Surviving Mustapha Audu, and his Rape Brigade

Every time I see a white Nissan Altima, my palms go sweaty, and my knees get weak. It’s an involuntary reaction born of so many nights being driven around Asokoro pinned to the floor of Tunji’s white Nissan Altima, barely able to breathe, the stench of weed stinging my eyes while I choked on the penis of whomever it pleased Mustapha to force me to pleasure that day.

I can’t have music playing while driving around in a car either. Or just sitting around at home. I can’t have music playing period. Especially not Maroon5. If I get into your car, please drive in fucking silence or you will make it hard for me to breathe.


Right now there are thousands of people running wild with their “opinions”, talking authoritatively about what Mustapha, Abdul, Tunji, and their band of friends and brothers did to me, as if they were there. As if they hovered around us unseen like evil spirits, listening to everything that was said, seeing everything that happened, as if they know.


LMAO @ gold digger and prostitute. I never asked Mustapha for anything, and I’ve always done honest work for my own money, which is very telling, since I met Mustapha at WORK.

In the beginning, Mustapha and I would go out for lunch, and I’d put gas in his car, and we’d buy our own shawarmas, and eat out of each others. I had a massive crush on him, and he told me he loved me, and called me “his woman” which made me feel special. I was getting paid 20K a month, which is nothing now, but it was my first real salary back then, and it was nice to have more money of my own to spend, and spend on him I did.

I actually wish this was true. At least it would be compensation for all the money I've had to spend on psychotherapy over the last few years.

I actually wish this was true. At least it would be compensation for all the money I’ve had to spend on psychotherapy over the last few years.

I’m no stranger to money. I’ve had a lot of it, and I’ve had very little, and I’ve never been the type of person to be impressed by anyone’s wealth, so it wasn’t cars, hotels, or fancy shit I cared about, I was cool. I attended the best boarding school in the country, and Mustapha didn’t impress me, and I never asked him for anything or took anything from him besides the comic books and novels we traded with each other.

Earlier, happier days at Alteq

Earlier, happier days at Alteq

What I needed was a friend, and when I plunked down at my desk that first day of work at Alteq, and bonded immediately over a shared love of books and superhero comics, I thought I’d made one in the guy sitting next to me.

Every day, I came to work, and he was right there. And at the end of each work day, it had become normal to everyone for him to drop me off at home, so when 6pm came, and he grabbed hold of my arm and said “Let’s go.” I had no idea how to justify refusing and making a scene.

Even after he was fired in April of 2007, at the end of each work day, he would show up outside our office on Amazon street to whisk me away. I would step outside the gate, and he would be there in his red Mercedes, waiting, demanding I get in.

I was terrified that my refusal would mean the exposure of the pictures he had taken of me early in our relationship, photos I told him not to take, but he did anyway, photos in which I was naked and vulnerable.

I wanted to quit my job, but what reason could I possibly give my family for quitting a job I obviously loved, especially when I needed the internship to get into the honours program at the university I was to attend that year?

I had so much to be fearful of. The thought of the videos Abdul recorded of Mustapha and Tunji raping me seeing the light of day filled me with sheer terror. The alternative was keeping it all secret, and so I did.

Masking your emotions is not hard to do, just exhausting, and so for eleven hours a day, from 7am to 6pm, putting on my clothes, going to work, and sitting at my desk next to Mustapha every day was easier than you think.

Because the Nigerian Police is so trustworthy...

Because the Nigerian Police is so trustworthy…

You’d have to be stupid not to notice what kind of country Nigeria is, and I have never been stupid.

At 17, I knew already that the Nigerian police is most definitely NOT your friend, and that people who have police and army escorts in their homes are generally the sort that can make you disappear (in many little pieces preferably), and pay off the police to look the other way, or failing all else, buy judges to make sure any court cases brought against them never see the light of day.

I had disclosed already to my priest at confession, and to a doctor in Maitama General Hospital where I got tested for HIV and other STDS, the horrific things that were happening to me, and nothing had come of it. At the time, I didn’t know whether a rape crisis centre like the Mirabel Rape Centre even existed in Nigeria, or that there were any resources to help someone in my situation, or even what to do after I had been raped to help me get justice.

I was scared, and I felt very alone. Their parents were very powerful people, and I didn’t have any faith in the police, especially faced with attackers that seemed to have both the police and the army in their pockets.

It was even more difficult to come to terms with the enormous betrayal of the man who told me he loved me, whom I loved as well, doing unspeakable things to me, and forcing me to do them with others. Even after I escaped from him by moving to the United States for college, I remained torn, and the part of me that loved him could not reconcile with the horror that he had put me through, and we stayed in contact because the mental hold he had over me was still so strong. It took me an additional three years to fully break free of him, and though I don’t live in daily terror of Mustapha Audu as I once did, anything that bears even so much as the memory of him is enough to break me down.

In December of 2008, I ran into Bashir in a mall in Maryland, and suffered a complete panic attack. I broke away from the people I had come shopping with, and ran and ran to the other end of the mall.

In 2012 and 2013, while out with Nyimbi, I ran into Ema and Tunji at Vanilla in Maitama. Tunji was sitting in low seats opposite the bar in the company of my classmate, Kachi whom I’d attended Loyola with.

They didn’t recognize me, but it was all I could do not to break a bottle of whiskey on Ema’s revoltingly globular head, and the night ended with Nyimbi dragging me out of Vanilla in tears of anger and frustration at my lost opportunity to kill them both.

Looking back, I can see how so much fear and shame prevented me from exposing what these animals were doing to me, and I question why I let them rob me of so many years of my life.

Still, the child I was at 17 was very different from the adult I am today at 26, and my 26 year old self would have damned the consequences, told, and raised hell.

As terrifying as it was to come to work every day and have to sit next to Mustapha, I’m saddened by the realisation that in the same place that held such terror and anxiety for me, I had people who loved me, cared about me, and would have done their best to protect me if I could have overcome my fear and shame and cried out for help.

Nyimbi Odero, and me at my send off party at Alteq in August 2007

Nyimbi (L) and Me (R) at my send off party at Alteq in August 2007

My adult self sees what my child self could not back then – that had I told my mentor, boss, and friend, Nyimbi what was happening to me right under his nose, he would have stopped at nothing to rescue me from my private hell. anon-rape

What baffles me, is how so many people who know absolutely nothing about what did happen, can speak with such confidence, the most absurd speculations, about the facts of my life. If this all were not so incredibly sad, it would be quite amusing to me, that there are thousands of people who think I am (by my count so far) – an agent of PDP, a gold digger, a woman scorned, or politically motivated because they personally have never heard of my rape before now.

Never mind, that I have been talking about this FOR EIGHT FUCKING YEARS.

Never mind that FOUR YEARS AGO I referred to this same ordeal in this article I wrote for The African Report in 2011 –

Or that ALMOST EVERY SINGLE POST on this blog in 2007 was about what was happening to me, and my anguish, confusion, fear, hopelessness, and powerlessness to put a stop to it.

Or that the SOLE REASON this entire blog even exists is because I started it to document my year at my first real job; a job that would bring me into sustained contact with the man who, accompanied by his friends and siblings, abused, raped, and tormented me on an almost daily basis for the better part of six months.

It’s a travesty that it wasn’t until a private conversation was posted on Twitter, that people began to take what I had been saying forever seriously.

Mustapha was a monster like you cannot even begin to imagine.
His brother Bashir, was the same age as me, and Mustapha decided, that one way or the other, it was his duty as big brother to rid Bashir of his virginity. At what was supposed to be a casual get together for suya and drinks at Tunji’s house, he dragged Bashir and me into the bedroom, and pushed us inside, saying to Bashir “Fuck her!” before locking the door, and leaving me alone in the darkness with his brother.

All my pleas to Mustapha were in vain, and the only thing we heard from Mustapha from the other side of the door was “Don’t let me come back and find out you’re still a virgin.”

On a different date, his cousin, Jibril raped me in that same room. I screamed, and screamed, and fought, and struggled, eventually sticking my fingers into his nose, and biting his hands. In retaliation, he bit me hard on the nose, and later that night, I explained away the swelling on my nose I came home with as an unfortunate meeting with the edge of a swimming pool.

All the while I was screaming, Tunji and Mohammed were discussing business, and when my screams interrupted their conversation, Tunji came by to look at me, naked and pinned beneath Jibril, only to laugh and shut the door firmly behind him.

So, when I see ignorant comments from members of the public in reaction to my trauma, I really feel the urge to ask these shameless people, how? the? fuck? do? you? know??

Were? you? there??

Because I was there, and you most certainly were not.

I SURVIVED it, not you, so it is I who will tell you what happened to me, not the other way around.

The aftermath of my rape at the hands of Mustapha and his cohorts is that for the past eight years, I have barely existed.

I’ve been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and Severe Clinical Depression, among a host of other problems as a result of the trauma I suffered, by multiple psychiatrists and mental health professionals.

Every day is a struggle to not end my life, and I have had to spend a small fortune on therapy and mental health services, as well as anti-depressant medication to make my life livable. Even then, I have to constantly fight through waves of pain, anger, shame, self-loathing, and the urge to make it all just go away to get through each day, and I don’t always succeed.

In 2011, I tried to jump off a bridge, and was hospitalized against my will on a 72 hour hold to save my life. Before that, I had attempted to kill myself by taking an overdose, and woke up in a pool of my own vomit.

I spent majority of my freshman year researching suicide methods, and for most of my first semester of college, besides attend class, I did nothing but cry until I passed out, then wake up ravenous because I’d been unconscious for several hours. The result was I gained over 100lbs in under three months, far more than the 15lbs you’re expected to gain when you first come to college known as the Freshman Fifteen.

For the longest time now, I have been dead inside. Dead people can laugh and talk, and come to work on time every day too. Dead people can get shit done, and write their college essays, and go to class, and be just like you if they want to too. The problem with dead people, is that sooner or later though, everyone starts to notice they’re dead.

And so, my life slowly fell apart.

I can’t go swimming at night anymore. I can’t go swimming anymore, period. If you think having a panic attack on land is bad, wait until you’ve had one underwater, and almost fucking drowned yourself even though your Mom taught you to swim when you were little.

I almost drowned in a pool at the Marriott barely 8 feet deep because being in there reminded me of the night my bikini top got pulled off and I got passed around by Abdul in 6 feet of water, and a man spit in my face and beat me, and soldiers had to drag him off me to stop him drowning me by my hair because he was angry Mustapha decided at the last minute that I had been good, and so he wouldn’t get to rape me after all.

Nights are impossibly hard for me. How other people just get tired and fall into bed asleep is beyond me. I’m plagued by multiple nightmares every time I close my eyes. I can still feel Ema Oloyo raping me on Abdul’s bed, his oversized head bobbing, his hot, stinking breath buffeting my face as he struggled to force my legs apart. It’s hard to share a bed with people because sometimes I wake up screaming.

Then there’s the medicine before bed. I have to take that for the rest of my life too. My relationships with friends and family are in tatters because I can barely hide the constant undercurrent of sadness that envelopes me, and the fact that I am always angry.

Sometimes I simply cannot cope, and I blackout and my autopilot takes over – a basic, high functioning version of me that appears normal for all intents and purposes while I’m really dying inside.

I’m so tired of keeping this secret, because I shouldn’t have to. 26 is too young to be a member of the living dead, how much more 17?


As for the people whose membership claim on humanity is so tenuous that they can even conceive that I would concoct any of this just “to get famous” or “for attention”, let me make it clear to you: You are sick.

I am actually, a pretty amazing artist, and if at all, I want to be famous for the skills that I have worked so hard and so long to develop, and the discipline I employ to perfect my craft and be the best at what I do.

Why on Earth would anyone who has been raped in Nigeria want to call attention to that fact when rape victims are pilloried as whores, gold diggers, prostitutes, and sluts? When all you can look forward to is constantly being the topic of hushed conversation, pitiful looks, social ostracism and being called “Rape Girl”?

That since the news of my horrific rape and abuse broke, that I have received hundreds of messages like this one is an indictment on Nigeria’s educational system, and I find it utterly shameful that grown adults can hear of a child being abused, raped, and pimped out to the friends of a man she trusted and loved, and their first impulse is to vilify her as a slut and not the men who damaged her and destroyed her life.

In Nigeria’s entire legal history, there have been only EIGHTEEN rape convictions, so the chances of a woman raped even under the best of circumstances ( where the perpetrator is a stranger, the victim a virgin, and DNA and video evidence are on file) getting justice of any sort is infinitesimally low, how much less in my case where I had a concurrent romantic relationship with my one of my rapists?

The other day, I got a LinkedIn invitation to connect from Mustapha, and it sent me spiraling into a full blown panic attack that ended with me clutching my toilet, vomiting in the bathroom.

Thanks to them, I will never, ever in my life, touch a game of Risk.
It was always there. That battered box of cards and soldiers, they liked to play after they were done. No matter where we went, it was always there, silent witness that it was. It saw everything. If board games could talk, that box of Risk would tell you all the times I screamed and cried, and begged and bargained, and promised to be good, promised to obey, and how it never ever mattered.

Following my post on Twitter in September last year, listing the names of the men who participated in my assault, I received an email from a young woman telling me that she too had had a similar experience with Mustapha, Abdul, and Ema, and that Mustapha had made a sextape of her without her consent, and she was now being threatened with the release of that video.

I too, for years have lived in fear of the videos Mustapha, Abdul, and Tunji made of themselves raping me becoming exposed to the public, and the lady who emailed me is just one of many young women who have survived abuse, sexual assault, blackmail, and rape at the hands of these men.

After my story leaked, my friend received death threats from the Audus, as well as a threatening letter from their lawyers demanding $2 million USD within 2 hours. Such an outrageous threat, but probably not absurd to people who have stolen $11 billion USD already.

So yeah.

Fuck your forgiveness. Fuck “Just forget”.

I died, went to hell, and resurrected my fucking self, so now I’m going to live.

If the street you live on is Kwame Nkrumah, or Solomon Barau, sorry I can’t visit you.

And if you drive a wine Mercedes, a white Nissan Altima, or a silver Peugeot 206, I can’t ever get in your car.

Especially if the license plate is AX247KUJ.

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  1. ike.

    Its hard not to feel the pain or the trauma you are going thru. Is there anything I can do to help? *no pity party please* just being there wanting to help. Cheers and please live and be strong.

    • val

      True, it’s sad! I will never support rape but why now? This people are married, you intend revenge?? Destroy their homes and businesses with such?? You wanted people to be aware and now we are!! So sorry for all you went through!

      • Tracy

        SO what if they are married? didnt they think they would get married one day? why should it be sugabellys responsibility to save/protect their marriage? Did you read the part where she said she takes medications? they ruined some years of her life because of their demonic actions and you are here chatting nonsense.

        The women who married them should have done their research before marrying them..they obviously didnt care about their mens reputation, they only cared about marrying a man with money. They are gold diggers and so this news of rape will probably not affect them. And so sugabelly should not be made to suffer any extra day more keeping their secrets. give women hope. thanks for standing up and exposing these stupid useless men. The lord is with you.

        • Ronnie

          Thanks tracy. Some pple r just so blind. Like there is a justification for a man to do this to a fellow human being. This is pathetic

        • deeee kay

          I really felt pained by d whole rape saga nd I wished for justice to b served,but always remember dat der ar two sides to every story,not saying sugar belly is lying but wit d msg Audu is posting,i Av very reason to believe sugar belly lied..she yearned for it at d dark nd got it all

          • Blaqqueen

            Honestly when i read her story at first.. I was deeply touched and angry (i still am). I really felt for her and all.. But when i got to the part where she sed she kept talking to him years after that, sent nudes, love chats bla bla.. Then i sed common this babe is not being 100% real..
            My conclusion after folowing the whole story and also getting to know her kind of person from her comments here on her blog is that
            1. Yes every thing she said is true, those guys molested her and that was totally wrong
            2. she deeply loved him and yes..she still does, cos he has a huge chunk of her.
            3. She is a wild person sexually and most likely did not see it as violation when the whole thing was ongoing. she loved him that much to let him treat her that way w/o doing anyting to stop it. Forget being 17, being naive and being blackmailed or not being able to stop work bullshit. If u were really being that much violated and u hated it, trust me u would do anything in the world to stop it, being disgraced will be the least of your problems. I rember vividly when i was 17, i did all kind of jobs and even worked as a waitress in a hotel. harrasment, intimidation, and blackmail from men is the story of every woman. Its not new and its no big deal. It all depends on YOU. Your morals, your values, your wisdom, your pride and above all your strenght
            4. She kept on the relationship with him cos she was still stupidly in love. Love is not an excuse to me. Anyone can love and everyone loves, buh u sud know when to kill any rubbish, stupid senseless feeling cos there are lots of it . You dont voluntarily send nude to som1 who did all this to you even after you have escaped.
            She got angry and started feeling used when she realised he would never be with her, probably after he got married. That was wen she realised she had been used and dumped and the hurt started setting in.
            I really feel for her honestly, no woman should ever go throught all that, but i think stupidity, foolishness, and low self esteem got the better part of her. So my dear sugabelle accept your mistakes, forget revenge whatsoever, make peace with yourself ,let it all go and move on with your life.

        • Same faith

          @ VAL .It is strange that you care about the so called happy family of these monsterious abusers moire than the poor victim whose life is PERMANENTLY ruined by these monsters!.

        • Same faith

          @ oby ezekwesili
          what about her own powerful inlaw that ochestrated my kidnap,armed robbery inside their own church, torture, poisioning, and worst sexual abuse a man can go thru in nigeria, left me permanently deaf on both ears and my reproductive organ permanently damaged. Till date, his cyber hacking and fraud group have completely grounded me. for 15 yrs now no one believed me, even RCCG adeboye did nothing as the abusers were powerful financers of RCCG. I am today on disability. I was teaching in in the USA university when this happened. Same type of Powerful Ibo politician connection and cover ups. As a man, even here in USA no one believed me and tghe Nigerian police made me look like the aggressor instead of the victim.
          I can identfy with d poor victim here . Mine is worse as people laughed at me and asked me, how can a man say he was sexually violently abused as an adult professional, or kidnapped.
          Same accussation,like the girl here, that I was trying to destroy the mans family and powerful govt career plus his “christian School (LOL)

        • Pearl

          That’s if the women who married them are not being raped too. Mtcheew useless men, the way and manner God will use and punish them eh. And for all these people calling her a liar, I can smell your stupidity from here. Ndi ara.

        • Eji

          God bless you Tracy. Well said. Some people don’t really think before the speak (type). If this were your daughter, sister, mother or aunty, will it matter that these criminals were leaving their lives and she was left barely alive? Nonsense.

        • Same faith

          @obyezeks @sugabelly
          @ oby ezekwesili
          what about her own powerful inlaw that ochestrated my kidnap,armed robbery inside their own church, torture, poisioning, and worst sexual abuse a man can go thru in nigeria, left me permanently deaf on both ears and my reproductive organ permanently damaged. Till date, his cyber hacking and fraud group have completely grounded me. for 15 yrs now no one believed me, even RCCG adeboye did nothing as the abusers were powerful financers of RCCG. I am today on disability. I was teaching in in the USA university when this happened. Same type of Powerful Ibo politician connection and cover ups. As a man, even here in USA no one believed me and tghe Nigerian police made me look like the aggressor instead of the victim.
          I can identfy with d poor victim here . Mine is worse as people laughed at me and asked me, how can a man say he was sexually violently abused as an adult professional, or kidnapped.
          Same accussation,like the girl here, that I was trying to destroy the mans family and powerful govt career plus his “christian School (LOL)
          I am presently afraid for my life bcos those who exposed their wicked activities have all died mysteriously.
          I have nothing against Adeboye who looks a carbon image of my late uncle that nurtured me spiritually then into the scripture union then together withn other ezekwsilis like Theodore, Okey, etc. Adeboye failed me! my abusers were powerful RCCG top financiers

      • Ati

        Fuck being married or their businesses. They deserve no family. Animals don’t have families. Have you thought about what trauma this girl’s going through? I hope they don’t molest their innocent wives.

