Mustapha Sued Me

I’m unfamiliar with the magnitude of impunity required to unlock delusions of omnipotence, but I suppose when you’ve dug yourself this deep into a bottomless pit, digging your way to China seems anything but.

Even if I had not won this lawsuit, which I did win; the facts remain true and unchangeable. Nevertheless, I am happy to have been legally vindicated through the outcome of this litigation, and I feel it is of the utmost importance to clarify and bring to light the following important details of this case.

It has been bandied about, that Mustapha withdrew from his lawsuit against me because it was struck out due to the anti-SLAPP statute. This is a lie as Mustapha was given the go ahead by the Judge to amend his complaint against me, and he was free and clear to continue his legal proceedings against me  for the same issue for which he sued me.

We had already exchanged witness lists, evidence lists, and discovery interrogatory responses in preparation for our ultimate procession towards trial when he dropped the case.

He had plenty of time and opportunity since May to drop the case, when the anti-SLAPP statute was fully addressed, but he did not until four months later, at the dying minute of the deadline when we were due to submit our evidence to the court.

The deadline for me to finish submitting my Discovery evidence was September 26.

Mustapha withdrew the case on September 21. Five days before the deadline.

By every measure, Mustapha had no good reason to drop the case at the time which he did. He has the money to pursue the case. He has the feckless supporters. He certainly has the time. What he did not have, which I do, is detailed and irrefutable documentation of what he and his friends did to me.

I quote Mustapha’s own wife directly, when she tweeted publicly in response to my account, that they had so much evidence proving I was lying.

Zahra Audu’s lies

I mean, I know you want to defend your husband but receive sense please.

Okay, you sued. And you LOST. I won.

Don’t call bluff if you can’t back it up, because I can.

Unfortunately, as I have firsthand experience of being a rape victim, I regret to report there is nothing enjoyable about it at all.

For years, I have been forced to remain silent about the additional evidence in my possession, and look on as my reputation was sullied beyond redemption because of the spectre of this possibly going to court.

Mustapha withdrew from this case without accomplishing any of the following in filing this frivolous lawsuit against me, namely:

  • He failed to prove that I defamed him.
  • He failed to get me to recant my statement or apologise.
  • He failed to get me to delete my blog post.
  • He failed to get the court to punish me by awarding him damages.
  • He failed to prove I defamed Bashir.
  • The court threw Bashir off the case as his claim against me was frivolous.
  • He failed to call any witnesses who could disprove my account of what he did. In fact, the majority of the “witnesses” Mustapha listed were the same men whom I had previously stated raped me.
  • The court ordered BOTH Mustapha and Bashir to pay my legal fees in the amount of $34,272.19
  • Mustapha withdrew the case WITH PREJUDICE meaning he can never sue me for saying / writing he and his friends raped me again.

In other words, Mustapha Audu backed down from HIS OWN lawsuit against me with absolutely NOTHING he requested from the court.

My original blog post and subsequent tweets about Mustapha and his friends are still publicly available, and I must call everyone’s attention to the fact that they do not contain even 1% of everything they did. The blog post was over 3000 words long, and it was only a brief summary of what happened in 2007.

If his legal costs can be assumed to be anything similar to mine, then it can be surmised that Mustapha has paid north of $70,000 to achieve nothing.

So, imagine my shock when in the midst of at long last preparing to go to trial to defend my name and reputation with the truth, to be notified that he was suddenly abandoning the case.

There was no out of court settlement between Mustapha and I, nor did I request one.

He did not demand any concessions of me to drop the case, nor did I make any.

It is my concluded opinion that the case was withdrawn strategically to prevent the evidence I have being entered into public court record for anybody to see, as it would be obvious to all upon viewing the evidence, that I was telling the truth, and that everything I said about what they did and more is true.

I did not concede to any demands from Mustapha.

I stand by all of my previous statements and accusations of him and his friends.

I DO NOT apologise.

I attest to the truth of everything I said, and I will never, ever recant.

I waited almost eight years to put this behind me and move forward with my life, and it has now stolen ten years from me.

No innocent person with all the resources he has at his disposal would fail to see a case through to its ultimate conclusion, in the pursuit of clearing their good name.

Yet unfathomably, Mustapha felt it better to let the supposed stigma, ostracism, and distress he ostensibly suffers from being “falsely” accused of raping me, hang over his head and reputation forever, rather than produce any cogent evidence that I am “lying” in court.

He failed miserably, and I am victorious.

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  1. Lady Jaye

    Much love, Sugabelly. We are in awe of you, for being so brave and fearless and relentless in speaking your truth. May God grant you healing and rest.

  2. Wura

    You are so brave and strong. Reading those comments was honestly heartbreaking. I hope you get some comfort from your victory. Well done. x

  3. Ene

    It doesn’t heal what you’ve been through. But I’m glad that you’ve been publicly vindicated. Go forth and thrive.
    I hope you find your light

  4. Uju

    Your bravery is inspiring. Your strength is beautiful. I wish you well Sugabelly, I have thought about you and this case many times in the last 2 years and my heart is glad for you. I hope you can heal now.

  5. Adrienne

    I am near tears. I’m so happy you won! I am proud of you for your determination and fearlessness. Your ancestors forever smile upon you.

  6. Zubz

    Wow those comments are so heartbreaking. I don’t know how you do it but you are so strong and I’m glad you’ve been vindicated. I hope you find the healing and inner peace that you deserve, I really do.

  7. Obi

    Time for the counter suit for all the mental and physical distress, loss of income, online reputation etc he caused you. Those evidence you have MUST go on public record any way you can. Good work to you and your legal team.

  8. Beth

    You’re a rock star, I went to school with you and I always thought you and your mum were gorgeous and you still are Hun and so talented! Your art in school, then was so cool to look at!
    Thank you for being stronger, you encourage alot of other girls to be stronger too.
    There was a beast, a very unfortunate one! And now it’s dead! You won then and you’re still winning now!

    You did it!

  9. Adaeze

    I am proud of you that you stood your ground and didn’t give into social media vipers?.

    You are courageous, resilient, intelligent and a rock star!

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