What I’ve Been Eating during Lockdown

Before the Wuhan Virus Pandemic ground everything to a halt this year, I had been fighting a losing battle with my addiction to Starbucks coffee.

I really could not go a single day without going to Starbucks, and since I usually got two cookies with my regular coffee, I was burning through $8.57 every single day.

I am constantly struggling to improve my financial habits in pursuit of financial freedom, so the irony that I was burning through $260.67 a month wasn’t lost to me, but try as I might, I just could not stop myself.

Anyway, as more and more alarming news started coming out of China, I started seriously reconsidering the wisdom of my daily interaction with the barista at Starbucks, especially since they were having even more interactions with other people, so I stopped going despite horrible cravings for coffee.

At first I was at a loss for what to do, but on a whim, I decided to pick up some brightly coloured Pukka teas during my grocery run, and it turns out I really really like their tea.

The three ginger one is wayyyy too strong

I honestly just grabbed every colour they had in the store to try, and I figured I might like at least one, but I’m glad I took a chance, because I found that I really love the Lemon, Ginger, and Manuka Honey one, the Lavender Sleep one (despite hating the smell of lavender), and the Matcha Green Tea one.

I also decided, despite hating yoghurt since childhood, to take a chance on Siggi’s skyr since technically, it’s not yoghurt, and skyr is it’s own thing.

I still think I’ll never eat regular yoghurt, but I really, really like skyr, especially the plant based ones.

Another discovery I made due to having to make do with what I could get from the empty shelves at the grocery store was I really really like seaweed.

I’ve taken to mixing in a pack of dried seaweed into all my eggs now, so I invented seaweed fried egg, and I love it!

Overall, my daily routine now is making a cup of tea in the morning and eating some skyr, and I think my eating habits have definitely changed for the better during the lockdown.

I finally kicked my daily coffee habit, although it can be argued I’ve replaced it with a daily tea habit, but I’ve lost 20lbs since March 6, so hey.

I recently ordered from All I Do Is Cook because I follow the chef, Tobi on Twitter, and I missed food from home. I’ll post a review about it soon.

I also really miss the food they serve at Ikea. I didn’t go there often but whenever I did, I always got the same thing. Isn’t this absolutely delicious looking?

Ikea food is super yummy

Well, thanks to the pandemic, no more of that.

What have you been eating?

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  1. Z

    If there’s any good coming out of this lockdown, it’s how it forces us to critically review our life choices. Well done for adapting so quickly to a new habit and enjoy the benefits 🙂

    That plate is definitely appealing. Is that lamb or beef?

  2. Mizchif

    That plate is love. I thought you’d made it before i read the post.

    Thankfully i never had a coffee habit. What i have picked up recently is tea. Which is weird because all my life i’ve always thought tea was weird. Like why would i just choose to drink hot water. But one conversation with my friend where she mentioned chamomile tea helped her go to sleep and i decided to give it a try. Then i discovered other flavours and now i’m a tea drinker.
    Making a note to look out for the pukka three ginger. I like my tea strong.

    Otherwise i think i’ve been eating mostly the same. But less take out. I also recently discovered smoked mackerel in the shops and find that i like them in my salads so i’m eating more salads. Which i’m quite proud of.

    Good to know you’re well.
    Take care.

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