemon, Ginger, and Manuka Honey one, the Lavender Sleep one (despite hating the smell of lavender), and the Matcha Green Tea one.

Since I was on a tea-shopping spree, one of my friends told me about herbal and energy teas that can have a multitude of health benefits, including reducing headaches. She suggested that I look for the Best teas to tackle a headache on the web to find such products.

I also decided, despite hating yoghurt since childhood, to take a chance on Siggi’s skyr since technically, it’s not yoghurt, and skyr is it’s own thing.

I still think I’ll never eat regular yoghurt, but I really, really like skyr, especially the plant based ones.

Another discovery I made due to having to make do with what I could get from the empty shelves at the grocery store was I really really like seaweed.

I’ve taken to mixing in a pack of dried seaweed into all my eggs now, so I invented seaweed fried egg, and I love it!

Overall, my daily routine now is making a cup of tea in the morning and eating some skyr, and I think my eating habits have definitely changed for the better during the lockdown.

I finally kicked my daily coffee habit, although it can be argued I’ve replaced it with a daily tea habit, but I’ve lost 20lbs since March 6, so hey.

I know that many of my friends have also had to adapt their eating habits since lockdown. With no more eating out in cafes or restaurants, a lot are cooking from home for the first time in a while. Some are even snacking on CBD gummies from sites like I admit that I also occasionally reach for the sweets when I’m feeling peckish, but CBD gummies aren’t like regular sweets – they’re more akin to vitamins than anything else, but with the added pleasure of CBD which helps to calm your mind in these troubled times.

I recently ordered from All I Do Is Cook because I follow the chef, Tobi on Twitter, and I missed food from home. I’ll post a review about it soon.

I also really miss the food they serve at Ikea. I didn’t go there often but whenever I did, I always got the same thing. Isn’t this absolutely delicious looking?

Ikea food is super yummy

Well, thanks to the pandemic, no more of that.

What have you been eating?

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  1. Z

    If there’s any good coming out of this lockdown, it’s how it forces us to critically review our life choices. Well done for adapting so quickly to a new habit and enjoy the benefits 🙂

    That plate is definitely appealing. Is that lamb or beef?

  2. Mizchif

    That plate is love. I thought you’d made it before i read the post.

    Thankfully i never had a coffee habit. What i have picked up recently is tea. Which is weird because all my life i’ve always thought tea was weird. Like why would i just choose to drink hot water. But one conversation with my friend where she mentioned chamomile tea helped her go to sleep and i decided to give it a try. Then i discovered other flavours and now i’m a tea drinker.
    Making a note to look out for the pukka three ginger. I like my tea strong.

    Otherwise i think i’ve been eating mostly the same. But less take out. I also recently discovered smoked mackerel in the shops and find that i like them in my salads so i’m eating more salads. Which i’m quite proud of.

    Good to know you’re well.
    Take care.

  3. Anonymous

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  8. Amy Nwoku

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  10. Ismail Bello

    I’m happy your eating habits have improved.

    Mine have deteriorated.

    Initially got better due to Ramadan. But now… Smh.

    I consume either Pepsi or Lipton Ice tea daily. Lol.

  11. Concerned

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  14. uzor

    Mine changed a bit, i had always loved lipton tea, so sort of a morning ritual especially when i have to argue “cream or no cream” with myself. i got to learn portion control during the lockdown, our foods are usually heavy . Funny, i ate okro soup all through when i had to eat with soup. my wife thinks i’m possessed with weight loss.

  15. Abby

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    • Success

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  22. Success

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  23. Success

    Stay strong Lotana. You’ll pull through and come out stronger. I’m here by this hour, always refreshing your timeline on twitter, sincerely hoping to see you tweeting in high spirit like you usually do. Just stay safe and strong please.

  24. DoseOfReality

    Lotanna you are loved.. Best believe you are. I’m no longer on twitter, left that vile place a year ago but I find myself coming to your tweets occasionally when I need intellectually stimulating takes on issues (which you always deliver without disappointing). I’m Aries like you and I find myself relating to a lot of your tweets.

    I’m sorry you’re going through all this shit but please know that there are people out there that value and cherish you. You are a beautiful, strong and passionate woman.

  25. slave to the most high

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