I’m Such a Fan of #WasteHisTime2016

So #WasteHisTime was the first big trending topic of the year on Twitter, and you simply cannot imagine my glee.


Reading through my timeline, I was beaming from ear to ear. Sorry, but I don’t have any pity for guys mad over this trend because men have been putting women through hell since the dawn of humanity, and a concerted effort by women to give men a taste of their own medicine when it comes to love is long overdue.

Nigerian men especially, are masters of callously stringing women along, sending mixed signals, getting women to invest time, energy, love, affection, manual labour, and often times money, by blinding their partners in a smoke screen of lies before bringing the whole relationship crashing to the ground just when their victim least suspects it.

Predictably, our darling men were among the loudest voices crying foul as if wasting women’s time isn’t the average Nigerian man’s stock in trade. It’s almost comical how sensitive and fragile men are when it comes to their own emotions, but how readily they find millions of excuses to disregard women’s emotions and do exactly as they selfishly please, always to the detriment of the women they’re involved with.


How many times have we heard of, and seen first hand, Nigerian women who thought they were in steady, serious relationships, only for their boyfriend to send them invitation cards to his wedding (to someone else) out of the blue?

I’ve personally been with guys who acted like they were really into me in the beginning, and then all of a sudden, don’t know where they wanted to take things even though I was giving clear signals about what I wanted or how serious I was about the relationship.

There’s no reason why a grown man in his twenties should answer “I don’t know” to “What are we?” or say rubbish like “I don’t know if I want to be in a relationship or not.” If you don’t know, please get out and don’t come back until you actually know what the fuck you want instead of lying and blowing hot and cold while I’m wasting valuable time, energy, and emotions being with you.

So many guys act like it’s okay to be an asshole by default, and it’s women’s job to jump through all these hoops of trying to deflect their shitty behavior instead of actually making an effort to behave like a decent human being from the start.

Wasn’t it just last week we were discussing a guy that had been dating a girl for 9 years, only to turn around and say that he doesn’t “feel like” marrying her, and he wants to be with someone else? Feel like ni, feel like ko.

These are the kinds of men people do fasting and prayer against, and frankly I don’t blame them, because how do you even start to pick up the pieces after investing nine years of your life in someone?

So, it’s nice to see the tables turned abeg. Maybe if women become more selfish and start treating men the way they treat us, they will finally realize how inconsiderate, and frankly, cruel some of the things they do to women who love them are.

It’s also very telling that when women waste men’s time the way men often do to women, those women are called out as being “hoes” or “not marriage worthy” / “not wife material”. But it’s you that can’t sit still, juggling three women at a time without their knowledge that is supposedly husband material abi? ?????

Please, waste more! Tiri gbosa for una! Ride on!

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  1. Cookie

    Oh well, the memes are all jokes cos Nigerian women don’t even have the nerve to demand better treatment from their men. They still drown in cowardice, societal expectations and all. For every girl who wastes his time, several other girls are willing to be with him. For the lot of naija women, the end goal is marriage oh. They will endure. Na today?. After all the memes, men will win. *phew

    For the guy who dated for 9yrs and Don’t want no more, I’ve been arguing with friends on this matter. I do think that any party involved in a relationship has every right to want out, no matter the years involved. Love dies, people grow apart, life happens. Though hurtful, the other party should take it in good faith. It’s wicked to deliberately waste someone’s time but truth be said, not every relationship s gonna lead to marriage. I wonder why people stay that long anyway, it’s not a marriage. After 5yrs if he doesnt propose, it’s likely not headed to marriage.

    • Ochie

      Totally agree with you, one should be free to want out of any relationship irrespective of time spent. You cant force someone no longer in love to stay with you or get married to you. Ladies be wise, the fact that he left you doesn’t mean you wont find new flame or love again.

  2. Baby Elephant

    A wise many once said if the man you are dating hasn’t mentioned anything to do with marriage within 6 months and start making preparation after a year, hes not that into you.
    I am also on the premise that women need to abstain, because once a man penetrates a lady with no commitment he becomes an animal. If you observe the behavior of the male Gorillas in the mountains of Uganda, they change sexual partners ever so often, most Nigerian men are similar to these Gorillas in Uganda. Their whole existence is tied down to securing and performing a sexual act. All the gimmicks,the jokes, money,fathers money, car fathers car, designer clothes, its all a bait used by men to lure the women, into having sex.

    I am not judging the men for wanting sex, but the truth is women don’t have a game plan, no plan is a plan to fail. Nice ladies are looking for love, (love is an idea) men want sex (sex is physical. Which is easier to attain?

    • Kenechukwu

      Women are constantly bound by their emotions. If he can make them feel good, they will stay. They can’t and won’t have a gameplan. Game is for men – the hunters. Women are to be hunted and they know it. Infact, the entire world revolves around what a man will do to get what he wants from a woman.
      Unfortunately, that is how things will be until genetic splicing and modification becomes a part of mainstream medicine.

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