      • Ope

        What’s wrong with now? It’s called reaping what you sow. How can you hope to be happy after destroying other people’s chance of happiness?

      • Smh

        Your comment is sickening. you just read a post about how they destroyed her life!! And she did nothing to deserve that! Yet your concerns is her potentially destroying the homes and businesses??? Lord what is wrong with people!!

      • Enuka

        She is looking for release now. She is strong now. She has come to terms now. It is not her business whether or not they are married or have businesses. Sexual assault is Sexual assault.

      • Ajibola

        Her life is also important. Those men should have thought about their future before carrying out those heinous crimes. Talking about it is actually saving her own life. Battered women syndrome is a recognized disease and Stockholm syndrome is a well researched disease. I wish Nigerians will educate themselves and not be so ignorant and judgemental.

        • Pikay

          Thank you!!!! Very few nigerian are aware of Stockholm syndrome. If they knew they won’t be asking why she remained with him and didn’t report. She is healing that’s why she is talking.

      • Emi

        Yes they are married but I’m so sure their wives would be telling half the tale this lady is telling. As married as they are such evil habits never die. Yes every participant in this whole tirade have some blame or the other. I believe with Jesus, they all could find forgiveness, healing and live again, He is The Only One who gives true meaning to life. Take a step and trust Him with everything at this point.

      • adekemi

        Any one who knows Tunji, Mustapha and abdul know that all this is true. These men have been raping and sexually abusing girls from time..Any abuja babe knows this…Dodgy ass sick fucks they are. Karma is a bitch. if other girls come out to confess then these guys are finished. their wives will also bear the burden after all marriage is for better or worse. the wives have been enjoying the money and so never questioned their morals or blinded them so they should live with this reality that they all married rapists. Enjoy the money and also enjoy the shame of being married to a rapist. That;s how life is. women need to do more research before getting money blind and marrying monsters. i can only imagine what these men are doing to them in their marriages. pele.

      • Victoria

        Please reply with sense,what do you mean by being married and home destruction….. hell, they all deserve death and u are talking about marriage….. are you not a woman? After reading all these marriage is the only thing that came to ur mind… mscheww

      • Catherine

        I feel sorry for you for what you just said about them being married and having homes now. So the girl should hold her peace now, abi? Because they have a good thing going on in their own lives, she should not come and spoil it for them now, abi? And this is after they demolished her own life and stole her youth and a large chunk of her future! You are such a foolish IDIOT and should learn to shut your bloody trap if you have not thought things through first before speaking. If it were your baby sister or your daughter that went through that, would you say the same thing? You hopeless disgrace to humanity!!! And if you were actually capable of reading and assimilating what you read you would have noted that this poor girl has been screaming about this matter since 2008!!! You need Jesus’s deliverance in your life! Smh! And moreover don’t you think their wives should know the type of men that they went to marry? Or do you think that such people just transform themselves over night into model citizens?! You are such a fool that there are no words to desc you. I can only feel sorry for you! Mtscheeew!!!!

        • val

          @catherine I don’t know if you are going through some personal issues but I’m sincerely sorry if you feel my comment was to cause more harm! Rape is wrong no matter who it happens to and whoever is found guilty must face the law! I hope to believe you are a graduate so you should know this is her own side of the story, why not Hear from the other party! Before u conclude! We all #saynotorape

          • IronObe

            So sad to hear. Too quick to conclude. Wish any of these men involved be bold enough to let out their own version or defence to the story. Balancing such a story could lead us to more clue. What I don’t understand in the whole saga is, WHY DID THEY HATE HER SO MUCH? If her parents are or were living in Abuja and at the ages she is claiming, why hanging out so late? If you could afford to school in the States, why hanging with such people? It will also be nice if you could name the other person that the Audu’s has abused since no names were spared form the other side. That may encourage the person too to say her own story. The Rev. Fr’s name, the Doctor’s etc. Lastly Sugabelly, please be matured in your choice of words as children these days have internet on their phones. God bless you.

      • Gozie

        Val, wrought in hell! You must be a rapist to extend pity to these unpunished devils. You know what I’m thinking right now? Better don’t ask.
        Hoe I wish I can handle everyones problem.
        @sugabelly, you did well to speak out. Pls for the sake of people like us that are in dsame disorder right now cos of Ur ordeal, try as much as possible to forge ahead with all these shit off your mind. We will be so happy to hear that you’re doing well.
        Don’t worry, vengeance is of God. At least you are seeing them manifesting. Married or not, ALL of them will pay for this, period!

      • Same faith

        @ Sugarbelly plse forward to oby ezekwesili FOR YOUR ATTENTION
        Your email/ blog is unaccessible because it is written in some foreign language like russia or hebrews. hence I am posting this to u thru sugarbelly in hope you will get it.
        @obyezeks @sugabelly
        @ oby ezekwesili
        what about Oby’Ezekwesili’s own very close powerful inlaws that ochestrated my kidnap,armed robbery inside their own church, torture, poisioning, and worst sexual abuse as a man can’t imagine or go thru in nigeria, left me permanently deaf on both ears and my reproductive organ permanently damaged. Till date, their cyber hacking and fraud group have completely grounded me. for 15 yrs now no one believed me, even RCCG Adeboye did nothing as the abusers were powerful financers of RCCG ( We drove 22 hrs to go and see him here in USA). I am today on disability. I was teaching in the USA university when this happened. Same type of Powerful Ibo politician connection and cover ups. As a man, even here in USA no one believed me and the Nigerian police made me look like the aggressor instead of the victim.
        I can identfy with d poor victim here . Mine is worse as people laughed at me and asked me, how can a man say he was sexually violently abused as an adult professional, or kidnapped.I wasc even accused of trying to sleep with the abusers wife! despite all compelling eviudences of otherwise
        Same accussation,like the girl here, that I was trying to destroy the couple’s family and their powerful govt career plus his “christian School (LOL)
        I am presently afraid for my life bcos those who exposed their wicked activities have all died mysteriously.I write as Pseudo.
        I have nothing against Adeboye who looks a carbon image of my late uncle that nurtured me spiritually then into the scripture union, then together withn other ezekwsilis like Theodore, Okey, etc. Adeboye failed me! my abusers were powerful RCCG top financiers

      • Same faith

        @ val . you care about the so called marriages of these monsters who may be doing same thing even to their so called loved wives. This is even so worse in Nigeria where we worship money and power and where our religious leaders that we tend to sheepishly worship, will find a passage in the holy bible to justify the actions of the abusers.
        The same nauseating phrase ( of trying to break the abusers family) was used on me when I tried to expose the monsters for the abuse and torture and kidnap. I was accused of trying to destroy their happy family as they BOUGHT over justice and fairness from the powers that be. Mine is worse as a man as no one including the Nig police cares to believe me. Today, I have to use medications to be able to urinate or go to toilet after several excrutiating painful surgeries. I have to use devices to attempt to hear., or breathe.My engagement /marital future ruined.Their internet scams are legendary.
        They are inlaws and very close to my beloved Oby Ezekwesili who is pursuing this sugabelly case. and they are very politically and Religiously powerfully connected in Nig and beyond.

      • jn

        Are u high on beach water or something? When her life has been destroyed, why do you think theirs should be okay? It’s even a good thing she waited now, so that punishments for them would be so cooool. Yes!! Let them face destroyed lives and unwanted negative attentions in their families, lives, emotions too. When they decided to destroy a little gal, they didn’t think it would come back tobhunt them someday.
        Have ever heard about karma and Newton’s law?

      • Dums

        Don’t be worried about their marriages. Ada jipreze married tunji Abdul for money so she probably does not care about all this. Khadija likes the idea of Abdul ogohi and loves his status so she wouldn’t care either. So I advise you to worry more about sugbelly and not the secret lives of these monstrous rapists.

        • Guardborg

          Money, status or not the abusers they are both married to will bare their fangs in no time, that is, after all the pomp and glamour wear off – those don’t last forever.
          Both women will become statistics of these kinds of depraved acts if they fail to remove themselves from the situation. What are they trying to do if they don’t? Have daughters and wish and pray all will be well them? They need to stop and think about it. Real men do not abuse women to prove their masculinity.

        • Ochie

          Soo Sorry dear, you went through a lot as a naive young girl. Most of this our so called governor’s children are rascals, especially the malo ones

      • val

        I am gonna make this very clear! I WILL NEVER SUPPORT RAPE NEVER!!!! Now for the learned people here, after reading through did you bother to hear from the other party?? NOPE!!! Have you confirmed the write up NOPE!!! Every1 is free to comment but don’t come on here insulting people cos I do feel bad that such happened but in the name of God read through that story it doesn’t really add! So if a girl I had a fallout with decides to pay me back and writes such story no1 will be patient enough to confirm it. ! Open this link……. let them carry out the investigation and if the gang is found guilty they should Be face the law!!

        • Orange

          In fact, i laugh and shake my head when i hear people talk trash. You think being raped and abused is something sugabelly is proud of. Who’s gon been proud of that? Why would she wanna blackmail them when she knows the consequences if at the end they are proven innocent. Yup! Anyone can be a victim of love as a teenager. A lot of teenagers out there have a story to tell but they cant. You wanna know why? Its cause instead of you fighting for them, you despise them and put the blame on them. There should be love and harmony. Whoever does evil will pay the price for it. Karma doesnt fail. Whatever you give/sow thats what you’ll get / reap. Please dont blame the girl of yesterday shes grown now and she seeks for justice. You should thank her for speaking out. A lot of people in her shoes are dead cause they couldnt survive it. Please we are humans and we should act like one. There is no second life. If you gon live a life, live a life to remember. God help us!!

      • Aisha

        Excuse you! So if they’re married?? And so fucking what? Don’t know about you but I’d like to be made aware if I’ve had the misfortune of being married to a rapist.
        For all you know they may be abusing their wives and side chicks as we speak. And those ones may probably be suffering in silence. So please let’s type with sense and stop protecting rapists instead of exposing them.
        Happy for where you are now Sugabelly. I’ll be praying for u.

      • Ayo Marcus

        That’s such a stupid comment. What does it matter about their marriage? The poor girl has been scarred for life. If she was family, I’d be out for blood! How anyone can think it’s ok is beyond me, only in Nigeria. Marriage my arse!

      • bash

        I just wish I could round them all up, keep them all in a place and have them raped by apes and baboons over and over again till two clenched fists can easily fit in there assholes. It baffles me how people like that sleep at night. that Ema Oloyo guy disgusts me.
        I hope this tragedy is investigated by the allegedly loving police and these “worse than murderers” criminals are brought to justice so they rot in jail as castrated human beings

      • Guardborg

        Revenge? Sometimes the perverted logic of some Nigerians could be baffling?
        This young woman’s life has been made hell and may never see “normal” again. And the only comment you have is to express concern about the impact of her story on the “normal” life of her tormentors? Really??

      • Niniola

        What the hell does it matter that they have families, here in the US, To hell with a public opinion. You have no say, this should have been investigated, and these people should have been questioned, instead you attack the one telling the story?? Their homes and businesses? What about her life? They get to just move on and live their lives?? While she lives in hell?? Chai! So sad. I really feel for you Sugabelly! I’m so sorry you went through what you did! It must be really sad, and hurtful to see the replies and comments made by these people. Keep your faith in God, and he will see you through! If you were in Chicago, we could even have hung out! Maybe. LOL But you have someone praying for you. Please stop trying to hurt yourself, others have done that enough. Love yourself, and forgive yourself. You are ok. The Hell has passed, now time to heal!

    • Babz

      You have done a brave wonderful thing by telling your story.To do this in the schizophrenic country we live in filled with slut shaming ,judgemental hypocrites is beyond courageous.Hold your head up girl,you will get a lot of negativity.Just know some girl somewhere will use your story as a survival beacon.As for the criminals that assaulted you ,those beasts that believe that money absolves them of the crimes they are committing.The fact that you are exposing them is a small start.They will still swagger into clubs but right thinking people will know to avoid them.

    • Queen Warmate

      I admire you . You are beautiful, strong and have great talent. You are a great writer and an artist. Never forget this . I can’t say I understand what you experienced but believe me when I say, I feel your pain and see the beauty in your soul. This too shall pass! Stay strong, beautiful and smart! Hugs!

      • Abi

        @babz and @queen warmate thank you for your posts. They were spot on.

        @sugabelly I am so sorry that you went through all that you did in the hands of those men. I want you to know there are people out there routing for you and understand what it is like to be abused and then abused yet again by being vilified for daring to speak up about what you endured by society in general and more specifically by individuals who do not understand what you have gone through. It really stinks!!!

        I have been very passionate and have written about stopping victimization of sexually abused woman and girls for over a decade now.

        Please keep your head up, hang in there and take each day at a time. You have a lot to be angry about, but there’s someone who can make it better and give you the strength to scale through. Try and give this pain over to Jesus and He will make it easier and in time, you will love again. There is still some good left in this world you’ll see.

        Some young girl who is strapped in a similar predicament will read your story and find the courage to get out. Many women will read your story and know how to re-educate their daughters. In speaking out, you have done more good than you know. God bless you dear and keep being strong.

    • Ben

      I can totally identify with this lady , sugarbelly. Anyone who has g one through teenage years and or have teenagers wouldn’t find it difficult to identify with her either. Those years are years of uncertainty, ambitions ,ego secrecy etc.It doesn’t mean she was a slut, she doesn’t deserve any of the treatment she was subjected to or any of those terrible comments I read out here.
      Karma is a bitch though , the culprits will never go unpunished. In a developed world, those guys should be behind bars now.
      Even, prostitutes get a right to say no and have their wish honored.
      If there is anything I can do help you young lady ,please don’t hesitate to contact me.
      God bless you!

    • boxx

      I’m so sorry you had to go through this Sugabelly. Ignorance is the reason why you’re receiving an abundance of negative comments instead of positive and encouraging ones. May the Almighty take control of your situation.

    • Yinka

      Hi Sugabelly,

      I believe you, not cause believing you matters nor right every wrong or get the guys to hang at the gallows like you wished them or absolve you of blame.

      I urge you having told your Story to move on and let God who judges absolutely take charge.

      A piece of my mind to all those who have commented saying hateful things about you…”you all will one day have daughters, or already have and one day she will come to you with such a story and your response will be why didnt you say it since, why did you go again?” Please say amen if you belive sugarbellys story is a fake.

    • Tomi

      Sugarbelly. Thanks for your courage. Your total well being is what made me write this comment. Jesus can save you. Have you tried suing the culprits, you need to sue them. Talking about it is not enough. Justice must be done.

  2. anonymous

    I just want to give you a hug and tell you everything will be fine but that won’t do…they’ll just be hollow words compared to what you’ve been through. You are strong and brave and intelligent and very pretty…don’t let the actions of animals ever let you doubt yourself. It does get better you know…coming out with it as open as it is now is a big step that will help in your ultimate recovery. Oh they will get what is coming to them and you will have your day of victory…just hang in there empress sugabelly and continue being the strong artistic powerful woman you are. You are not alone and you will be fine. I wish I could say more or at least give you a hug and a smile…but hey accept my virtual hug…and have you a beautiful day.

  3. Yaya

    Hello Sugabelly,

    I follow you on Twitter and i am absolutely amazed at how strong you are. This story makes me want to shed tears or even slap them motherfuckas, but I believe in Karma.
    I’m truly appalled to see women who should be sisters feel the need to shame you and what you went through.
    Keep being strong. In this dark tunnel, There is light ahead. Keep your head high and know that your future is so bright and you shall be celebrated for your art.

    P.S. – You are SO beautiful. I sigh whenever you put down your looks on Twitter. You are winning for us round faced girls. I’d want to be your friend but I’m too shy to reach out on Twitter. Keep being positive, beaut. <3

  4. Ola

    Girl *hugs* you’ll be fine. I can reassure you that. Keep giving yourself a reason for living. Those monsters aren’t worth it. You are strong. A lot stronger than I ever gave you credit for. I’ll be here praying for you. Be good.

  5. Olusegun

    Hmmmmm!!! I admire your courage for coming out. These monsters should be punished and be made to pay for their crimes. Rape is crime! This is too much to bear alone. I stand with you Damsel.

  6. Eky Shirley

    Where to begin?
    Our humanity is dead, seeing the comments on social media. And people say, speak up after rape: yet they are the ones who brand, name shame, victimize and trivialize your ordeal.
    Am sorry you went through this orror. Am sorry the horror continued from people who should help you get through it. Worse still, am sorry that I belong to a generation such as this…
    Can I help?

  7. Adunni

    I can NEVER look at you and have the mind to address you as “rape girl”.
    If I ever were to meet you,you shall be Lotanna,the strong one,the one who dared to speak out.

    You have NO idea how this has touched so many many many women who have been abused sexually.
    You have NO idea how this has made the men with a conscience shed tears and swearing if you were their sister,they would have put a bullet through the head of each perpetrator.
    Lotanna,You have NO idea how this has shed light on the attitude to rape,and speaking out,how this has illuminated the men we women need to keep away from and shown us the women enemies in our woman camp.

    Lotanna,if only you know WHO you are in the eyes of women like me.
    And I am at least a good 11yrs older than you are.

    Lotanna,now is your time…
    Live again….
    Always keep your face turned to where the light is..
    Let your heart and mind be filled with goodness…
    When the dark past wants to come calling again,
    Remind it,that now,YOU,Lotanna,are the boss of YOU,and not your dark experiences.
    Live my little sister in my head…
    Live baby girl..

    As for those bastards..
    Karma will come…
    Be it on them
    Or their wives and daughters..
    But karma will come…

    Stay strong
    Hold that pretty head up…
    Look behind at the ashes of the past..
    Then look ahead and SOAR

    I love you,omo nla.

    Stay blessed.

  8. Victoria Tims

    God bless your bravery for speaking up. I just want to tell you to remain strong. If there’s anything I can do to help, please hurry and get in touch. Stay strong, sis!

  9. Ashilomo

    L, I have been reading sugabelly since 2007, since the Nsibidi scripts, since the odes to Bakura. I believe you.

    I want you to know, you matter, you are important and we do not want to lose you. Do not let the monster win. Fight, stay on top of your medication and if something is not working, continue seeking help and the right cocktail. It does get better.

    You have soooooo much talent, more talent on your little finger nail than all of the touch carriers on twitter.

    You are a such beautiful girl.I am rooting for you, the world is not ready for the unleashing of your true, full potential.

    Shake the world, make them notice.

    • sugabelly

      I think for everyone who’s been reading with me from the beginning, when I started in 2007, there’s no doubt. It must be hard to process for people just encountering what happened to me, but my oldest readers saw it unfold before their very eyes, so they know.

      Thank you for everything you’ve said to encourage me. It means a lot to me, more now than ever.

  10. Superflycook

    This took courage that people twice your age do not even possess. I’m sorry you went through that and even sorrier that you’re forced to relieve it so many years after. We are rooting for you. You are prayed for and yes, you are loved. Be well.

