I’m Twenty-Seven!

Lying in bed, writhing in pain because I couldn’t say no to a tin of Peak Milk.  

Thanks, Twitter


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  1. Chi

    Happy Birthday . May your next year contain utmost happiness and you find solace in peace within every aspect in your life . You’re strong , fearless and despite what you may think the world is yours. Go and get it all !!!!!!!

  2. Eniola

    YAY! Happy Birthday. I’d sing for you if I were with you. Hope you keep being awesome, I’m going to look at the balloons on your Twitter right now 🙂

  3. Pambania

    Belated birthday wishes. Here’s to hoping the Muses don’t desert you in year 27.

    PS. Try build your lactose tolerance will you.

  4. Neef

    Happy belated birthday darling. Sorry it’s late. Wishing you a blessed year filled with the Lords love and mercy, grace and abundant favor.

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