I Finally Tried Coffin Nails

I really love this colour by Essie.

I really love this colour by Essie.

Back in September, I made a new friend. This amazing girl I’ll call Bassa.

One of the best things about meeting Bassa was how much she drew me out of my shell, and the many new things I tried because of her. She convinced me to get my nails done in acrylic, and I finally decided to take the plunge.

Nails on fleek. Case on fleek.

Nails on fleek. Case on fleek.

I wasn’t sure I would like it at first, but once they were done, I couldn’t stop staring at my nails or showing them off.

Still staring when I got home.

Still staring when I got home.


Sadly, I managed to smudge my nail right away.

I decided to go with the new coffin nail shape because I’d seen it on a couple of people on Instagram and thought it looked cute.

I’m really in love with these nails, but gosh they make doing anything so much harder. How do you people use the toilet with these on?!?

Still though, this was me every couple of minutes:

Now that that’s over and done, my next project is to have my teeth cleaned and look sparkly, perhaps finally get that dental implant replacement, probably from one of the Dental Implant Dentists in Salem Oregon.

The lucky lot who hasn’t faced a tooth issue must be wondering what a dental implant is. Let me give you a bite into it then. Dental implant surgery is for those who have lost a tooth forever, due to neglecting their oral hygiene. Don’t give me a stare guys…it just happens sometimes. And when you have lost a tooth permanently, only surgery can give you artificial teeth. But trust me guys it functions much like the real ones. The sad part, however, is –that it requires more care than the real ones and might also need a change every 10-12 years. Am sure you don’t want to end up in one such condition, so better take proper care of your oral health and not just of your nails like me, huh!

I strongly suspect the colour on my nails might be Essie Case Study or Milky Way or maybe Glamour Purse but I’m not as sure about this one.

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  1. HoneyDame

    These are really really gorgeous!!! With the matte finish, they look like little caramel candies! I have never tried this shape before…i just may.
    hahahahaahhaha, we use the toilet alright with them, Ma….*chuckles in amusement*

    • sugabelly

      Thanks! Gosh, I tried so hard, but doing anything was such an exercise in patience. You have to pick things up with the side of you finger, otherwise you end up gripping with the nail, and the nails are shit to grip with.
      I’ve taken them off now, so I’m glad to be back to my normal nails.
      They looked amazing while they were on though, and I’m so tempted to try them again.

  2. Nene

    Sugabelly I don’t know u but one of ur abuser just got married this weekend to an Igbo girl from a prominent family and another one got married to another Igbo girl from a prominent family. I feel sorry for these women. I can’t imagine dating a man who has been accused of rape. Happy new year dear and stay strong.

    • sugabelly

      Oh, I heard.
      Please, better them than me. They’re grown women and they are going into it with their eyes wide open.
      What’s that thing they say?
      The fly that refuses to be shooed will follow the dead body to be buried.
      Thanks for the New Year wishes, Nene.
      Happy new year to you too!!

  3. Mizchif

    Current nail shape and I am completely in love. Though I got stick ons inst ad of acrylics. However for the first couple days I couldn’t use my hands but eventually got the hang of it.

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