  11. Modupe

    I’m sorry for all you had to go through and I understand not being able to report to anyone.
    You are a very strong lady, stronger than you even know. I pray for you to one day come to a point where you feel peace in your heart.

    Take care and stay strong.

  12. Lmao

    Yeaaaa you started blogging about your crush in 2007. He started the rape in 2006 when you were 17….
    Big bowl of crap
    You’re a genius but these lies won’t save you HOmmie

      • LMAO

        Good afternoon Sir, I didn’t know that as a man you are doing this thing that they call gbeborun

        Please face your workstation Sir
        Did the dumbass not lock her account when Afe babs brought the lawsuit
        I feel sad for her lol
        But 406 in Jamb sort of takes away the pain…
        If that didn’t the 1B pounds I have to share with Whorianna and my 2 siblings will help.
        Toodles, Cyber-knight….

    • Chi

      You insensitive piece of shit! Her timeline checks out, the rapes began in 2007 so don’t try to be smart. I don’t care if you’re a man or woman but I hope something so bad happens to you that no one believes your story. I won’t curse your daughters they have nothing to do with their parents stupidity. But just wait on it, your turn to cry will come, I promise you. Ass hole.

        • S. Baker

          You have tried for long to bear all these alone, be rest assured that God and good people of Nigeria shall fight for you. I don’t blame people who doubted your story because they are myopic and evil themselves. No matter how long it takes, the wrath of Almighty Allah shall visit them from first generation to the tenth, unless they publicly apologised to you. God is with you, good Nigerian people are praying for you and victory is certainly yours.

        • me

          Uve probably passed tru an ordeal worse than hers n ure pissed cos u lack d courage to speak out like her or afraid no one will blve u. Dont worry that secret will choke u

        • Miss E

          @LMAO: Mustapha Audu, is that you? lol! You surely seem invested for a story that doesn’t concern you & know all the dates really well. Shame on you! Stop raping young girls

        • Ajibola

          LMAO, my only reply to you and others with like minds is Battered Woman Syndrome and Stockholm Syndrome. Please enlighten yourself and stop being judgemental

  13. patutu

    Darling, so sorry for what you had to go through and its a shame those fools obviously do not consider what they did as an unforgivable crime. I pray that one day you can move on and find happiness. They will never go free. They cannot live happy lives by the grace of God.

  14. Metrogypsie

    I’m so glad you’ve finally out this together. Unfortuntely the devotion hasn’t been fair to you and other girls in simulate situation will never be able to speak out.

    I recall the time you mentioned this a year ago on the TL, I save one of your chats (convo with a friend or so) and saved in my phone, I also showed my friends based in Abuja. Still have that shot now.

    Thanks for having the courage to share this concisely. Keep doing you baby girl, you are a star and there are few of you in this pretentious world.


  15. Lady

    Only someone with nothing left to lose would be so open
    I remember reading your post a year or two ago on this same people but never followed up.
    I can’t say I feel your pain totally, as that would be a lie. Only someone who has gone through the hell you have been through could possibly understand.
    All I can say is remain strong,stay positive and continue with your meds.
    Once you break or give in to those suicidal tendencies, they have won completely.
    I won’t lie that they may ever face justice in this world, but your shaming them publicly will make people more guarded around them and hence protect other would-be victims.
    Remain close to the church, and continue seeking counsel.
    God has seen your pain and will not let those dear to him suffer unjustly.
    Be brave

  16. Bruce Banner

    All I can say is that only God knows the truth but in between, I’m sorry you went through this hell. Keep inspiring victims. God Bless you.

    • Treasuré

      Dear sugarbelly,
      I really don’t know where to start…. I can’t begin to imagine how you lived through 9 long years of mental distress….
      I’m 26 years lady like you and I consider you brave to open up on all your ordeals even in the face of opposition from people who should stand by you….
      Please do a few research on ‘Joyce Meyer’ she went through an horrible (kinda similar rape case) only it was her father who molested her and it started when she was 6 years old and ended when she fled home at about 18years of age. Just like people talk ill of you and castigate you her own mother rebuked her when she reported it, even when she CAUGHT him raping her she refuse to address it…
      Instead of people standing with you they ‘help the person who wants to kill hold his knife…’ But we can’t be bothered cause the heart of man is desperately wicked
      I have a few things to say to you today…
      1. Seek God (extremely essential) only God can truly help you fully recover.. He will give you a new heart and he will make you whole again.. ( the few christian agencies i know who could help you transition spiritually are ‘turningpointzone’ or ‘the700club’

      2. As painful as it may sound… You actually have to FORGIVE these shameless people… Yes you heard me forgive.. Of course only God can help you forgive people who commit such dispeakable acts towards you.. Forgiveness is for you, for your peace, for you to move forward, for you to be able to experience love again, unconditional love of God and even love from fellow (sane) men…
      I beg you sugar let God help you… He knows you cos he created you and he has the ability to take it all away. Just try Him and see for yourself.
      As for the culprits… They will receive God’s judgement, that’s for sure..
      If the judicial system drags judgement or makes it fizzle, don’t worry… You have done what many cannot do.. You have broken the silence.. You have given other victims hope.. You have paves the way… You are a star… You bring light… You are a great woman.. Your children will call you Blessed.. Your husband will be proud to have you.. Your generation will stand in awe of you.. Your name will be written in the sands of time… Please I want to personally be your friend, even if its just your text pal cos I’m based in Lagos. I love you sugar *kisses*

  17. Concerned

    I don’t follow you on Twitter. I’ll never tweet at you. But I see people RT you, abuse you and bully you.
    I’m sorry you have to go through all this pain. I marvel at how strong you are to get all this vilification and not break.
    You know the best revenge is to get up and have an amazing life right? To hell with them. Enjoy your life, laugh, smile, dance, sell your phone cases. This will sound cliche but God loves you. He cries with you, He laughs with you. It’ll be okay. It will. God bless you.

  18. Mikekarsyn

    It’s barely 24hours I started following your blog… And I must say your courage and strength is commendable…

    I’ve had to ask a lot of questions (rhetoric as it were) regarding your experiences and efforts you really made to break off… I guess they really don’t matter now probably because you were too young to make some decisions and the damage took a quick downward toll than you ever imagined.

    I really wanna wish you a quick healing. You’ll need to first recognise that there were some mistakes (by commission or omission) on your own part. Then you’d need to channel the energy used in broadcasting these into empowering younger females especially teenagers who are quick to go into premature relationships simply because of how they feel.

    Finally, your efforts via speaking out, psychotherapy are very crucial to your healing indeed… But I’d also like to suggest that you resort to the peace that only Jesus gives. He’ll change it all in a very short while. He gives a form of healing that is unconditional and lasts a lifetime.

    I’d like to add that I admire your style of writing. Keep up the pace.

    Much love

  19. Laura

    I want to join the band wagon and feel sorry for you,tell you its ok,that they’ll roast in hell.
    Girl please
    Tell the truth
    This story has so many fucking holes.
    I didn’t believe it the first time I saw it,
    And I barely believe it now.
    Humans can be very evil, it is a known fact. Abdul probably did rape you as you say, you may have been gang raped the first time, you didn’t expect someone you loved to do that.
    But he did.
    The first time.
    Then you went back for more?
    Are we fools? Are you a fool?
    You where seventeen and you went back?
    its not like you were a child that didn’t know right from wrong, that didn’t know that was not how life was supposed to be.
    How did you end up in a rapist’s pool to begin with?
    With your swim suit on?
    Please don’t play with our intelligence joor.
    Tell the whole story or none at all!

    • Sharon

      My dear Laura, you obviously do not know how abuse works. And a 17 year old is still a child. All abused people stay because they hope their abuse will change. What more so you want her to say? If you haven’t been in this position, please don’t comment on it, because the people that have been see this story for what it is. The truth. Please speak to someone that has been abused in any form, hear their story before you open your mouth to judge.

    • ace of spadez

      are you fvcking retarded?? can you please read and process before you react/respond.
      she CLEARLY explained circumstances surrounding her continued interactions with Mustapha, wasn’t voluntary you fvcking cunt. having to suppress violent and ungodly thoughts after learning of this story is hard enough… but reading the idiocy reflected in some responses is just plain infuriating and disheartening

      • LAURA

        RETARD?! CUNT!?!? FUCKING?!
        You sound like someone that can has no respect for women.
        And someone that has no respect for women can easily be a rapist.
        Tell the truth. Are you being so defensive because you see yourself in this story?
        Have you ever slept with someone against their will?
        There is Vigil tonight at winners chapel, go and ask God for forgiveness, and stop bringing your bullshit guilt here.

        • ace of spadez

          you’re absolutely right, i have no respect for women who are judgemental, myopic and have no respect for others … as for the rest of your comment….%&%£&

        • Amechi

          Just look at who is talking? A guy pretending to be a woman? Hiding behind feminity to make a point? And you have the lame guts to talk… It’s only on anonymous platforms as this that your kind can express their ignorance. LAURA I have nothing to say to you until you man up and use your name

    • Mr Me Too

      When something has never happened to you, you don’t have the right to judge how someone reacted to it. I know a very feisty 16yr old, the kind you think if someone tried to molest her she’ll slap the hell out of the person or bite him to prevent it. The day a guy molested her (thank God he didn’t go all the way) she couldn’t even talk. The guy was her pastor and put the fear of “God” or Satan in her. The guy told her it was spiritual and her life would be ruined if anyone found out. She said this after many hours of me trying to make her talk just because I’d never trusted the pastor. I wanted to blame her so bad at first because I’d warned her never to go see the guy alone but he had the power to report to her parents that she disobeyed him if she didn’t go. The guy gave her an “assignment”and told her to come back the next day with the results. She would have gone back out of fear and intimidation and the molesting would have progressed. Thank God I insisted on forcing what happened out of her mouth that night. Even then it took me a week before I could tell her mom because she was scared of the consequences.
      Back to Sugabelly, they had videos, they had pictures, do you know what that’ll do to a girl her age? The threat of releasing it, the shame. Again if it hasn’t happened to you then ever act like you know how you’ll have reacted

      • Taitai

        Just started reading up on Sugarbelly this week for obvious reasons. I find it strange people doubt her story. Nigerians love being judge and jury and their conclusions always seem one-sided. We just love to yab and spew nonsense.

        I doubt rape cases in Nigeria will ever get a fair response in this country considering the replies are from the younger generation who should know better.

        However, I have a good feeling Sugarbelly will eventually touch the right nerves and something positive will happen. I advice her to keep on. No point stopping. If for nothing else, for therapy. She would feel better as days go by and if it stops a future rape, then she has won.

        I also identify with your story about the pastor. Even older ladies fall into their trap. I have a friend in her 30s and she had to stop going to her church for a similar reason. She was almost crossing the line and she just couldn’t say no. It seemed she didn’t know how to disrespect authority. The best option was to run away. Luckily, the harm had not been done.

        I think i am typing quite incoherently right now. I didn’t realise this happens after a can of stout and power horse. Oh well.

        Nice job Sugarbelly on your blog. You write so well and I find your artwork quite impressive. Don’t let the world slow you down. It didn’t kill you. It can only make your stronger. Maybe one day you will be a minister of Women Affairs. You deserve it.

    • SEGUN

      Laura, I’m not saying what you are saying is not possible but I once witnessed a rape case that was reported in a police station and the officer on duty was asking the “why una go there?” You see with these type of response from law enforcement agents I can understand why she was helpless and was repeatedly raped. Abdul was Gen Ogohi’s son, Mustapha was the son of a Governor, with your knowledge of how things are in Nigeria what do you think would have happened to her if she had reported or made this public at that time?. We all have women (mothers,sisters, nieces and daughters) in our lives and no one will wish half of this happen to any woman he/she knows. So when next you want to be judgmental think of all the remote possibilities of what you are talking about.

    • O'cube

      Dont judge when you aren’t wearing the tight shoes. I have heard and known brothers rape their sister repeatedly & shared her with friends with solid threats to do harmful stuffs to her if she ever spoke up. Its easy thinking up action plans when you aren’t featuring in the movie once you are starring, you would be surprised at some decisions/indecisions on your part. Advises are better giving than acted out

    • Rose

      It’s so sad for people like you to say, she went back again and again, when she already explain, that they took a video of her naked, and use that as a blackmail on her. She was a teenager then, the fear of the leak of that evil video kept her in bondage. Am so surprised, that people will be making mockery of her, with such a traumatic, evil, disgusting and devilish acts of these huligans. My heart is bleeding for her, she could have been your sister, your wife or even a close friend, let’s do things with the fear of God in our heart. My dear sugabelly, He will fight your battle and you shall hold your peace. May the peace of God be with you throughout this journey of bringing this evil people to justice

    • Ada

      I fully understand the questions u raised and I’m not saying or tryna judge or state for a fact that what she is saying is true.. But I’m in the field of medicine and precisely doing a rotation in mental health…my practice together with my voracious reads have made me understand what it is…
      Its something I prefer to refer to as Priming…
      Its the act of gradually and thoroughly over and over subjecting someone to humiliating events while using the basis of self provided relationship. Its the reason why some people who end up kidnapped…eventually give up fighting for their freedom and begin to fall in love with their captors…because left to them,it saves them…
      We think these things don’t happen in real life but I have seen worse patients..
      The reason is this case could be two sided…1. She wanted self validation…and couldn’t see beyond the fact that she loved him…he made her feel safe..she started to feel comfortable.. N maybe..just maybe she felt doing this one more thing would make us better…we would be done with it n it would not happen again…
      Have u never done something n kept doing it over n over then when u finally stopped…u were like how did I even tolerate that??
      Eg is ever being in a relationship..n he sublimally treated u like crap…it’d be all sweet and then suddenly he’d misbehave…then u get upset and threaten to leave…he’d apologise…be good and after a while do it again..
      U kept saying U’d leave…but u never did…
      Then u meet a great guy n finally leave the other guy…n one day u just sit and think “how on earth did I let him treat me like that over and over….Kai…I have suffered”

      Honey…that’s emotional abuse…and u stayed… I bet if that kana thing had ever happened to u,u look back at it and wonder how the hell u let it happen…it doesn’t change the fact that it did..
      Most times…most people who go thru such and keep going back…can’t provide a basic logical reason as to why it did.. N our brain works in very funny ways..
      2. She was already depressed…prior to the beginning of this events and just one traumatic event is enough to nick a depressed patient towards mania/manic episodes and abnormal behavior..
      Do not be quick to judge and Im not really a fan of people saying with all certainty that she’s lying…cos it is not fair…
      Our damned society needs to start standing up for women…it needs to start rallying behind the girl child and providing her with a safe haven and proper education and grooming cos there is so much to it..
      Lotanna…I bless ur strength…and I encourage to keep fighting for ur life…
      The medications can sometimes be tiring but ur potential is yet to be fully harnessed and the world needs to see it…
      I stand with u and every other girl who has being raped and I encourage u to continue to be brave and most importantly darling,Pray…
      Imnt trying to go all religious on me I’m well aware of the science but science doesn’t cure the in depth pain or the stab to ur heart that u feel…so I urge u to get on ur knees and pray…
      Open up one night to God and tell him that u really need him to show up for you…to fight ur fight for u and to defend you and prove His name… Trust Him then challenge Him to show forth…
      I pray God continues to keep u safe in the hollow of his hands… U my dear was born for a reason…don’t let the devil kill ur purpose…
      Lots of Love and I’m here anyhow…if u need to talk…
      Bless ur heart

    • Niniola

      I pray that this happens to you. African people, Mostly Nigerians, seem to have forgotten one principle rule, If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t speak at all! Mchew! She explained everything. It is you that has holes in the brain that you can’t understand fully. What gain does she get for telling the story for 8 years? What money, what fame do you get for being a rape victim? Stop it, as if it doesn’t hurt enough. Mechi onu!

  20. Che

    I read your story with tears in my eyes. Because if this happened to my sister or daughter, maybe i would have been in jail for murder.
    I have only one request of you. Be strong!!!

  21. Anon

    I do not know you, but after reading your story, you live in the depths of my heart, in the warmest place. You’re a phoenix. And Sugabelly, though I don’t know you, if you ever leave, I will miss you. Stay. We need you.

  22. arianna

    Keep your head up. Thank you for speaking out. You can only look ahead and live your life now, it only gets better I promise you. Find solace in God, he’s ever willing. God bless.

    P.s- you’re still shit ?

  23. Zainab Mojeed

    Oops.. Sorry dear Yes I know u fine already. U strong woman.. I respect ur courage.. Just live nd forget.. God will take away all burden from ur hearth… Happiness is key… Let God decide for u… Just be happy.. A happy life is a stress free life..

  24. Ariel

    I am beyond shocked and deeply ashamed as a male to read this. Words fail me and I can’t even begin to apologise to you because I won’t know where to start.
    I saw d screen shots echecrates put on twitter so I’ve seen d real explicit core of this story.
    It takes an incredible amount of courage to tell this story and I’m proud of you for doing that. I’ll be praying for you

  25. Tastee

    Dear Lotanna, i cant even put in to words the outrage i feel over this. You are a strong woman. May your future be better than your past. May you find peace and healing.

  26. Anon

    It’s hard not to empathize especially when you know the names and faces all so well in Abuja. I cannot say they were dogs to me. You are so brave for coming out!!! A lot of women deal daily with fear of being stigmatized in Nigeria. Funny you didn’t put a picture of Kabir… He definitely has mental issues. As for Abdul he’ll always be an insecure person who needs loving, may his wife give him that. Oh and Ema poor thing he will never change so some how have solace in that. This is just me speaking. Trust me a lot of girls out there won’t speak!

  27. Anon

    I cried reading this, I have for one always doubted some of your stories but when you talked about rape, I could relate because I was raped at three and I could only remember because the next seven years of my life after that I was continuously molested by men- cousins, family friends. fear, shame and anger never allowed me speak up, I almost stabbed my cousin the last night he tried to touch me, I was fucking ten years old. four years later, i was bold enough to speak to my priest about it. I decided to live there and then although I wasn’t brave enough to tell my story to my folks mainly because it would kill my parents to know this. I moved on even though it’s hard. It hurts sometimes when i realise my body count as an adult is very minimal compared to my body count when I was less than ten. One thing is certain Lota, you are a brave woman and thank u for bringing these people out.

  28. Anon

    As one who has experienced something similar—one man not a group -I empathise with you. People wonder why you’re seen with the chap again. If they understand what living the fear of revenge porn can cause they won’t be judgemental

  29. Alayo Hussein

    I admire your courage and strength as you stand to say the truth despite understanding the dent it might cause on your image. You’ve move ahead damsel, it’s so certain you’ve. But better still I STAND WITH @sugabelly. please accept my request on your twitter handle. I have a whole lot to learn from you.

  30. Omoniyi

    I salute your courage and I wish you healing. In all this I also wish you include advice for other teenagers cos I am sure incidents like this still happen. You were never in love with him, you were either infatuated or obsessed which led to u trying to excuse the wickedness he exhibited at that time. I say this so as to debunk the perception that equates love with accepting physical and emotional torture. You are a rock star sugabelly. All the best.

  31. Anon

    Not to hurt you but your parents are so USELESS s fucking useless!!! You close work by 6pm, don’t get home until 8pm or thereabout and they never asked questions? Bcos governor’s son’s gf smfh. I’m so angry at your mother for not noticing you were going through. Such a terrible parenting. Fact is the memory is going to linger for ever and it’s going to hurt but don’t let it destroy you. Be a model! At 17, I won’t say it’s your fault that happened. Could have been anyone cuz you were so vulnerable but your parents need to wrought in hell for terrible parenting.


