Hello February!

I’ve been seeing lots of tweets from people talking about how January was a trial run, and they’re resetting their New Year to begin in February. I don’t really blame them. I have the same acute sense of failure from January as they do.

Taking a look at how I’m doing with my life resolutions, (not new year because hopefully if I figure this shit out, I’ll be hanging onto these positive changes for life) I haven’t really made as much progress as I’d like, and as if that failure needed any more illustration, I originally started writing this post on the 1st of February. Now, 17 days later, procrastination is clearly winning the battle to turn my life around and forge myself into a productive member of society.


The one area where I really feel proud of myself is that I’ve (mostly) lived up to my commitment to go to the gym, and I’ve found that walking / running isn’t as unpleasant as I once felt it was.

I actually look forward to my 90 minute walks now, and I really feel this sense of calm and peace and detachment when I’m on the treadmill, pounding away. Hopefully, soon I too, shall join the ranks of Instagram goddesses, and oppress you all with my #FitFam selfie.

(I spoke too soon. Right after writing this, I promptly stopped going to the gym and resumed being a fatty bum bum. ?)


I’m currently job hunting, and money is tight…. I got a new job!

Six days ago to be exact, and I start on Monday.

Oddly enough, I’m not at all excited, probably because being unemployed recently showed me serious pepper, and the strain of job hunting just sucked out any optimism I had left.

That being said, I’m relieved it’s over, so here’s to a significantly richer me this year, and in future.

I just hope this currency situation will allow me to get the rest of my money out of Nigeria before all my naira evaporates into thin air


Me thinking about the rate of Naira to Dollar


Valentine’s Day last year was hugely traumatic for me, and is one of my worst memories in recent experience, so frankly I was completely turned off by any mentions of romance, love, and other Valentine plans/shenanigans. I finally cut the rot out of my heart, and even though it still hurts, I’m looking forward to a firmly fuckboy free new year.

Wishing all of you (and me) the best month possible ???

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