So You Want to Learn Igbo…

For a long time, I have watched so many Igbo people struggle with their inability to speak our language, and I have seen so many non-Igbo people disappointed because there are no good resources available for them to learn Igbo.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then frustration is the mother of action, and pushed to the peak of frustration by horrible Igbo tutorial after Igbo tutorial, I acted.

Allow me to introduce the fruit of almost ten years of research, hunting down obscure texts, and harassing old people about words they haven’t heard since the British were in Africa:

Sexy Igbo: a revolutionary learning system designed to get everyone, even absolute beginners, speaking Igbo fluently.

Sexy Igbo - Easy Igbo Lessons

This is something that has never been done before, and you might be wondering what to expect, especially if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Maybe you’re a second generation Igbo person who was never taught your parent’s language.
  • Maybe you’ve got Igbo friends, and you’re tired of wondering what they’re saying.
  • Maybe you’re in a relationship with an Igbo person, and want to pleasantly surprise them.
  • Maybe you’re a black person in the diaspora trying to connect with your heritage through language.

Whatever the case, and your reasons, you’ve come to the right place.

Each course at Sexy Igbo is easy to follow, and designed to help you start speaking Igbo confidently from the very first step.

Sexy Igbo Lessons are easy to follow

What You Should Expect From Sexy Igbo

You can expect to grow in your understanding of this beautiful language, and make friends with whom you can share your new Igbo speaking skills.

Sexy Igbo is deliberately built around a support system to ensure you retain everything you learn in the Igbo lessons.

Everyone can contribute questions, experiences, ideas, and most importantly, tap the knowledge base I have built to help you master Igbo more easily.

It’s more than just a series of courses. It’s a community of Igbo learners and native speakers practising and conversing together, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

Learn Igbo and Have Fun at Sexy Igbo

Let’s Get to It!

You might be asking yourself what’s the best way to get started.
The answer is simple.

To celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Month, I’m giving away free one week no-risk trials of Sexy Igbo to the first 58 people who request one.
I can’t wait to see you, and find out what inspired you to start learning Igbo!

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  1. Cherish Okwelu

    Kedu! A ha m bu Cherish. I just stumbled across your blog while searching up ‘igbo phrases’ and I really appreciate the effort you’re putting into it! I really hope I’m able to try Sexy Igbo because I feel embarrassed to be pronouncing Igbo words and I feel so annoyed when I sometimes talk on the phone to relatives and I don’t really know how to reply even though I know what they’re saying.

  2. Samson Chukwuemeka

    Hi, I’m really excited about sexyigbo it’s perfect for someone like me who didn’t grow up learning Igbo and is willing to learn and I can’t wait to join. My problem with it though is having to pay $25 every single month. I wish it was a one off payment as many people would be able to benefit from this. Thanks alot. Please I’m interested and i’ld be expecting a feedback

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