      You’re almost on point. Classic case of failed parenting! You could’ve made your point though without abusing her parents.

      Props to sugabelly for your bravery. I believe this is a huge step towards your ‘healing’. All the best.

    • Anon

      This is fucking true tho. Don’t you have parents? Like you were just 17 and they let you stay out so late? I’m 21 and my curfew is still 7pm. Wth?

    • femfem

      Exactly what I was going to say! Your curfew was 12 am? ?. Your parents failed you shikena!. My curfew at that age was 7pm!. Crazy

    • Taitai

      Easy. It did cross my mind about her parents. But i choose not to judge on that. It still does not make it right. It could have helped if they were more observant though. 17 was quite young to be out at odd hours on a continuos basis. No point playing the blame game. May we be more observant for ours. Halleluya.

  32. Ebyify

    I can’t control my tears as I read this, you are a strong woman. For enduring all this esp the emotional trauma. God will make you whole again and they will all see you be the happy woman they never wanted you to be.

  33. uju

    You have been through bad times in your life, and few people will understand. You should be proud of your openers about this issue. Now that you are in the eyes of everybody, I implore you to be strong and be an advocate for young ladies who have been treated like you have been.

  34. V

    All through, I literally had to battle the tears from falling, just imagining your pain and torment. I am so so very much sorry you had to go through all of that and still get no justification years after. I hope in some way, you can find solace knowing that a few of us feel ur pain and if there ever is a need for u to feel even more better by talking and needing a friend, you can just reach out to me. Against all odds, be happy. Try. Try harder please…Don’t let them continue to win. Someday You will be avenged and rightfully so.

  35. Anonymous

    U a strong one to have survived such ordeal. I Almost killed the dude that nearly rapped my cousin.God has given you the strength to move on. Ignore the ignorant.

  36. Fahad

    I don’t believe one bit of this made up story. This is a girl that has a history of cooked up stories. Most importantly why didn’t she report to the authorities earlier? It happened when you were 17, why is it relevant now and not then? ?

    • ace of spadez

      which authorities? don’t be fuqing retarded .
      if you dont believe the story shut your shit hole and wait till it’s your turn.

    • E

      You are obviously an idiot who has no conscience as a human being.. If you are a man, I pray you get gangraped by a group of men too! Fucking Moron!

    • Ada

      Pls who has something really bad happened to and they spoke about it immediately??
      We keep trumping up the whole thing n making it seem like we don’t also have skeletons in our cupboard…
      Ohh come on!!!!! There has to be something that has happened in your life that u barely ever talk to to anybody…
      Even if its a bad relationship u can’t believe u stayed in and after it was over and u saw the light kept asking yourself…”how on earth did i tolerate that?”
      Let’s stop making crappy comments about why is she just talking about it…
      For heaven sake she was 17….8 years ago…do you know how backward we were 8 years ago?? When did social media become power in Nigeria? Cos I rememba it wasn’t 8 years ago…
      Why do we enjoy living under the pretense of she should have known??

    • Liz

      If u read u would have realized from all she said ( Mustapha’s father was a governor n Abdul dad was chief of staff)
      So back to ur question?
      Would what ever accusations seen the light of day?
      Back to u
      This what happens when u read without analyzing

  37. 9jaBrozz

    God bless you my sister.

    Despite all your travails, the gem that is you is shinning through.

    You are truly strong. Please keep strong.

    You may not realise it but your destiny is clear before you. Live for others who go through such sad experiences. Fight for them. Be strong for them because you are strong.

    Start an NGO. Lead rape & abuse advocacy. Become Nigeria’s Gloria Allred.

    You will be amazed on how well you continue to heal.

    I love you. God loves you.
    Remain Blessed.

  38. Joshua Adegoke

    OMG, u went through all these and u re still strong. God must ve kept u for a purpose. May be to ensure nobody goes thru this wickedness again. I just hope parents, friends and siblings can learn from your story and be sensitive to the needsof their loves ones. Pls, yur healing ll be complete if u ensure they end up in jail not bcos of revenge but it is just proper. Sing a song for u by Ron Kenoly ‘I still ve joy, I still ve joy, after all i ve been through…………Listen and be blessed


    My dear, I wish to congratulate you, not for the rape but for your bravely, I am way older than you, I am above 40 but you inspired me alot. God will judge them all, both the Audus and your mockers.
    Go out there and live your life. You are a very strong woman, stronger than the Audus, forget about their police and Army if they go through your odeal they would have gone since.

    God bless you my dear

  40. Gosh

    Sending you Hugs, it hurts just reading this.
    It sickens me to think people believe you’re making these things up. How can people be so cold and evil?!

  41. Afamdeluxo

    I am deeply saddened. You are so brave and courageous for speaking out,i can imagine what you have been passing through for the past 8years or thereabout..May God continue to heal you Lotanna.

  42. Z

    Dear Empress, I ff you on Twitter, I don’t know you personally but I just want you to know that you are the definition of strong, brave and magnificent. Don’t let these ignorant people & their disgusting words bring you down.
    You’re a survivor. You’re a great woman. You’ll be fine. By really coming out, you’re giving another faceless, weak girl out there courage to pull through.
    God bless you for everything.

  43. rita

    I’m speechless at what you had to suffer. being a victim myself I understand what you are feeling and how helpless one feels in our society. In Nigeria if your father rapes you, your mother will blame you and even call you “ashewo”. Neighbors will castigate you and you will become guilty of being cheap. the very reason the doctor and the priest ignored your cry. 80% of Nigerian men are rapists! Yes! They force themselves on their wives and tell you its not rape after all i paid her bride price! If it is not rape why did you slap her and tear her wrapper with blood gushing out of her lips as you put your short silly little worm of a dick inside her? Is it just because you can? Children of 5 and 6 years are being defiled daily by neighbors and family and people hush it because of “what people will say”. I have learned a lot from what you have written and i’m raising my daugter’s to know that I am their voltron and will kill to protect them video or no video. May God help us all

  44. obi victor

    U’v always inspired me. I love everything about u. Proud of u cuz you’re nothing but a blessing to our generation. As for those Audus they will meet their water loo very soon unless they confess and ask u for 4giveness.

  45. Anon

    I can’t tell you “I know how you feel” because honestly I don’t. I can only imagine. And trying to put myself in your shoes is traumatizing enough, you’re a strong woman for coming out of this Lotanna. You haven’t healed yet and with everything in my being I pray that you find that healing you so desperately need. You’re a star in my eyes.

  46. Akin

    I am very sure there is no Statute of Limitation to crimes like rape. I will never understand why you let this happen severally, but who am I to judge you? I think you need to do one last brave thing…
    Put these bastards behind bars! It can be done. It MUST be done. This is your fate. Things have changed now and you are not exactly a baby anymore. Just talk to the right people to take up your cause and don’t stop till they go to jail or you’re satisfied justice is served.
    Other vulnerable girls deserve this.

  47. Pearl

    Be strong Sugarbelly.. You will laugh last, happiness is not lost to you.. Some real people out here believe your story and appreciate the fact that you are strong enough to speak out. Those Devils will surely pay.. Hugs and kisses

  48. Anonymous

    Are you trying to be finally free of all that is weighing you down? If so good on you but if you want prosecution, then this isnt the way to go because no one would take you seriously. Writing all sorts on online media wont give you justice.And sorry your story is full of holes.You would be shredded in a court of law and you know it

  49. N

    My fingers are trembling and I cannot stop shedding tears cos I feel every ounce of your pain.

    It’s a shame these animals move onto much better lives while their victims are marred till the last days of their lives.
    It’s a shame Nigeria is a country where the law respects societal status.
    It’s a shame most women who are victims of rape will never be half as courageous as you are.
    I could care less about the negative comments on twitter cos all I see when I hear the name ”sugabelly” is an amazing, beautiful and talented person.

    Stay strong and shame them, Sugabelly.

  50. uyai

    I have suffered depression, PTSD and anxiety for over 10years for a host of reasons. Things get better. I understand a lot now, about how you are. Things do get better. Keep living.

  51. Jayb82

    I am speechless to say the lest. I have followed your story for some now, and never for once did I doubt that everything you said was the truth. I admire your courage and bravely to still remain strong despite all the tantrums that was thrown @ you when you the world what happened to you. My dear just stay strong and kama do the rest for you.

  52. Oyin

    I have been following your blog since 2007 and I’ve admired your strength and courage. You have been through hell and back and somehow you keep fighting back. I hope you find peace in everything you do and things get better for you.
    Whenever you’re feeling down, remember there are people who care about you no matter what. We love you Sugabelly

  53. Anonymous

    I stand with you, not because I have ever been through your struggle but because I am human first, I am a woman living in a male dominated community, a power ridden country where monsters like them get away every single day. I don’t know you, but allow me apologise. I’m sorry you had to go through this, I’m sorry you had no one to talk to, I’m sorry people doubt your story, I’m sorry you have to wake up to random strangers having an opinion on a humongous part of your life, I’m sorry these monsters are walking around freely like they do not have a price to pay, I am particularly sorry that some women dare ask you why it took you this long to come out. I am sorry, I am genuinely sorry that for the past few months you’ve had to see their fathers name constantly reoccur online. I am sorry that online bullies exist. I am sorry for everything you had to go through. I stand with you, your strength is beyond me. It is almost impossible that these monsters won’t suffer for what they put you through Lotanna. A time will come when they will come back, crying, one after the other, on their knees, begging for your forgiveness, every single one of them. I want to plead with you to forgive them when that day comes, please, for your own sake, only then will you get the closure you truly deserve. That day will come. Stay strong ❤️

  54. Chinks

    Wow!!! You are brave….
    I don’t know how you did it, how you survived but you are an inspiration to so many people esp to me..
    Wow!!! Wow!!!

  55. Omerta

    Every father,brother or uncle imagining this happening to their daughter,sister or niece will never forgive those boys. They will seek justice in the most inhuman way. Those that have patience as a virtue will make these boys daughter or wife have a dose of their medicine and WILL make them watch as it lasts.
    Be stronger young woman and raise ur head high. JUSTICE is on its way.

  56. Nina

    Wow. I am mortified by your story. I believe you. It is only in Nigeria that rape victims are branded as prostitutes. Stay strong!!! I hope that in some way they will pay for what they did to you. Most importantly, I pray that you will one day be able to live without the fear that those animals caused you. Keep speaking out. Your story will give courage to young girls & women going through the same.

    • Folake

      I read some insensitive comments and I cannot help wonder what has really gone wrong in this society. 17 is still a child! So many people do not understand the power abuser always has over people they abuse. He made a video of her, how many 17years old will want such video put out for the world to see. She was scared. He was controlling her, he had a strong hold over her. So many people are so dumb that they cannot see beyong their nose. Lotanna, you are no longer a victim, you finally took your power back from them when the whole world started reading about your ordeal. Stay strong, from now on, it will get better. And as for those ignorant fools commenting trash, May the woman among them get raped brutally by trusted people they know so well and may the men among them get raped in the ass too. Then, we can start exchanging note. God bless you, Sugabelly. You are not a victim.

  57. Concerned Observer

    I’m male Sugabelly and I’m so sorry to hear all that you’ve gone through.

    If God exists where is He in all this??? But could you please permit me to share a thought on that with you? If God created you, then Yes God knows about it in detail but… God didn’t allow it and it wasn’t in His perfect will for you.

    I know these are some of the things you’ve had to grapple and battle with.

    We humans have a certain level of will to do whatever we decide and it is totally unfortunate that circumstances led you to all these people who have exerted an evil will of perversion and pain upon you…

    But even now Sugabelly, the Almighty God, the One who created you is ready to give you:
    – Beauty for all your Ashes
    – The Oil of Gladness for all your Mourning and pain
    – A double portion blessing for all your troubles.

    I can only say so out of personal experience, because He ddid change my life when I gave Christ a chance… Pleeeease sugabelly, do give God a chance through Jesus Christ. The scars may never go away, but surely you will be fully and completely healed and you will receive a better life.

    I speak like I know you only because I’m in the entertainment industry and I’ve come to know you through the years mostly through your comments on popular blogs. The day I got to know (before now), that you’ve been a rape victim, I only then understood why you had a lot of anger in your comments… and why you’ve been mostly angry at God.

    Please read about famous speaker Joyce Meyer. She was abused for several years by her own father, but God came in and healed her when she gave Him a chance. Today her ministry has saved, healed and impacted many people all over the globe.

    You too are a bundle of greatness, megastardom and blessing to millions waiting to happen!

    Please give God a chance… and let Him turn your ashes to beauty through His Son Jesus, His gift of a good life to humanity in an utmostly evil world.

    Stay strong like you are and best regards.

  58. Natalie

    “Sometimes I simply cannot cope, and I blackout and my autopilot takes over – a basic, high functioning version of me that appears normal for all intents and purposes while I’m really dying inside. ” I understand that. I know it firat hand. #tears #hugs. You have the boldness I may never have

  59. i also survived

    I’m reading this and tears are falling from my eyes, what a strong woman you are. I won’t go into details but I was molested from age 4 to 14 by 3 different close family and friends, even though i kinda understand, I know that every case is different so I really don’t.
    I’m so angry and broken for you, I know its useless, I don’t know you but for what It’s worth you seem a lot better than you must have been at that time and that’s great. I just want to say well done. Well done for surviving, well done for waking up each day and living your life, WELL DONE FOR TELLING THIS STORY COMPLETE WITH NAMES AND PICTURES.
    And for the those posting hateful comments, lol they don’t understand, and my prayer is that they or their loved ones are never in this position.

    P.s two of my molesters are dead, looool THERE IS A GOD

  60. Hhhhhh

    Hey I hope you read this. Id like to first say that if this story is true you’ve done more for people than you’ll ever understand. So just know its appreciated. Now This is the part where I say the not too nice thing. Everybody no matter who kinda enjoys social media validation. Its very cool. But if you are really going through depression its not a very healthy place to be. I try not to follow whatever gist is popping on twitter but of course I see your shit from time to time. I’m not gonna say if you lie or not cos frankly I have shit to clean up in my life before judging anyone. All id like to say is its okay sometimes to not “appear fine” or “look like you have your shit together” sometimes its okay to fall back and worry about just you and let the cool kids chase whats cool. End of the day if you ever with a rope on your neck again its gonna be just you. So maybe only worry about you sometimes. I don’t know. Just feel like the (deserved) backlash from whatever attention grabbing whatever people have been mad at you about will undercut the actually helpful shit you have to say. This shit is longer than a motherfucker now so I’ll just stop typing now.


    I totally know how you feel. I was raped by my uncle at 11 and my family put the blame on me. So don’t be bothered if people who don’t know you or have any connection with you call you out due to their ignorance. Just don’t stop being strong. That’s all you need.

  62. Peju

    Hello. I cannot begin to comprehend what you have been through and these next few lines which I’m about to write may or may not make a difference.
    I’d like you to realise that for as many people have mocked and judged you for opening up, just as many people have lauded your strength and come out to publicly stand by you.
    There’s so much love that the world has to give you so my only prayer is that you never lose the strength that has carried you so far.
    It’ll only get better and you will live such a full, happy life that it will seem as though nothing ever tried to mar your beauty.
    Be strong. You’re loved. God bless you, Lotanna.
    PS you have the most beautiful name. xo

  63. Olayinka

    You are indeed the strong one. Beautiful, smart and courageous. You are winning. The ultimate triumph is leading a good life. Make that happen for your own sake and no one else’s. I pray you find peace.

  64. Shocking, Mr Nelson

    This is just shocking, beyond belief people born with such privileges can be so wicked and without human conscience. So while the super rich steal the country dry, be they Governors, senetors, ministers etc, is rather a slap to the face of Nigerians that we hear a story like this where some of the children of these so called public office holder, have now in turn, turned out to be beast themselves, rape, defile, abuse, beat and even abducted young women- impunity from generation to generation . Wow! what a country. Miss sugabelly, Young lady, my advice to you is to find peace with yourself, if you are a Christian get serious with your faith, strive for a relationship with Christ Jesus – his word and spirit manifested will heal you of these wounds in your soul and help free your mind over time. You need to get back your peace to live the life God has blessed you with, you had a life before this experience and can have even a better life post this sad experience . Let your rapers and abusers be the ones who peace will be lost in due time, for vengeance is mine says the Lord. I know it’s hard to forgive, yes I know, butbut Ms, you must, you just have to so you can move on. Forgetting this you may never, but forgiveness must be a daily decision. It’s up to you forgive or hold on to this grudge, I would say to you no need to rejoice over the death of the of the Father of who ever raped and so despicabely uses you, get rid of the swearing in your message . Hate is worthless emotions – forgive my dear sister, forgive, difficult but not impossible and let your story be source of strength and change for many people still in similar bandage.


  65. Maryam

    So sorry for everything you’ve been through. Thank you for speaking out. Hopefully others will be inspired by you and get the strength to do so as well. It’s beyond sad and absolutely ridiculous that Nigerians have a deeply ingrained mentality of blaming the victim for rape and making them feel they have no one to confide in.

  66. Tare Okoro

    I am outraged reading this. It is inhuman. The lowest and vilest form of taking away someone’s dignity just because you can. I am very sorry you went through all this. And I celebrate you for your strength to keep on being a better you.

  67. Annorkor

    I’m reading this at work, trying very hard to hold back tears. You’re so strong and courageous. You’ve survived the worst and still come up on top. I’m not Nigerian, your issue chanced on my TL and I decided to read the facts. I give you my support. You are an inspiration to women everywhere. Stay strong. The worst is over. Much love ?

  68. olamide

    I know how you feel, being a rape victim from the early age of 6 to a 30 year old uncle, I had to escape by going to boarding house at 11. I was his toy, my stay in boarding house wasn’t pleasant either because I was withdrawn and everyone saw me as weird. I hated mg parents for bringing him to stay, so I was always rebellious, angry and depressed. Attempted suicide too, but I found healing in my husband. He helped me heal, same uncle attended my wedding and was acting like he owns the place. My parents just found out recently and can never forgive him.
    I know you will find healing. Hugs

  69. .

    Hi Sugabelly. I know this sounds so cliche. But pleassee try God. Even if it’s just a two week experiment. Try talking to God about all this. I promise it’ll help! I’m sorry you went through all that and I’ll be praying for you everyday. Xxx

  70. cosmicyoruba

    So sorry you’re dealing with all these vile comments. I’m also glad that you’ve exposed those animals. I’ve always maintained that you are a bright and talented individual, keep doing you dear.

  71. Gbenga

    Seriously Sugarbelly, I have always seen you – on Twitter – as one talented joker who should never be taken seriously eccept for her creative paintings and all.

    But on this, I believe you. Completely. I salute your courage and bravery. That you are even alive to tell this horrifying and utterly scary story is a testament to your uniqueness. May GOD hold you. Please don’t ever harm yourself, you’re better and useful alive than dead.

    You are a voice for the many ladies out there who have been raped and made to go through such untoward experiences as this. I fervently hope you get justice, not just for yourself but for every other victim of rape out there.

    This is call to Nigeria to do more to protect its women; to men, boys, uncles and brothers to look out for every female. I really feel bad about this and feel it’s important we keep making a hell of noise about this issue.

  72. Lai

    I appreciate your bravery for still speaking out when most of us still can’t. I still live in the fear and know how it feels. Thanks dear.

