A Sharp and Pointed Loss

Trying to surface for a bit because though I committed to returning to writing my blog, such a lot has gone on, I’m honestly lazy and hesitant to begin.

The Wuhan Virus pandemic has engulfed the world, and through it all, I’ve tried to keep working, keep saving, keep inching towards my goal of everlasting financial freedom.

Yesterday was a huge set back for me.

Due to all that is happening, I lost a huge source of income that I worked so hard to get, and really loved, and most importantly, doubled my income, which let me put away far more than I normally could towards my saving target, while also paying down my debt to Lambda School.

Thankfully, I still another source of income (for now, seeing as people are falling victim left and right as economic casualties of the lockdown), but it is indeed a massive blow.

I don’t think I’m ready to talk about it yet, but I cried last night, because money is freedom to me, and in losing such a huge source of money, I saw my long desired freedom slipping farther away from me.

Possibly some may think me tone deaf for grieving money in this climate when I can still work, but this blog is my safe space, and my feelings, no matter how irrelevant to the next person, are valid.

I have wanted one thing for the longest time, and that is to be wealthy enough to not have to get out of bed if ever so choose.

And to this end, I have plotted, and planned, and hustled, and executed my plan, step by step, stage by stage, inch by inch closer, despite whatever ups and downs were happening in my life.

Always eyes on the prize.

Ever reaching forward to grasp firmly that number, that financial peak, and breathe the rarified air of unshakeable financial stability.

The loss of a carefully cultivated path towards that goal is worth mourning.

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  1. Mizchif

    This is a valid thing to mourn so please allow yourself.
    I am super thankful that i can still work at this time and that my income hasn’t been affected.
    I know how importance financial freedom is, even though i probably don’t have a very definite goal at the moment.
    But i’m thankful for life and good health and the qualifications to still be able to earn an income.
    Hope you feel better. And hope another source of income reveals itself soon.

    • sugabelly

      Thank you.

      I’m also thankful for the same.

      I’m not going to give up on my dream of financial freedom, and no matter what happens, unless this world decides to end, I will keep moving closer towards that goal.

      Are you still blogging?

  2. doll

    SO sorry to read this Sugarbelly

    I am sure once we have COVID behind us, you will get another job doing what you love best as an IOS engr.

    Hang in there and stay safe.

  3. Genevieve

    Sorry about your loss. What was the source of income? Stocks? Bonds? Bitcoin? Of course you’re not obligated to answer. I’m really thinking about what I can do to grow my income and trying to know what my age mates are doing.

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