My Father Broke My Heart

Long before any boy or man ever could.

Father’s Day isn’t happy for me.

It isn’t sad either.

It just isn’t.

Someday though, I’ll say “Happy Father’s Day” to the man I love.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Sugabelly,

    ALL HUMANS are born imperfect. Only God the Father is perfect.

    How can we expect pure love from a man, like us, born impure? How can we expect to receive the unconditional, encompassing and consuming love that our hearts ultimately yearn for, from men (and women) who like us carry scars, wounds and bruises that only true love can heal?

    How can we expect healing love from one who is himself (or herself) deeply bruised, wounded and flawed?

    Your daddy broke your heart because, unfortunately, he knew not how to act differently towards you. In protecting and nursing his own wounds and scars, he inflicted wounds and bruises on you that only the love of Father can heal.

    The Father awaits you Sugabelly.

    He won’t force Himself on you.

    He wants you to reach out to Him by choice.

    I grew up with a loving Father but that did not prevent me from being bruised and wounded deeply by life and by people I have encountered along the way. As loving as my daddy’s love was, it did not scratch every itch or meet every emotional need.

    I have since realised that only the love of the Father is strong enough to do that.

    Only He can.

    How can you or I give love when we don’t even know what true love is?

    How can one extend to another what one is yet to experience? It is only after we have quenched our thirsts and healed our own wounds and insecurities from the Father’s perfect love that we can talk of genuinely loving others in ways that would heal their own wounds an wipe away their own tears. It is then we can love others freely, without seeking to possess or squeeze the life out of them. It is only then we can give and receive true love ……lovingly……unconditionally.

    You don’t need anyone to show you the way to the Father. Don’t let anyone (or church) stand in the way of your reaching out to Him and being consumed in His love.

    Take a dip in His love.

    Let it wash you, comfort you and give you peace.

    Let it help you realise that you already have all that you need to make it through this journey of life and to so do joyfully.

    Please don’t let another man re-open the wounds your daddy inflicted deep within your soul. Turn to the Father instead. He awaits you, smiling…..arms outstretched. Waiting for His beloved daughter to run into His arms… to sit on his laps.

    I think I can even see tears in His eyes……

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