  73. Supreme

    Haven read your post, I must confess it’s really heartbreaking. But however I refused to draw sympathetic conclusion because fundamental elements of your story don’t add up. Even kids run away from home due to domestic violence and here you are having not family ties with the Audus yet you condoned their alleged abuse when u could have easily opted out. My submission is that you had a motive for which you were ready to play along and not out of fear as you would want us to believe. And just when your motive didn’t come to fruition all hell let loose. Age 17 isn’t exactly a stupid age.


    Oh Sugarbelly, I admire your courage, be strong and keep the faith. Let go of the hurt and anger.
    For those saying why does she keep going back, I guess you didn’t fall in love at 17, you never had a first love, and you’ve not been blackmailed with a sextape. Pray it doesn’t happen to your relatives or children.

    I send my tripple twale to you. Love em paintings though. Hope to see you do an exhibition someday.

  75. Mo

    Hummmm. What can I say? I am a lawyer and by virtue of my job been on rape cases once in a while and guess what::: we practically beg, persuade these victims to speak out and I mean, serious begging oh and this makes it easier for the monsters to go unpunished. All I can say is that please keep your head up.
    I know also that these experiences will make you question God, but sis, he is the only one that can settle you right now. He is the one that can heal the pain n wound. As for those musty n Co, may God ask them questions from their generation to generation will God ask!!! Amen.

  76. Bin Baz

    #IStandWithSugabelly. I’m so terrified, I don’t know what to say.
    I’m gonna appeal to you to do me (us) a favor, Empress we need to get justice. I beg with ever you hold in high esteem, we must seek for justice, thus is not enough. I’m certain the money to high the

  77. Bin Baz

    #IStandWithSugabelly. I’m lost for words. I need a favor. Empress we must seek for justice, it’s not enough that this sad inhumane story is out. Let’s find a way to get a brilliant attorney and we will find a way to raise money to pay his fees. I can’t imagine this story been told by my daughter, somebody will be late by now. It’s unbelievable this ever happened, and for your parents or guardians, I have nothing to say to them.

  78. JS

    Thank you sooooooo much for putting faces to their names Sugarbelly. I had earlier done my own research. When I saw Abdul Ogohi, Tunji Abdul and Ema Oloyo’s photos for the first time, all looking very respectable, I just shook my head.

    May the filth they sewed cover their lives. Fools!!!

  79. queen

    I can’t imagine you passed through all this and survived,you’re indeed a strong woman and I pray God heal your heart and punish all the guys who did all this to you dear……God bless you

  80. Amy

    I couldn’t help shedding tears as I read this. You are one heck of a strong lady. I wish there’s something I can do for you. God will surely pay these evil men back in their own coins????

  81. Ike Olisa

    I have read your account and i must say i feel sorry for you. I do not want to judge you but i need answers to these questions:

    1) What exactly attracted you to Mustapha ??
    2) After the 1st gang bang/rape by a man who you say claimed to love you and you back, why did you not walk away (abandon the relationship, because no man that loves a woman will want his friend to share his woman)
    3) If you say you were naive at 17, could we also assume Mustapha and his friends were exhibiting their youthful exorbitance ( bcos of their money/influence, they thot they could have any gal at their beck and call)

    • rose

      – “youthful exorbitance”? If your sister was raped by a 17 year old boy of the same age – will you be think it is youthful exorbitance or is rape only rape when it is committed by armed robbers?? Nigeria needs to grow up…

  82. E

    Rape isnt something to wish on anyone but seeing comments like “shes a liar or a whore or a goldigger or but she kept going back for more” makes me wish the animals making these kind of comments will get raped too by someone they trusted.. just so they know what it feels like. All of you making these comments are not fit to be human beings and should be ashamed of yourselves! It is disgusting that we live in a society where the victims are the ones being shamed and stigmatized when it should be the other way round. I for one think Sugabelly is very brave woman because i still dont have the guts to share my story and it kills me inside everyday.

  83. Jeff

    I want to tell u that u are brave, courageous, smart and beautiful, don’t let any negative comment weigh u down. U did the right thing.

  84. Omolara

    If you are not a victim of rape, or have a close friend or family member that has been raped, you can’t really understand what this young lady went through. Dear God! Rape happens on a daily basis in Nigeria. The perpetrators often go unpunished due to the decadence of our judicial system. The painful thing is that the rapist is often somebody close to the victim, like a boyfriend, an uncle or a neighbour. Coming out to tell your family or friends that you have been raped is harder than it seems. And sometimes when you summon enough courage to do it, you will be shamed and called a prostitute or liar #VictimShaming . We need to stop stigmatizing victims, especially rape victims. If you think she lied, wait until it happens to your sister, your daughter, your wife or you (men can be raped these days. You just need a lot of lubricant!!)

  85. gemini

    I believe you, bt pls wat I wil like to know, how come your parents allowed you to be out late in the night @ 17? Nigerian parents are usualy protective of dier daughters, so if u were out late im the night @ dat age, then something was wrong with ur home……. just saying.

  86. You live

    For me, I’m angry at you for your self preservation and not coming out earlier, a lot earlier. But then I rmbr you were 17, young, restless and with the need to be correct in everyone’s eyes. I also rmbr that my child (the apple of my eyes) was conceived from an act of rape and I never told a soul abt it until folks that should protect me started pointing fingers. Although I have forgiven him, I will never forget that he stole something from me; my right to choose. My right to say no. And even when I did say no, and struggled for a while with my last defense being my hands covering my virginal, he yanked my hand off and pushed himself into me, my hands went straight to my face hoping to cover my shame. Only for him, to pull out seconds after and rushed straight to the toilet. He had poured in me and never told me for 2 days. I couldn’t get out of bed, no I wasn’t tired, I was conquered, totally defeated. Sth was snatched from. Yet I couldn’t report. I brought myself to tolerate him, and later love him when I found I was pregnant. Then he wanted to force abortion on me. I was furious, that he would want to take away another right to choose what happens to my body. I left him and never turned back.
    He had banked on me being rejected by the church and other quarters, knowing that all he needed was his sincere insincerities to convince ppl I was the slut. There were even talks of me breaking condom to get myself pregnant. He succeeded, they believed him over me, but I had great friends and a large loving heart he couldn’t conquer. I broke free, I’m successful, I’m loved and I live. My story is different from yours, but Sugarbelly, you can live and live beautifully too. You just have to make up your mind to. For one, that’s the best revenge ever.
    You know me, I sent you a hug in your DM some months ago, so you know I’m not as anonymous. I am not revealing myself here just because I want my son to have a great chance at a normal life.
    Love you, girl. Hold on tight.

  87. Mogbolahan

    You are the definition of a strong woman..I felt so much rage while reading this, so I can’t even imagine wat u are passing through. I have never commented on any blog before now but I just can’t help this…plssssss suicide is not an option for you, it should be an option for them not you..u’ve been thru a lot already #IwillAlwaysPray4U

  88. Moussa

    I have female siblings, cousins, nieces etc & I wouldn’t wish any of what you’ve explained on them OR any FEMALE for that matter. What happened to you is an atrocity and can’t be undone. What can be UNDONE is your approach to life. YOU ARE ALIVE, let that be a reason for you to wake up everyday. Let God do his justice to the guilty. If you are a ‘prayer person’, pray more and you’ll get out of it. If you are not, try it out. It works like magic.
    Wish you the best that life can offer, you’ll be alright!! ☺️

  89. A FRIEND

    You’re a strong woman. It’s really sad to read all you’ve gone through. I believe in God and nemesis, I don’t know if you do too but you should. I also believe in living and being happy, you owe yourself that. If you ever need to talk to someone new, you can talk to me. I have my fears too,I’ve struggled with a lot in my life too but today I’m living. Live!

  90. Gigi

    One of the saddest things I’ve ever read. I’m fighting back serious tears right now. Those people that did this to you are the vilest vermin to walk this earth. You are so so brave for coming forward with your story. I’m proud of you for making something of your life, not allowing what they did define who you are. I truly hope you find peace.

  91. Oluwaseun

    what people should be talking about now is Justice for Sugabelly. Sugabelly you are a very strong young woman and one way or the other these people will pay for what they have done!

  92. Olakunle

    Your behaviors on twitter ever since I have known you. won’t make me believe this story. if I will leave that aside.. you went thru pain to be honest. you have been talking about it for 8fucking years.. why is it now that the shi is now trending.?. for the fact that you know people that can bring up your voice

  93. You will live

    For me, I’m angry at you for your self preservation and not coming out earlier, a lot earlier. But then I rmbr you were 17, young, restless and with the need to be correct in everyone’s eyes. I also rmbr that my child (the apple of my eyes) was conceived from an act of rape and I never told a soul abt it until folks that should protect me started pointing fingers. Although I have forgiven him, I will never forget that he stole something from me; my right to choose. My right to say no. And even when I did say no, and struggled for a while with my last defense being my hands covering my virginal, he yanked my hand off and pushed himself into me, my hands went straight to my face hoping to cover my shame. Only for him, to pull out seconds after and rushed straight to the toilet. He had poured in me and never told me for 2 days. I couldn’t get out of bed, no I wasn’t tired, I was conquered, totally defeated. Sth was snatched from. Yet I couldn’t report. I brought myself to tolerate him, and later love him when I found I was pregnant. Then he wanted to force abortion on me. I was furious, that he would want to take away another right to choose what happens to my body. I left him and never turned back.
    He had banked on me being rejected by the church and other quarters, knowing that all he needed was his sincere insincerities to convince ppl I was the slut. There were even talks of me breaking condom to get myself pregnant. He succeeded, they believed him over me, but I had great friends and a large loving heart he couldn’t conquer. I broke free, I’m successful, I’m loved and I live. My story is different from yours, but Sugarbelly, you can live and live beautifully too. You just have to make up your mind to. For one, that’s the best revenge ever.
    You know me, I sent you a hug in your DM some months ago, so you know I’m not as anonymous. I am not revealing myself here just because I want my son to have a great chance at a normal life.
    Love you, girl. Hold on tight.

  94. AlphaMike

    Damn!!!! Please sisters, don’t allow yourself to be molested. Whenever you are insecure and abused, pls speak up. I initially had reservations on @sugabelly, but after reading this, i expect these boys to remain haunted for the rest of their lives.

  95. Emeka

    This is so horrible and depressing. I really hope this can be investigated and justice done to this lady. National Human right commission and anti rape activists should take this up.

  96. Dee

    I’ve been a silent reader of your blog. Your artwork is beautiful, and you write beautifully too. You are so very talented. What was done to you by these wicked, disgusting men is truly despicable, and you are unspeakably strong. By speaking out and telling your story, you’ve helped so many others. I don’t know if you believe in God (I can only imagine that it would be hard to believe after these experiences) but God bless you, Sugabelly. Stay strong.

  97. KARI

    I wish I had half of your bravery, of your strength. You are the voice of so many of us, who are too ashamed, too numb, to talk about our pains and seek healing. I cannot claim to have been through what you’ve gone through, I’m not sure if I’d live if I did. But I know what it means to be abused, what it means for your consciousness to be altered, for your values to be taken from you, to redefine violation so your abuser becomes the innocent one. I also know that when it gets to that stage, you keep going back, cos it has become your normal, your reality.
    So believe me when I tell you that I STAND with you. And that we’ll heal together. As for those beasts, I really hope there is some way for them to burn for this.
    Keep being you, keep drawing, and keep speaking out.

  98. Charles

    I, Charles Oluseye Nuga, believe you and pity those who have no sensitivity to at least not judge you.

    Youre an inspiration to me and many others. You are an example of being courageous. I could only wish to have a tenth of what you have.

    Im sorry for what you suffered.

    You have my total respect. TOTAL!

  99. Zulu

    Lotanna, I cry for you. I cry for women. In Nigeria. In the world. I cry. You are strong! You are brave! You are a woman! Sweetheart, depression cannot stop you. Your light is so bright, it cannot be put out. What? I was molested by a cousin and a stepbrother who were a lot older than me as a child (between 4 and 13 years old. Not through all those years, only when they came around or I was on holidays around them). I have never told anyone about it. No one. I think of it and I cannot bring myself to say anything. Even till today. I am married now and with 2 kids, a boy and a girl. I teach my son that his sister is his to defend and protect and keep her from harm. I teach my daughter to fight! She was already born to fight, the little soldier, lol. But mummy will teach her more. Since I’ve had them, I’ve been going it alone, without nannies or maids, because I say to myself and to everyone who asks why I don’t have help with MY kids, I will KILL anyone who harms my children, see Italy or otherwise. I will kill that person and bury them in my backyard. And I will not feel any ounce of remorse or fear. I will rather, grow a garden of flowers over that grave – making something beautiful out of ugly.

    Lotanna, you are beautiful! Years of abuse cannot take away who or what you are – a strong, beautiful, talented, extraordinary woman. Keep shining! Your healing is complete

  100. berri

    I’m sorry u had to go thru that. I do not doubt that ur story is true. But the time has come for u to let go n live, stop hating urself, let nature fight for u, as long as there’s still gravity on earth, they will not escape the wrath of the universe up until their 12th generation. The elements will work against them, karma is a beautiful thing. Stay strong!

  101. Olujimi Flawless

    What more can I say. Don’t listen to people criticising you. Infact,you are a strong lady. It is only in Nigeria that Rape cases are treated shabbily. They always blame the ladies,what about the man that perform the act.

    Its just like case of the woman in the Bible who was caught for adultery and fornication. They brought only the woman to Jesus to pass judgement on her. The truth was that,what of the man? Where was the man that she was in the act with? Prejudice was at play. We have so many prejudices in this country. Jesus knew this and told them if none of them had never committed a sin. The person should go ahead and cast d first stone. They all left in shame.

    God will surely deal with them. He had started already. You just be strong and remain closer to God at this time of ur life.

    Nevertheless,SEE YOU AT THE TOP.

  102. temilola

    I truly admire your bravery,I am sorry about everything you had to go true.Please ignore all the negative comments and ignorant people and hold ur head up high.You have done well by speaking out. I will keep u in my prayers

  103. Kola

    While I commiserate with you on your challenges, it still bothers me why a Gem like you should fit into the definition of what Men call a Hoe.

    The below is from your very own Article, named ”the seven reasons I had Sex”, said article was published on your blog on July 12, 2014. Relating that article, especially some extracts i have taken the liberty of quoting here, it seems as if you have also been guilty of making very bad decisions that will likely paint you as a whore in the eyes of the undiscerning. While this is not a reason enough to deserve the Hell you went through, i will also want you to examine yourself and see how you catalysed some of the events.


    The first time I ever had sex, I was severely depressed. I was incredibly unhappy, and I just wanted to forget everything, and make all my troubles go away.

    It didn’t work, and it was incredibly disappointing.”

    Obviously before you met the Governor’s son, you have been struggling with depression…at 17.


    It just sort of happened all at once. Once the stone got rolling, it was all downhill from there. An accidental picture on Facebook, then a quick detour to get shawarma turned into an afternoon spent splayed out naked on the fully reclined passenger seat of a red Mercedes, breathlessly steaming up the windows as my toes struggled not to accidentally turn off the AC or change the radio station.”

    The above is especially jarring, given the fact the the vehicle you described is the same as that of your abuser, also the situation you placed yourself in , by letting a man bang you in his Car when you are just 17 places you in a Position where the Man will not respect you a bit, and think you are a whore. While you may not be a whore, please Know that it is not what you think you are that matters, it is what people see as who you are, and that will form the basis of how they relate with you. I think this event in the Car catalysed the whole chain of abuse. Never make yourself cheap, else you will be cheapened…I know its unfair, but that’s life. Its amazing again that you have been so morally compromised as to allow a Man bang you inside his Car at the age of 17………but who am I to judge? we have all been stupid teens before….


    Threats, bites, huge hands wrapped around my throat and squeezing until I couldn’t breathe. High fives, hotels, terror, and military sex games. It took me six months and three thousand miles to get away from him, and I’m still not okay.”

    The above is the aftermath of the previous Paragraph. Once you have placed yourself in that cheap position of been banged inside a car at your young Age, you have lost all value in the eyes of the Man. This is when his barbaric demons of sadism emerges, its almost like a stockholm syndrome sort of thing…..


    He was just there, and he had a thick dick. I was just counting down the weeks until I could leave that hellhole of a place, where I had nothing and no one to care about, and expectations fallen so low I could squash them beneath my feet.

    He was pretty, he had always been pretty, and the thought had occasionally crossed my mind. So on a first orientation night in an international house where I had come to make friends but knew no one, the opportunity presented itself.”

    The above makes me wonder why you keep on repeating past mistakes..why are you so sexually cheap?…I am not calling you a whore..God Forbid, but if it eats like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck..dont you think it must be a duck?…You have barely made it out alive out of an abusive sex slavery, here you are, outside the shores of Nigeria, letting a Man fuck you, because you are bored and he has a Thick dick and is pretty?………..Only whores are that cheap, and I believe you are too intelligent to be one…..The world is an unfair place, stop putting yourself in situations where Men will not Value you, or where they will exploit you…the world will not blame them. It will blame you.


  104. Nkem

    I can’t confirm if this is true or not but I am baffled at some of the responses I have seen here. This is exactly why rape victims don’t come out. And victims of domestic violence too. They are always to blame. Don’t we all wonder why abused spouses find it difficult to leave? I just have this to say. Evil persists because good men keep shut. May we never keep shut in the face of evil. Amen.

  105. Riley's hot mama

    What can I say to you, that hasn’t been said… I fought back emotions reading through this, you see I know too well what it means to be raped and violated and feeling unworthy…

    I was raped at gun point in 2005, they stole my joy, my dignity and everything else that used to be me. Some days are hard and some days, just days… But, I will keep fighting to stay alive, and please I need you to do so too. I used to ruin my own relationships because I felt I was not worthy of love, or is it the man I loved who dumped me for being damaged goods the day he found out I had been raped.

    10years on, I am still standing… And I plan to keep standing, because they can’t win.. I refuse to let them win. They might have taken away my chances of ever being able to carry a pregnancy to term, but they won’t and I refuse to let them win…

    These pigs will get that own karma…

    I am hugging you with tears in my eye girl… You fight, you hear me? Fight to live, fight to stay alive and live well… Some days will be tough and that’s okay… But you don’t give up on life, you hear me… You fucking don’t!!! Don’t let them win… They took your youth, don’t let them take anymore…


  106. Xxx

    You are strong! I literally cried from the beginning to the end, I know what it feels like to be dead inside but happy outside when in the midst of crowd. Just know that God is in total control.

  107. Vee

    Now I understand the vibes I always get when I read some of ur blog posts…..u’ve really tried,not many can go through this and still b standing

  108. Miss A

    Tbvh I cried, this is is touching. It takes a lot of courage to come out, I admire you. Forget the hateful comments. Take your nediactions and live right. Move on baby girl. Let karma fvck them up. I pray the wives of these abusers get to read this and know the kind of men they got married to. Except they come out and publicly ask for forgiveness. They’ll know no peace. Be strong. You’re an advocte for women. I love you baby girl.

  109. Chidi Benny Ozodo

    I don’t know what hell you went through because I am neither a lady that can understand the taumer of a rap, nor a human who went close to entering your shoes ..firstly I want to say sorry on behalf of all those evil, good for nothing mongrel like men who tarnished and are still tarnishing the reputation of every good man out there. Sorry for the hurt sorry for the abuses sorry for the pain ..all I can say is sorry..Jesus loves you dear..he paid an aweful price for your salvation and freedom.. He can reckon with pain and forced hardship ..He wants to truely heal you..

  110. iykem

    f….king wankker seeking relevance. interesting story, you probably subjected yourself to such situation, didn’t you have family or friends you could confide in, you are just a bad girl turned good looking for who to pull down. Forgive, forget and stop whining! or better still get married, make babies and get busy. Nigeria isn’t U.S! MPAMA

    • khaleesi Clare

      Obviously you have raped someone before. Don’t worry. May all the women in your lineage be brutally raped with nobody to defend them and may all the men be there to hear the women being shamed when they decided to open their fucking wanker mouths to complain!. May their case never be resolved! May they after not finding closure “Forgive, forget and stop whining! or better still get married, make babies and get busy. Nigeria isn’t U.S! MPAMA”. How about that! Suck on that motherfucker!!! BITCH!!!

  111. iPsalm

    I’m shaken as I try to comment here! What can I possible say to lift your spirit from the dark places it has being? What can I do to help erase these memories? What succour can be possible applicable to you and other victims? Hmmm!!! Hey when at your lowest look into the mirror for you are strong and bold! ‘Fortune favours the bold!’ Forever remain resolute to live long and Prosper! Yes you can!!!

  112. Amila Gbenga Segun

    I want to sympathise with you and encourage you to remain strong regardless of the traumas those Cabals in the society has inflicted on you and several other citizens, even if you take them to Court our Judiciary will only stripped you of your hard earned income & frustrate the whole process but there’s a certain Court that will always give unbiased Justice (Court of GOD). While it’s tradition for the living not to mock the dead,but the mysterious death of senior Audu’s should have taught some animals some simple lessons but a dog that will dissapear will lose the interpretation of his owner’s message. For those who subject you to this emotional,mental and physical Torture may the days be worst than a Guber candidate that won election but could not get to the Position.

  113. Vivian

    Sweetie, I wish I could give you the hug that’ll wipe these memories away and make your mind a clean slate before you became 17. No body deserves to go through the violence associated with rape. My dear sugabelly, only Jesus can truly heal you of all this pain and rejection you feel. He is the ultimate healer. When I hear of rape victims, all I can do is say, “Lord Jesus, heal them”. But you CNT be healed if you don’t go to the doctor. I feel your pain, just as much as Jesus feels your pain even more. You’ve been through a lot. Why not try taking Jesus into your heart, you’ll experience peace… PEACE like never before. You’ll look at those men at the point of peace and all your heart will want to do for them is pray for their souls. Sweetie, please say this little prayer with me:

    Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that you are the healer, I acknowledge that you are the saviour. I cannot be healed on my own, I’ve tried to experience peace but I cannot do it with out you. I am sorry for all my sins. I open the door of my heart to you, Come in to my life. I accept you as my personal Lord and saviour. Start your work in my Life Sweet Jesus. Thank you for accepting me. In Jesus name, Amen!

    At this point sugar, he’ll begin to help you. At this point, Jesus steps in and all depression dies out, all you’ll want to do is live for God’s sake. Be strong my dear. Jesus will take care of the rest. You can contact me via my email. I’ll like to speak more to you. Remain blessed my dear, you’re a rare and special gem!

  114. Vivian

    Sweetie, I wish I could give you the hug that’ll wipe these memories away and make your mind a clean slate before you became 17. No body deserves to go through the violence associated with rape. My dear sugabelly, only Jesus can truly heal you of all this pain and rejection you feel. He is the ultimate healer. When I hear of rape victims, all I can do is say, “Lord Jesus, heal them”. But you CNT be healed if you don’t go to the doctor. I feel your pain, just as much as Jesus feels your pain even more. You’ve been through a lot. Why not try taking Jesus into your heart, you’ll experience peace… PEACE like never before. You’ll look at those men at the point of peace and all your heart will want to do for them is pray for their souls. Sweetie, please say this little prayer with me:

    Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that you are the healer, I acknowledge that you are the saviour. I cannot be healed on my own, I’ve tried to experience peace but I cannot do it with out you. I am sorry for all my sins. I open the door of my heart to you, Come in to my life. I accept you as my personal Lord and saviour. Start your work in my Life Sweet Jesus. Thank you for accepting me. In Jesus name, Amen!

    At this point sugar, he’ll begin to help you. At this point, Jesus steps in and all depression dies out, all you’ll want to do is live for God’s sake. Be strong my dear. Jesus will take care of the rest. You can contact me via my email. I’ll like to speak more to you. Remain blessed my dear, you’re a rare and special gem!!! Jesus loves you.

  115. daniel

    Hey , I want to let you know that Jesus hasn’t forgotten you , he sees everything and still loves you regardless, as for the HIV and other STDs it’s not even a new thing to him, there was no one in the Bible that went to him in faith and he didn’t heal , all can leave you , only if you can believe and receive him in your heart as your saviour,the knowledge of what Jesus had done for us brings infinite Joy and happiness , you can still be happy and joyful just return to Jesus he wants your fellowship and your presence you’re never a prostitute or a slut before him , even in the Bible he walked among the social misfits and brought divine recognition and acceptance joy and hope to them and you’ll see everything start being arranged for your good , I hope you take time and read this comment it can change your life completely , I’ll advice you also to watch Joseph Prince on daystar or any other Christian station you can lay your hands on , finally i send the word of God to your body now that said that he will remove all sickness from our midst I take authority over HIV and Stds diagnosed in your body right now in the name of Jesus and I declare you healed in his powerful name Jesus Christ , just believe it in your heart now that you are healed , return to him and open your heart to him , he loves you just the way you are babe , enjoy the rest of your life , Shalom ?

  116. Eky

    The first time i stumbled on your blog i knew there was more to you…..unfortunately i dint get back until this post…you know they like to say its a man’s world…i dint believe it until recently..i always thought we are in an equal world… is a man’s world cos they do stuff and get away with it.. imagine even fellow women agreeing with the evils that they do….. its amazing how you are now the baddie for speaking up..

    I’m sorry for the pain you had to go through and are still going through.. i saw your post on twitter where you mentioned these names..this was shortly after it was announced that Audu had died…and i wondered..such audacity!!

    But now i understand, it all makes sense now..

    Don’t stop talking o..don’t even let anyone stop you from talking.. ehen.. don’t even attempt to die because of pple who do not deserve to live….it is you that should live ..pls think about it.

    Look at them with supposed happy pictures of their spouses!.. that’s why you should live and be determined to be happy.. i wish there is something i can do to help.. i really wish.. but i believe in God.. and i’ll ask Him to turn your hurt around and give you a message to the world and heal you completely..

    You are strong and will come out even stronger.


  117. ANON

    I believe you as I have had several friends with bad experiences at Mediterranean in the hands of Mohammed, his siblings and their friends. Almost every Abuja babe around that time knew them as bad guys with too much power so am shocked people are saying you are lying. I thank God for you and I pray that these people all reap the fruit of their labour on time to wait for judgement day please. Continue to be strong!

  118. priceless

    im at work and trying not to cry…these people you’ve told would never undstnd cause dey’ve never been dere..i have and i know what it is like to stay bcz u are hoping the person who molested you would change but that’s not the case…no one undstnds the trauma of a rape victim until you are wearing the shoes of a victim..its a dark and scary room..i tried to take my life somany times but here i am still standing..sugarbelly don’t waste your time telling the world your story if its true…women like us were born to be great and the devil only wants to steal our glory but once we rise and stand in all that mess,the beginning of our glory has just begun..i will look for you soon we are going to run these motherfucking country and expose all these evil beasts in human form…but how come you never got pregnant cause i did and almost lost my life in d long run…i told my self i would kill him someday and trust me wen a woman decides to revenge nothing can stop may take a very long time but she will and you know wat they say abt the rage of a’s deadlier than the venom of a viper..if men rily knew wat some women were capable of doing,they would never wrong a woman..i said i was gonna kill him and i meant it until one day i went to a church and d pastor signifired to me and sed he wanted to see me after d service..he sed God sed u shud forgive dat man….a man i almost lost my life for..i was sooo mad and cried and asked God why?after all ive been thru?..but as i did forgive,i forgave myself for aborting his child and attempting one knows wat a woman who has been raped has gone thru till dey wear her shoes…once that woman rises beyond it,please dont address her as a woman because she is stronger dan you will ever know….you could call her a semi god because she was born to be great…i’ll find u sugabelly and we will touch lives and heal wounds till den be strong,be strong and forgive…its d only way to free your soul and move my sister and we will expose all dis beastly men someday ok…be strong love focus on ur positivity,let ll of it go..they dont deserve you?as long as u keep hurting,dey own u..let it all go…let it go dear..

  119. Abuchi

    Nt dat I don’t believe ur story, bt it baffles me y u wl go back to a supposed bf who allowed his friends to rape u in his presence, under normal circumstances,u should end every thing wit him nd wl nt want to ever see him nor take his cals.

  120. Ruby

    I really feel so sad… I have cried so hard. I have a fair knowledge of what you feel and how hard it is to have been in silence for a while. You are brave and strong to speak up. A lot of victims still cant find the strength to speak.. I wish you could reach me so we talk. One little advice: no one is worth dying for… they will only be happier and free if you eliminate yourself. Decide to recovery and let your life and peace be their torment and torture. All victims have some strength left inside of them to heal and move.. its tough but its a choice you need to make so badly. I am sorry about your ordeal but use it to triumph over life. God bless you as you make right choices and decisions. There is still so much to do with life; protecting our daughters and little sister and helping the ones currently being violated.. Something I have have to do and I hope you contribute to the worthy course. Be strong!!!

  121. Lanre Ajibola

    No one should discountenance this lady’s story…The relevant authority should take up her case…There are many dying in silence who are not “shameful” to disclose their ordeal.

  122. Lanre Ajibola

    No one should discountenance this lady’s story…The relevant authorities should take up her case…There are many dying in silence who are “shameful” to disclose their ordeal.

  123. Nosike

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

    (I don’t know you personally but), Lotanna, I feel Albert Einstein had your type in mind when he made this statement.

    Firstly, well done on this bravery. It takes exceptional courage to pull this off. You are a strong woman with an amazing inner strength. The fact that your past didn’t break you, & you mustered the courage to tell this story today alludes to that. Keep your head up, & while you’re at it, try as much as you can to let go of the (pent up) bitterness (I’m almost certain you have a lot of that), forgive (but don’t forget) all those that have caused you bitterness in the past (I know it’s difficult, but you really can’t MOVE ON if you can’t forgive them).

    Believe in/focus more on something deep, positive & fruitful. It could be a strong cause, a talent or something you have the greatest passion for. Your art is the perfect choice; the fact you never lost it means you’re destined for greatness through it. And above all, find it in your heart to acquire the virtue, kindness. It’s probably the most amazing virtue any human can imbibe.

    Cheers to a rest of your life that would be free of depression & bitterness, but full of love, joy & fulfillment. Peace!

  124. Cade

    Sugabelly, your story moved me deeply. You are VERY strong for telling your story. So many Nigerian women are suffering in silence. You have made a difference by naming your attackers. Thank you for your strength and resolve.

  125. priceless

    im soo disgusted to see women,women ooo!…women who share the same genital parts as u say rubbish about you..womennnnnn,u are the reason why husbands cheat,molest your daughters,ur cousins molest ur little child,your children get molested in school by teachers…when will we open our eyes and support ourselves as humans?…what is wrong with this world?see women calling her names pass men sef foolish can we be..God will punish any woman who opens her mouth to insult her again…rubbish…men cheat,rape,abuse and insult women daily just few are good…i met a nice man who gave me my strength back after all i went thru..i love him soo much and wish you sugarbelly meet a decent man who will connect with you after all you’ve been thru because there is no way you will ever be normal again you are now a semi god and it takes only a brave man to understand that you will never be like any other woman,u are unique……women insulting her pls go and sit down and check if your husband isn’t sleeping with your youngest female child or if your boyfriend isn’t sleeping with your sister,mtchewww….

  126. Olu

    The danger of a single story.

    ….It is two sided

    It is dangerous to make conclusions made from one side of a story without hearing the other. But I also know the danger of dismissing one side of a story.

    It is funny that I was discussing this article on bella naija with myself yesterday-

    And then I read your post today.

    Asking a rape victim why she didn’t cry out earlier is like asking a woman in an abusive marriage why she didn’t get out earlier.

    There’s something about being in an abusive relationship; you are imprisoned by your fears and the abuser is empowered by your silence.

    I know many people who have been physically and sexually abused; as children and as adults. But the silence is deafening. When I ask why they kept quite all this while, the response usually is; “who will believe me”?

    If we continue to treat rape victims with suspicion, contempt and mockery, sexual and physical abuse will continue to thrive in our society.

    It is sugarbelly today, it could be your sister or child tomorrow.

    Sugarbelly, I pray that justice comes to you,whether physical or divine; and I do hope that justice for you begins now.

  127. durell

    Peace Sis,

    Now we understand how bloated you are in anger, pain, trauma, psychological melt down and all the negative impact this must have caused you, but, rest assured that God will fight a just cause.

    I can quote Matthew 5:44 pray for them who persecute you, just forgive them and set your own self free, am sure as I speak justice is taking its course.

    Nigerians how many out there suffering cos of our selfishness allowing beast and monsters humiliate people, Father plz, heal our nation, Nigeria.

    To a very strong heart, sis, be of good courage you have overcome now and forever more Amen

    Grace be upon us all and may God protect our girls from men of the under world.

  128. Oshoke

    Thank you so much for speaking on behalf of us all. God bless you tremendously. People who don’t know shit about been raped or been raped repeatedly should please shut the fuck up. Just pray it never happens in ur domain.

  129. Dunni

    Despite the number of ignorant people who are incapable of comprehending past their limited mindset, I want you to know that you are a hero. The amount of courage it takes for you to tell your story over and over is unmatched. Thank you. Thank you for finding coursge day after day to go on. Thank you for facing all this backlash. Thank you for being a light through this darkness. Thank you for not allowing this ugliness to rob you of your voice. Thank you for deciding to live. Thank you. The people who did this to you may seemingly escape worldly judgement, but they can never escape God’s judgement. you are loved, you are supported and you are worthy. My sincere prayers and thoughts are with you.

  130. Amena

    Can I just be friends with you? I totally can imagine all of what you went through and some… But the truth is, you really need to heal somehow. I’m not saying this is going to be easy ‘cos it won’t – has not been – be yet you could give it a shot. Please…!

  131. Ubani

    Where all the so-called women rights group in Nigeria? Where are all the law enforcement agencies in Nigeria? Where are all the men and women of good conscience in Nigeria? Where are all the civil society groups that collect millions of dollars from international donor agencies every year to fight cases like this? May the peace of the Lord guard Sugarbelly’s heart and may the Lord grant her the grace to heal, forgive and receive Christ in her life.

  132. Mr do good

    There are females, there are ladies and there are Women!!! You are indeed a woman and Mother to be seen as a role model for millions of helpless ladies out there… For those who are mentally impaired to understand the situation at hand , I wish brains where sold in the market ; I would have bought the best for them… but my apologies….

  133. ANON

    WHAT?!!!!!!! This is sick.
    i am reading this at work and struggling to hold back the tears. I can’t say i understand how you feel!! Nobody should judge you if they were not molested at 17 or they were there when it happened.
    You went through hell, i applaud your bravery. You are a strong woman and with this post you have given sexual abuse victims hope. I was almost date-raped at 19 and I know up until now it is hard to tell anyone about it. I can now only imagine what your very tender mind at that age went through being raped continuously by someone you crushed on and gang raped while being brutalised.
    God only understands and He alone can judge. If i am permitted, I wish these perpetrators of sheer evil eternal damnation. I hope they meet their doom sooner than they expect.
    And to think you are not their only victim? my heart weeps at what you went through at a tender age.
    To the doubting Thomases and the deadbeat persons behind the shallow comments would surely be judged by God himself. May you and yours never experience rape or near rape for you to understand what it truly does to the mental health of a person. Y’all are what is wrong with the society at large. This is why rape victims don’t come out or speak out. For fear of bashing by people. If you think she wants cheap dirty publicity by claiming all of the above, leave her to God and shut the hell up. Devil’s incarnates!!
    Why would a girl want to speak out about her neighbor molesting her when she knows she would be called a slut and other foul words? She would just keep quiet forever.
    My prayer is that God grants you total healing and blesses you with a good man who will worship the ground you walk on. You are a hero!!!

  134. Freedom

    This is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself. Coming out and speaking out, you may doubt at this very moment but certainly time will show you. I pray in the near future you will no longer need any of those medication. Karma is real, sit back and watch your attackers life unfold.

    I too was molested by close family members and friends and my story is not unique in the Nigerian setting, gather 10 girls together, have them talk about molestation and be disgusted!
    May we do better for our children

  135. Osas

    If we keep at this attitude in this place we wont move an inch forward.
    This lady has been speaking about this since she was very young. The fact that people celebrate rapists in this place is sickening to the stomach.
    if we truly want the change that we speak of in Nigeria we must have basic feelings not compulsory to be a Mother Theresa but feel something people. Until we truly have basic love for ourselves Nigeria will not be a better place.
    This guys come from a home where this father beat his wife, their brother elder one has allegedly beaten up an old woman before in his hotel, and yet we stand around without pausing for one minute to think that these guys would do this. We have not given this young woman a change to even say her story but we insult her and give a her cold shoulder.
    God will give you peace my dear, he will give you the power to continue fighting these people and he will give you victory. you deserve peace and he will give it to you. Please accept this as the little i can do. God bless you beautiful one.

  136. Anonymous

    I read this and I’m in tears for you. You’ll be alright , get back up girl, you’re a strong woman and you’re not a disgrace to womanhood but a model that we would always rise. 17 is such a young age , but get past it , don’t give those evil people the joy of knowing you’re still down. Fight on, don’t ever give up , someone loves you, someone’s rooting for you. Nigerians are so backward in their thinking and will always shame the victim, look past these ignorant people , IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. Live on ! Join those who live and are living. Even if you don’t believe ,God bless you abundantly , I’ll be praying for God to heal your broken heart.

  137. ToyinFab

    I am so sorry Lotanna. I feel your pain, my fingers tremble as I write this. I am so sorry for what you have gone through. You are so strong, I dont know how you swim the tide of all the negative and abusive comments people throw at you on the regular and have been throwing since this story broke out. I believe you 100 percent girl. I love you so much as a sister and fell like taking up a gun to defend you. It’s not hopeless,you can heal. I am confused, disoriented, speechless and hurt beyond words reading this. I really wish I know your FB name so I can invite you to Female in Nigeria. It’s an all female group, we share our pains and experiences. No judgements, no pity party just empathy. We can all heal togther.

  138. Gracia

    I feel your pain, it’s absolute nonsense that ill fed Nigerians will have the guts to call you a “slut”many ladies in Nigeria pass through same trauma by influential he goats.. How was she supposed to tell the world at 17?,she had no choice,she was inlove and was taken advantage of.. You strong girl, Youve spoken the heart of tortured Nigerian ladies who have pas
    sed through same ordeal..Stay strong girl!

  139. Rose

    All I have to say is that, The Lord is your strength. He shall fight your battle, and you shall hod your peace. Just like someone said, He will give you beauty for Ashes. This is a very painful experience for you as a young teenage girl, my heart bleeds, my eye are full of tears, that how can humans, be this insensitive and evil to fellow human, I know the heart of men is desperately wicked. They will all meet their waterloo soon, is only a matter of time, except they give their life to Christ, and come openly to apologize and beg for your forgiveness. Joyce Mayer is a inspiration teacher, she went through this in the hands of her own father for years, but God was able to rejuvenate her, and clean her from all those hurts and pains, is the same God Tha will heal your heart, and give you the the spirit of forgiveness, to be able to forgive this miscreants of their evil heart. The Hands of God rest upon you.

  140. Anonymous

    Try not to focus of the negativity of others they are just keyboard warriors who have nothing to do. You are none of those things that they say you are, if it happened to their mum, aunt, sister, grandma or wife then they would say its real why doesn’t anyone believe them?. Your strength inspiring you have shed light on evil men that God will punish on judgement day. God will continue to bless you and shine his light on you life, he will grant you with more favour and grace you can ever imagine. You will continue to be an inspiration to all that have gone through rape. Continue to be the strong and powerful woman you are, you are beautiful, intelligent and talented. I will pray for you, God is your strength.

  141. Aijay

    I’m so sorry for what you went through, I applaud your courage to speak out and try to live. Keep fighting for your life, continue to hold tightly on the will to live, you’re not alone, you’re loved, you’re beautiful, never give up, but most of all…don’t give in to the urge to be hard.


  142. Boakyewaa

    There is nothing shameful about this. The only shameful thing is women slut shaming you because you were raped. This is truly disgusting and just plain sad that women can even say these disturbing things to someone who has the courage to speak up however late. Your story has been heard sugabelly and your bravery is admired. All the best to you and may God continue to bless and empower you

  143. ade

    This account is getting me so angry that I feel like something terrible has to be done to people that thing because they’ve got into corridors of temporal power they can take advantage of people.that it even happen to a colligue in art is more annoying for me.i don’t know you sugarbelly am just getting to know you now after reading this.stay strong and keep on illustrating it takes the pain away.

  144. james ihiabe

    Very painful story indeed. So many of these kinds of things are happening even now all over the place. Main problem is with the parents who fail to inculcate good morals in their children. In all this it was Prince Audu’s children who were involved. When the girl jubilated at d death of Audu is the only issue I had with her but on the whole the children behaved very badly and they must be condemned.

  145. kemistry

    Brave woman uve turned out to be,focus on been strong,u r on d way to recovery,dwell more on d people who bring out the best in you,dwell on the positives,delete d negatives,im so inspired by you girl,u really r a sugaa,u sure r full of sweetness,keep shining,God bless you

  146. Kevin

    My dear after reading this I am ashamed of how some men enjoy humiliating young and innocent girls in this country and how they derive joy in what they do…. As for you don’t worry God will fight your this battle for you….. Just be strong and always see each day as an opportunity to live again and be strong… I am proud of you my dear….

  147. Ade

    I read your story and couldn’t feel any sadder about your experience. I suggest you don’t take to heart very much what most Nigerians will say. Nigerians aren’t exactly very knowledgeable about what constitutes rape or not. You obviously have been traumatized by these past relationships. However, there surely is hope as you push forward with doing your own thing. Best wishes.

  148. G NATION

    Your name is no longer sugabelly my dear, and as one of the male members of community, I’m deeply sorry. Understanding your plight and the honest fact that even though we men may feel your pain, our response to it will be pathetically weak as always because somewhere inside we feel its too much of an hassle to take responsibility of.

    The law courts have their place, don’t get me wrong but the good old fashioned “kung fun master” style of fighting in defense of honor is something we men here are seriously lacking in.

    (Just wondering if some immensely rich dude who feels the need for justice could take all those guys down a peg or two. Keep business far away from them and isolate them seriously..)

  149. Part BS

    I think there’s a lot of BS in this story, granted some part of it might be true, but so many parts of it don’t checkout.

    How do you explain this break-up story with regards to all these ?

    it seems he dumped you, you were angry and made up cock n bull stories to add salt to your pepper.

    Also in this article:

    It seemed as though you were about to be raped and not raped as you claim:

    “And I screamed, and screamed, and no one came. And finally, in the doorway I saw Mr. T. But he just looked into my eyes, smiled, and shut the door. I think my screams still came through. But he wouldn’t come. And in that moment my heart truly broke. For the final time. And I did not care anymore what happened. And the monster thought he would have his way,but in the end Mr. T came in and pulled him off me. I kicked him in the ribs as he loosened his stranglehold, and gathered my clothes about me.”

    I find it difficult to believe anyone with some freedom will endure all that you’ve posted here.

    I’ll just say, I think 80% of this story didn’t happen, but who knows? It could have, so I’m sorry either way. Stay strong

  150. sendinglove

    I just want you to remember that for all of the nonsense people spewing pure negativity, there are those who believe and support you. we’re praying for you love. if your justice doesn’t come on earth, God will handle them properly when the time comes.

  151. RareGem

    Hi Sugabelly,
    I stand with you. I applaud you for speaking up AGAIN about this rape. Those who want to believe it is not true will continue to do so, despite the fact that you have discussed your experiences right her on this blog over the years. These are idiots who aren’t capable of seeing your posting history or fail to acknowledge that you have mentioned it a number of times. They are irrelevant.
    Please begin to live! Do not let this experience hold you down! Live, live, live! Continue to get the help you need. You do not have to answer to anyone.

  152. Anne

    Whao… How can somebody write her story and what some people can do is to call her names.sugarbelly I know wat it means to be naive and innocent. At 17, I can imagine aw ashamed you wld b to even mention being raped by sum1 u probably trusted. I hope all d perpetrators gets purnished for this act… Most importantly u av to move on , and let go of the last.. You are 26 now. The rape did nt kill you.. It means it made u stronger. Let go and let God judge this evil boys/ men dt took advantage of ur innocence. You are stronger now.

  153. Bint

    Hun. I’m still speechless but I believe you. Your story is too believeable not to be believed. But I’m glad youv survived it. And you are going to be the happiest person on the earth. God will give you someone that will love you sincerely and you will forget all that youv being through. But please don’t ever Consider suicide again, ok. God wants you to make heaven, that’s why you couldn’t succeed severally.

    I love you sis, I love you for getting the courage to come out. I love you being you. You have no idea how much I love you for surviving.

    I’m a die hard fan of Thier father but I believe you. And I want to start believing in God, that way you will know Allah put us through somethings as a test.

    I’m so sorry.

  154. Dynamique Professeur

    I’m speechless. I didn’t even know when I finished the entire article. I am not a fan of Nigerian politics so I know little about Mustapha Audu but rape is criminal act and whether the victim came out right when it happened or later, that is no excuse. Such sinners must be punished!
    Any man that would dare rape a woman is an ANIMAL!

    Sugabelly, I am sorry for your ordeal. I sincerely hope the Nigerian government steps up policies to protect our women and young ladies from ordeals like this. The time is NOW!


    I am so sorry that you had to suffer such abuse ALONE and at such a young age, my heart truly goes out to you. I am also sorry and ashamed of the animals on twitter that feel its okay to be so rude and so opinionated on an issue they clearly know nothing about, the worse part is fellow women like you who were once young,naive and vulnerable felt comfortable typing such nasty words. You will be fine,you will push through and be fine. You probably don’t want to hear this, but Jesus loves you. Your misguided pastor that told you you had the spirit of lust in you doesn’t represent Him.

  156. Moro

    Dear Sugabellly,

    I am so sorry. And angry. Angry with you. I don’t know what difference this anger makes, but I just wanted to register that I am standing with you.

  157. Syca

    My reading was intermittent as I had to stop to wipe tears from my eyes.
    I wish I could give you a hug right now. May you get the healing that you so deserve.

  158. Soul Sisterhood

    It’s funny that most people on Twitter Nigeria cant see that this isn’t fiction,it is someone’s reality. Unless u have suffered numerous sexual assaults from people who claim to ‘love’ u,u’ll never be able to see truth in all this. You’re strong @sugarbelly. And I pray that if the Nigerian justice system decides to turn a blind eye to this case,karma wouldn’t.

  159. Enitan

    I don’t know what people are referring to when they say you lie or stretch the truth on twitter, havent heard about you before this story but i must say, reading your story… I see myself in it. I was 19 when i was in an extremely abusive relationship with a boy just a year older than me. He beat the living day light out of me but i loved him, i could not leave, i could not tell a soul. If he had made me have sex with his friends I’m sure i would have been powerless to stop it. When you are in an abusive relationship they have a hold on you that people who have never been through it will never understand. I was with that guy for two years, in that time he had isolated me from friends, family and made me even steal from my father to give him the money. I am in my 30s now and being the strong and independent woman i am, i still can’t believe i let a man control me like that. When i was finally able to break free, i became fiercely independent, my view of men changed. I took control of my life and took my power back. Nobody can do that to me again because i know my worth. Please be strong, don’t give them the power to dictate your future, i know i didn’t go through what you did but i know what it is like for someone to have a hold on you at a young age. I was 19, older than you were but still powerless to stop things. You will be fine, you are strong, you are beautiful, your past does not define you.

  160. idiare

    You are brave, you are strong. Sending you too many hugs. I shed tears reading. A day of reckoning will happen to those men. Bless you dear

  161. Segun

    I am so filled with rage that I don’t see any other thing than the notion that the Audus+their accomplices deserve to die a COLD death for their inhumane and despicable deeds which went on for months into years. Disgusting! And to say one of dem is being considered to be a Governor is just how low this country has become!

  162. AWED

    You will survive this. Help will come from GOD for you. As the Potter, GOD will remould you into something really more beautiful than you were before. Yes, you were broken without defence, but you will indeed be saved and delivered. . . and made new.

    We would keep praying for you. . .

  163. Socrates

    You have really endured a lot especially from people that have not experienced 0.01% of what have seen. Sometimes, i pity for ladies.
    The heart of man is very wicked. Keep working on yourself positively. I pray you get that inner peace.

  164. Chuma

    You are a brave woman. Your story is so touching. Honestly , I shedd tears reading through not just about your ordeals in the hands of these men, but the insensitivity of the some people’s comments.
    I see Courage in your story! I see a new lease of life blossoming like the lille. You are in my prayers.

  165. khaleesi Clare

    Hi sugabelly,
    I read your story and guess what fuck all those dumbass people commenting crap. BTW karma is a real bitch and all those doing and spewing crap will definitely get fucked over by her and real good too.
    For those who are pretending never to have used the word fuck as well as you did, well fuck them too. Pretenders will always be pretenders until they get fucked over and their ugly true colors spill. ( in short I loved the way you told this story and the honesty behind it ). And if they said you did it for fame, may their fucking painful stories never liberate them. Alot of people expect sympathy and yet don’t know what the fuck it is or how the fuck to give it. May they be reminded once again that karma is a real bitch and does know how to fuck people over and real good too.
    On a lovely note, I love your art work and as a hidden artist and art lover + business minded individual I would love to work with you given the chance ?. We should get to talk more business.
    Khaleesi Cleopatra.

  166. HenRee

    I totally believe every word you have uttered about your ordeal because I know exactly how you feel. You have taken the boldest but the most difficult step (speak up and shame the devil). The next step is to ignore peoples reaction to it and focus on your healing and wellbeing. you do not have to suffer the trauma for the rest of your life. Just accept christ and let Him do the rest. you do not need to take those drugs forever… have started on your journey towards a sound mind and you cannot go back now.
    pleae feel free to send me an email so I can help the only way I know…..Jesus.

  167. Globalruns

    One good thing about being a Christian is that they teach you how to fear God’s wrath. It is one thing this animals were never told in their childhoods. I simply don’t ever get what men derive from raping a woman. where is the fun in it? How do you live knowing that someone is in agony because of your actions.
    I can only pity the poor sugarbelly victim but at the same time, encourage other young ladies to speak up rather than dying in silence.

  168. Astia

    It’s a pity that Nigerians love to stigmatize victims and leave insensitive comments and for some of you information, rape is rape. No responsible man should rape any girl or woman regardless of if she’s into commercial sex business.
    You’re a brave woman Sugarbelky to share your experience and I can relate with yours. Today you are strong due to the pains you were exposed to and I learned too that with pain comes strength and you are a symbol of that and your story and voice will give strength to rape victims too.
    God bless you for sharing and I’m more grateful that you found the strength to move on, growing stronger.
    It is well.

  169. Moruf

    You have just commenced a genuine healing process by opening up. In a sane clime those bastards should have been guests by now at the Force Headquarters. Don’t worry, the good news is that there is no statute of limitation for crime. Their crime can be visited someday. Even if the system of this world did not give you a benefit of justice, God will give them a fair share of retributive justice. Be strong and brace up for better things ahead of you.

  170. Fkm22

    My darling, you are incredibly brave. Thank you for sharing your story, and giving others the courage to do the same. I want you to know I’m praying for you. Its not over, there is always hope. Thank you for not taking your life.
    You are amazing! never forget that regardless of what happens Jesus loves you, HE can give you the strength to overcome, like He did it for others. He can for you too. There is always hope. Don’t let the devil tell you otherwise. He used those men to do his evil work. They didn’t break you, they tried. Greater is HE who is in you than He who is in the world.

    Grace, Peace, Love.

  171. Felix Udoh

    I feel sad at all you have been through and even sadder that some men will give the rest of us such a bad name. Let no one or anything ever make you consider suicide, that is a defeatist step. Keep your head up. It can only get better. I stand with Sugabelly.

  172. Steven

    it’s painful, you have to pass through all these. really you died and resurrected in the hands of those who ought to have provided Joy. they saw you as nothing but a toy to play with.

    please it would be foolishness for any person undergoing similar experience to remain in the hiding. come out and speak out. if you cannot, we can help you out. call +23481 889 912 70 (08088991270)

  173. McD

    U av exhibited huge bravery but to a dwarf audience. May any1 who curse u av his/her sis plagued by d same circumstance.
    U will find healing by dis narratives though in d midst of criticisms dat may further unsit your quest 4 enduring peace

  174. gabe h coud

    I don’t get how these is rape, she kept going back for more, why the fuck will she do that after being “raped”, huh? These is domestic violence/sexual harassment. Not rape!!! You don’t go back for more when its rape. Believe me you won’t go back, even if it is the son of The world richest man

  175. Otesy

    This is really sad. I commend ur courage in speaking up. Abuse is evil, abuse of a child is even worse. High time wives and all know who they are truly married to. I just pity their daughters and I sure hope the father’s sins are not visited on them!

  176. ade

    Sorry for your experience. This is common in Nigeria than we care to know. I know two of the guys you mentioned, and I can tell you Karma is a bitch! One is on his second marriage now and see some articles, that is set for the hulls too. I beg don’t try your life away cos of some badly trained parenting and children.
    And for those saying what has Gov. Audu got to do with her, read the article well, well….when she reported it, the father sent threats and Lawyers got involved. Then when the father found out that there was a video, his lawyer dropped the threat and made the matter disappear…so WELCOME TO NIGERIA WHERE our leaders are as good as Nigeria situation! Our leaders jagajaga,Nig.Jagajaga

  177. Dan

    The pieces of your story seem all together to real to be fabricated. Especially in Abuja. As a man I am distraught and saddened by your ordeal-and even more so by some of the hateful comments of those that can not fathom what courage it takes to speak out. They are the cowards not you. May God continue to heal you and you should never cease to pray for those that hurt you to also be healed. Continue to speak out it is helping other young women who are going through same now.

  178. Kelechikelly

    The Lord is your strength…
    Justice will prevail, in heaven or here on earth. And if what they say of karma is true, it will come upon all that perpetrated such heinous crime.
    Thanks for sharing. You will find PEACE for sure after this.

  179. Ogecha Ola

    Dear Sugabelly,

    I hope that you get to read this. I have followed your blog since you started but have never made a comment. Its just what I do. I never comment on blogs, except now because you said youve been talking abt it but noone listened. I did and i prayed you would overcome it.

    . Like I said, I read your blog maybe not so religiously but enough to understand that what you were going through was in no way your fault, and I silently prayed that you would get the strength to walk way and never look back. I wished you would realize that Pain is not love and love is not pain, that you didnt have to do these things to keep/please him. Of course, I didnt know then that there was blackmail and video/photo evidence involved. With that minute detail, i dont know what advice i could have given you.

    See, Lotanna, You reminded me of myself at your age, in abuja, same period. I even knew these guys you mentioned on a vaguely social level and even had a tiny crush on one of them.and so for everything you went through I could see how that could possibly happen really. What am I saying? It was happening around us in abuja at that time. Govt kids had more perks than their parents, you dared not speak up against any of them. Mustapha’s father was famous for an acid attack on a journalist who wrote about him in a manner he didnt quite care for. So all those saying you should have reported are ignorant and of less than average IQs. You my dear are quite high on the IQ scale and that is part of the reason your experience has weighed you down so, cos you analyze the occurrences and blame yourself for not being smart enough to see. Some other dumb chic might sweep it under the carpet and attempt to forget.

    Ok ive startrd to ramble, so before i go off on an incoherent tangent, let me say that im utterly disgusted and ashamed of the men that did this to you, that i even know [of] some of them is disgusting to me, That some “respectable” women would marry them after hearing what they did to you is a shame to all women, i think i would divorce my hubby if i foud out that he had that kinda past. Its dat serious.

    Lastly I want to say that you are among the strongest women i know to have carried on the way you have, and to even share your story the way you have. Im sure you have impacted women indirectly by sharing. But now i want you to search within nd find out if there were traits or circumstances that made you more vulnerable e.g late curfews, early dating, accepting free rides from males etc, then perhaps you could directly dissuade some other young girls from putting themselves in such situations.

    God bless you Sugabelly and I pray that you are able to overcome the Sadness and channel it into inspiration. THINK OPRAH WINFREY. It is well with you my dear.

    A Lowkey Fan of Sugabelly

  180. Fatima

    it was a crush and i understand how you feel ..but sweetheart you don’t have a case only if you get the girls and get the tape too; i fear for your life because you don’t know what extent people can go to keep secrets,

    some of this guys are married now with kids and they won’t let you destroy that.

    what ever you do sugabelly please make sure everything is settled before you come to Nigeria because you just signed your death warrant and i’m afraid they are ready to dance on ur GRAVE..

    This is sad and pathetic but i’m a lawyer you don’t have a case i wish you told someone even your MOTHER…this is 9ja my friend had this exact case but it was ruled out and she lost.. I will always pray for YOU and Hope you get justice but even when you do you will always feel EMPTY……

    I wish you told your MOTHER……..People will never know what you are going through even ur so called followers it was ur pussy,ur head,ur eyes,ur mind…No one can ever feel ur pain you where a slave for 6 months imgaine slavery in the 21st century imagine how ur mum feels..

    No one can ever feel for you i wish i could help my friend but she lost and KILLED her self … I will always pray for you

  181. PACE

    God bless you for speaking out Sugabelly. You give hope to several hopeless women out there. Truth is a lot of men in this part of the world know fully well they have high chances of getting away with murder, hence why they perpetrate this evil act. There are rapists all over the world but the way rape cases are treated in developed countries with a legal system that works differs from the way it’s treated in this clime. A lot of comments on here says a lot about the state of mind of the entire Nigerian populace as well. People justifying rape or talking down at a victim of rape. Haven’t you all evil advocates got a conscience? Would you ever wish that your sister, daughter or any female closely related to you goes through this ordeal? However difficult or near impossible this may seem, I implore you Sugarbelly to get past this. You have no control of what has happened in the past but what is to happen now and in the future. Do not let what these monsters did to you define your happiness in life. You have done very well for yourself and you write beautifully well. Please channel these energies into productive uses and make the best you can from it. I wish you the very best life has got to offer.

  182. dannay

    Shame people are so ignorant. This happens a lot in Nigeria!

    Sugabelly, i feel your pain. Time is a great healer. Stay strong and continue to ignore all negativity.

  183. Rus

    My heart is torn in two, you may not know this but you are a very strong person and i commed you for breaking free of this bondage you hv been in… I pray God gives you that peace that surpasses all understand.

    As for those boys day and night they will never know peace, their families will never know peace…. This is just the beginning of calamities they shall experience.. Amen!

  184. Andy

    Who knows how many more are suffering in silence? My work as a Doctor often means that people take me into confidence on issues they will never open up to the Police, Parent or even a priest, teenagers especially. So it’s very possible for someone who was abused to die in silence and only be able to open up after several years. There is a reward for any rapist. A friend of mine prescribes summary castration for such offenders. How mad will you be if your sister or wife was raped? Golden rule applies. For men, who jump to condemn the blogger without even bothering to check out the story or giving a benefit of doubt, especially those of you who have called her all sorts of names, Ask yourself what your reaction would be if your sister or wife was the victim. It’s a shame that there are men who reason, not with their brains, but with the organ in their perineum. For those who feel that they are rich and powerful, and therefore can get away with any evil they do, destruction will come upon you suddenly in an unexpected manner as a consequence for your evil. Beasts in men’s clothing

  185. Me

    I hope and pray for justice for you. I have gone through the obviously incoherent facebook pics from mustapha’s wife and it’s missing some parts of the convo. Your story is quite coherent. It’s sad that people in power who are supposed to represent the masses get away with heinous crimes. I hope you can establish a “personal” relationship with God and watch him fight for you. Suicide is not the way. This is coming from a previously depressed individual. I’d keep you in prayers as well.

  186. Nana

    Dear Sugarbelly, The first indication that you have grown and overcome is the very fact that you can talk about it now.

    You have overcome!

    I wish you healing and peace!

    There’s too much to say but this is not the turf…

  187. lalaroses

    The atrocities of the young and wealthy and the naive girls who fall for the attraction of their ostentatious lifestyle and wild activities. All parties involved, none with hands clean. This was not love, this was just pure sexual gratification, and uncontrollable taste for money and power – the word ‘love’ should not come into use at all in this scenario. They never think of the big picture, they enjoy for the moment and never think of the future – marriages, children etc.. now when they are grown and mature, the ‘victim’ is never healed and the ‘victor’ moves on. Hope this is a lesson for the young ones coming up. Control your canal desires and quest for money and avoid stories like this in the future. Peace to all involved.

    • M.I

      Okay, first off, the girl is quite rich. She attended one of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria, and she went abroad to study. This has nothing to do with money, power, or lust and everything to do with being young and vulnerable.

  188. Nyang

    I still can’t tell you traumatized I am merely reading this…. I wish I could hug you a zillion times and tell you how strong a woman you are… But that won’t be enough… Here’s commending you for speaking out….

  189. Kola

    I am not one to comment on public spaces but i feel compelled to write something here.
    First off This story sounds very believable to me.
    Oh dear Sugabelly, I can’t begin to imagine what u hv bn goin thru all these years….

    I wld lik to identify with all those who have been commending you for coming out with your story.
    You really can not imagine how many others in similar situations you hv given voice, hope and courage.

    I salute your courage, strength and resilence. You are indeed a strong woman. May you find healing and freedom soon.

    I think you may still have some legal options open to you. It would be nice if those accused are made to account for their misdeeds, no matter how late.

    As for those ignoramus making all the negative comments I guess many of them are speaking out of ignorance and prejudice, well they deserve our pity.

  190. Talle Jnr

    Speechless! The piece shows that you are a strong woman, it isn’t easy but all we want from you is bring yourself together, rise up, shame the evils and live the life of the woman you always want to as a girl. Give no soul reason to celebrate your mistery. #IStandWithSugerbelly

  191. Kay

    Thank you sugabelly. I can imagine the torture you must have suffered. It really destroys. I have been in a situation like this too, i was abused physically and emotionally. I was raped by a monster which ended into a pregnancy. When i told him this he still beat and raped me and forced me into abortion. I was 18 and scared.I suffer this trauma till today. I feel so ashamed hence why i keep silent because i feel everybody’s going to judge me at the end.

  192. ZI

    I am a psychiatrist; and your story resonates with similar stories of vulnerable young people that have been groomed and abused and what they have to deal with. Well done for being so brave and exposing these people for who they are, that is one step of the way.

    If this is a good country, the police should have picked this up and investigate further and even if it took years before the victim feel brave enough to report, especially since there are other victims too.

    Take care of yourself, do not let them stop you from enjoying your life, start slowly but surely do things that you used to enjoy even if it brought anxiety, the more you do them, the easier it gets. They continue to win when you restrict yourself.

    As a nation, Nigeria still have a long way to go. don’t mind those people making nasty comments. May you find ease.

  193. ynka

    @sugarbelly, i’m a lady like you and I know that it’s not easy to go through abuse. I’d like you to understand that a lot of people here that have not sympathised with do so because your story doesn’t sound too consistent, the way you have narrated the story sounds as if it was something u enjoyed. I’ve heard of different cases of abuse, when ladies are raped they tend to shy away from their abuser and men generally, the only people that stay are those in a marriage or those that have been in long term relationships, and the form of abuse is usually assault or battery. Girl if this really happened i’m sorry, I pray you get through this. People are saying negative things because they wonder why you didn’t get out of the relationship and why now when he is going to be running for a political post…. it is well.

  194. Mujahid Khalid

    I have never been deeply touched by a story as I am with this. I am really sorry for what you went through, but I admire your courage, really do. I wish all women claiming to be feminists are projecting isses like this, I will support feminism with all my heart

  195. olisa

    Pay no attention to the negative comments, some people will always be unreasonable. The fact that you’ve boldly shared your sordid experience shows that you are through the worst.

    Nothing I’l post here would reverse what happened but I just want you to know that you are still an amazing, beautiful and very courageous young woman.

    Something really needs to be done about rape and other sex crimes in Nigeria and fast too. As for those guys, if the justice system does not get them, Karma will.

    Lastly Sugarbelly, it could have been worse. Anything could have happened to you but u pulled through. So count ur blessings still…Jesus Loves you.

  196. Miss Anoni Moss

    My God what a traumatic experience, it angers me that the monsters are still living their comfortable lives like nothing ever happened married with their wives and shit.

    You my dear are very strong, keep for using on what makes you happy and you shall go very far.

    I was almost raped by two Hausa boys in my 100L at the University of Abuja, I also was only 17 they used my nativity to lure me into their circle. On the faithful day, they tried penetrating me several times but the thing will not just enter walahi to this day I cannot explain what happened, maybe they were too high on drug or God just delivered me. As they could not rape me, they beat me, dragged me by the hair and kept hitting my head on the toilet bowl because according to them ‘I wasted their expensive condoms’

    Just thinking about it gives me the chills, me dear remain STRONG you are an overcomer.

  197. Miss Anoni Moss

    My God what a traumatic experience, it angers me that the monsters are still living their comfortable lives like nothing ever happened married with their wives and shit.

    You my dear are very strong, keep focusing on what makes you happy and you shall go very far.

    I was almost raped by two Hausa boys in my 100L at the University of Abuja, I also was only 17 they used my nativity to lure me into their circle. On the faithful day, they tried penetrating me several times but the thing will not just enter walahi to this day I cannot explain what happened, maybe they were too high on drugs or God just delivered me. As they could not rape me, they proceeded to beat me, drag me by the hair and kept hitting my head on the toilet bowl because according to them ‘I wasted their expensive condoms’

    Just thinking about it gives me the chills, continue to remain STRONG because you are an overcomer.

  198. LaToff

    At first I couldn’t understand why you kept going back, I would have run for the hills. I believed you by the way because trust me no woman in Nigeria will publicly claim to be raped knowing the condemnation that will follow.
    But I realize it’s like domestic violence victims, who still remain and still love their abusers. Some believe the abuse is proof of love.
    I’ve heard of domestic violence victims who attack the police when they try to arrest the abusers, usually a husband or boyfriend when they are the ones who called to report the incident. I heard of victims who cut off friends that tell them to leave the abusive relationship. These include adult, educated, accomplished women, how much more a seventeen year old. And love, that old feeling has made fools of us all at one time or the another.
    I hope you find the peace to live a happy, productive life. I hope you heal. Don’t give them the power to ruin your life, emerge stronger and bolder.

  199. Ike-Anthony

    These boys are just beasts and their dead father was an Animal. Look i don’t speak ill of the dead and have never done that before but putting my self in that lady’s shoes make me want to commit suicide and seeing as my sister or a family make me want to commit murder.

    Common these guys were too mean, they were sons of Satan himself , this is an act only committing murder can ease such pain. No jail term would have healed this trauma, they have killed the living being in that girl.

    What else can i say; my dear you have become a woman, you have come of age, with more confidence, fearless, courageous,vocal and importantly an role model. Speaking up now will send alot of conscious message to other girls out there. This is a great lesson not only for women but for so many other men out there.

    Trust no one and be careful.

  200. Tinu

    Hello Sugarbelly,
    I am sorry for the ‘trash’ that was written/tweeted about you when you told your story yet again. Please be STRONGER! PLEASE BE BRAVER! PLEASE WIPE THE TEARS! COZ YOU run the world! Because YOU are a SUPERWOMAN!

    Your products are beautiful! Please make them available to us in Nigeria.
    Thank you!
    Hugs aplenty from the ancient/intellectual city of Ibadan.

  201. Neuyogi/mpb

    Long time follower of your blog. Just want to post in solidarity for your bravery. I pray any female that has ever gone through abuse takes courage from your bravery. The people that are trying to shut you down really sadden me, as it seems that our slutshaming culture is light years from being a safe place for victims to come forward and gain justice. Like many posters before me I encourage you to stay on top of your psychiatric health as I don’t want to lose you or your talent! Hugs.

  202. Ajayi Opeyemi Michael

    It’s so sad and pathetic. But believe me,it’s never too late to get your life back. Ignore the past love, I no its not easy to put the past aside without thinking about it. You have a great future ahead….and my God shall pay them back in there own coin….it may not be now but in the long run……God has a way of doing is own thing. Evil world………God is your strength dear…..Remain strong!!!!!

  203. Wale

    It’s been a long long time I wept but I did after reading this. It’s terrible to have someone go through this at such a tender age, to go through such an emotionally scarring experience and have the animals who did it just go ahead with their lives as if there’s no God.
    Sugabely you are a strong woman and I admire you. Hang on, there is a God and He will execute vengeance on those animals. You are blessed.

  204. Delali

    truly harrowing but tellingly unsurprising. Just 18 rape convictions in 50 plus years is mind blowing.

    People ask why the girl’s Cosby abused years ago didnt speak uo till now. Well i believe the answer lies on Sugarbelly’s TL. shocking responses… well maybe not so much.

    Victim blaming is the order of the day… till you or your family are abused. Society is as always rigged against women.

    Extremely sickening and callous response from women especially. Naija will be lucky to see 20 convictions at the turn of the century at this rate.

    Stay strong sister. I’ll say a prayer.

  205. nastynas

    May justice prevail. Terrible experience. I hope this will encourage people (guys inclusive) to be more open about rape and molestation. Still don’t understand why it happened continuously, I feel the repetition could have been avoided.

  206. Dr okoro kene

    Quite pathetic. I’m sorry you passed through these dark moments. I’m also happy you lived to tell the stories. This is the average life of the so called family politicians in Nigeria. To crown to the problems, the poor victims have no where to turn to. The police, judiciary and all what not, tend to turn deaf ears. Afterall, the piper dictates the tune of music. I pray you get the justice you deserve to serve as deterrents to these monsters roaming around the streets lurking for hapless victims

  207. bashir

    Hmmmm, deep and kinda scary, I’ve seen this b4, been part of it myself, I was young then, about 16-17 (2001) the #1 problem is with the girl, when a girl gets too xpose to things too early in life, thing/information way above her age and strength of xperience, she start getting ideas and creat fantasies that she cannot manage or control, thus to get her in trouble, ( I’m not putting 100% blame on u tho, but back then when our landlord’s daughter keeps coming back for an adventure, she claims was always painful and scary! (Which u term as RAPE) I always feel pity for her, but the other guys don’t care (3 of them) “she likes it” the’ll say, girl if u went thru something this horrible and u didn’t tell ur MOM or cry-out-loud for help back then!! As a young girl?…I think u already had a problem b4 the rape even started!! And #2 problem is with the PARENT!! Sorry to say this, Some parent are useless if not worthless!! If u can not pay close attention to ur child, enough to know that something is happening to her/him? U are useless!!, my late mom wud keep an eye on u for 2days, b4 she’ll ask *calmly* or beat the truth out of U!! A solution wud come, by peace or by war!!! …I’m so sorry dear, for whatever it was u went thru, but I really want to know wat u want from all this! Do u want them in jail or u just want us to know the kinda sick fun this guys had back when they were young?

    • M.I

      Okay, I think you are stupid. “starts getting ideas and creates fantasies.” You really think she wanted any of this? You are the one creating fantasies in your own head, and thinking people want these things because of how sick you are.

    • Hohay

      We are sometimes too knowledgeable about what others a going through and too naive about what we can or can’t control. Lets remove the log in our eyes before treating the speck in other people’s eye.

      From experience of your landlords daughter I wander why you weren’t the landlords daughter… Then maybe you would’ve been able to speak for her than judged her

  208. Chim

    @sugarbelly I really don’t know where to start from but I have a few things to say to you. First I am so proud of you, never mind what some idiots are saying here this is the very reason you never reported it. The very reason rape victims don’t speak out, I cried after reading your story because I know what it would take you to come clean with this, you are truly a hero. But for everyone who called you names and insulted you, they will experience this in one way or the other. Don’t have much to say but will continue to pray for you because I understand you and what you are going tru. You are blessed

  209. Wemimo

    Hey Sugarbelly.

    I’m so sad about your story. My site is focused on women and children and i’ll be taking up your story. It goes beyond saying that you’re brave to come out again and again.
    Now I understand why more women nail Bill Cosby everyday. If their stories are true, they got the strength because someone first did.
    However, while I read every word of your post, I’m asking myself with all sadness: ‘where was your mum’? Now that’s not a geographic question but a mental one.
    And at 17 you were already comfortable with sex with curfew placed at midnight? I’m not judging cos I understand we have different orientations but, darling….
    For those who still doubt your story, Joyce Meyer was raped by her father until she was 18 years. She said her father raped her 200 TIMES! And her mother did NOT report.
    So do you understand what victims go through now?
    I hope every girl has the courage to speak out. And have a greater hope that our justice system will truly bring justice.
    Please stay on your medications and counselling. And please, love, find Christ. I’m sure you understand.
    I’ll get in touch.

    • M.I

      While your comments are well intended, I think you should also be asking where her father was, not just her mum. Raising children is not the job of one parent. But I think the question answers itself: if girls are raped, Nigerian parents put the blame on the victims… “And what where you doing with a boy alone?” You really need to evaluate how you think, and how this kind of discourse, validates the rapists’ actions and reproduces the concept of blaming victims of rape. Also, many girls could be taken advantage of by boys at a young age, and she was a victim. There is nothing wrong with having sex at 17… But there is EVERYTHING wrong with being raped at ANY age. Again, this kind of discourse isn’t asking the right questions.

  210. oscar

    Huh!!! I have read all your part of story waiting 2 read there’s***only GOD who is speaking the truth@sugabelly….don’t judge people***but have some respect nd feelings 4 U,always be your self.

  211. M.I

    I read your story, and I felt I should share some of my thoughts. Honestly, (I know you’ve heard this a million times) I could not understand why you kept going back to those shameless beasts that have no moral compass, but after some time I understood what you were going through. Indeed, black women are most vulnerable of the vulnerable members of society. I wish I could take what happened to you back, but I cannot. I want to encourage you to seek justice in whatever way possible. This is a good start. I want the whole world to know those bastards for what they are. I know work life is tough in the US, but please you need to find time to seek justice on the judicial level. Find other girls that these animals raped and get evidence–any kind of evidence please. It does not matter if this hedious crime happened 8 or 100 years ago, these bastards need to face justice. If you cannot get justice in Nigeria, you’ll get it some place else. A lot of people are supporting you. Your story also touched me on a personal level: I also graduated from LJC, and cannot even imagine that this happened to someone from my alma mater. Once again, a lot of people are SUPPORTING you. You are NOT alone. You are loved by the many intelligent and smart people who are critical of the vulnerability of a young girl. You are strong. I am not sure how to help you through this, but please do seek counseling. Life is a beautiful struggle; it’s going to be alright. You’ll be fine.

  212. Ggbbnn

    What I don’t understand is why a 17 year old high school graduate from a school as good as Loyola would not know how to cut him off. Was the honours program so important to you that you had to you had to keep going back to that office? Was the honours program worth your sanity and peice of mind? At 17 I believe anyone should have known better. It’s like someone that uses a short cut through a shady area to get home, and always gets his/her belongings stolen but keeps going back cause they want to get home on time. What happened to fool me one time shame on you, fool me a second time shame on me? Btw, other people got into better universities in America without an internship so going back to work was pointless.

    • M.I

      In retrospect, she agrees that she made a TRAGIC mistake, “hamartia” if you read greek tragedy that has cost her dearly. Possibly, internships are not all that helpful in college admissions, but many schools want to know that you are doing something with your gap year. But you are still asking all the wrong questions, and you have missed the central point!!! Apparently, you cannot, and will not heed the call. My question for you is when will you heed the call? That young girls (not just in Nigeria by the way) are vulnerable, have had their rights taken from them, and need justice!!!

  213. Noni

    You are such a brave person to speak up!

    You have taken the first step towards your recovery and healing.

    Please don’t pay any attention to the ignorant fools that are pretending they don’t know what many sick boys and men do to vulnerable young women in many big towns all over Nigeria.

    In Port Harcourt where I grow up gang-raping girls was very rampant and was called ‘Alato’.

    Luckily my sisters and I had an overly protective and psycho brother that watched over us like a hawk and we never fell victims to this madness.

    God will ensure those animals that molested you die wretchedly and visit the same vile sodomization on their mothers, sisters, daughters and even their grandmothers if those ones are still alive. May they themselves be raped through the anus with a rusty jagged metal pole.

    It is well with you for you are a survivor and never a victim. I STAND with #Sugabelly. You are much loved and truly blessed, don’t ever forget that!

  214. Anonymous

    i understand your story, your pain. i can only imagine how much a young child had to face alone. i will pray for God to help you. You are also talented. I am proud that your story came out. that way people will know that things like this is not ok. I just hope that the other girls get to say their story so that all those who have negative things to say will understand that its easier to comment on the issue than to be the victim. I pray that God helps you.

  215. Dede

    I have been following your blog for quite a while now and always wondered why you appeared bitter a lot of times. Little did I know of how much trauma you have experienced in the hands of some inconsiderate criminals. Right now, I feel very bad for not acknowledging initially what could have made you that way. Now that I know better, I know not to judge quickly. I feel utmost respect for you now. I respect your strength despite what you’ve been through. I respect how you even have the boldness to come out with the story especially considering the kind of insecure country we live in.I wish you speedy recovery and I pray that justice is served against these criminals. Take care dear and keep being the strong girl that you are.

  216. Desola

    Hi, I am so touched by this. My deepest fear is of being raped and to read this alone… If all these were lies, knowing you as intelligent and smart, you would not put up pictures of the men who did this. So I do not get why people are saying you are lying. If you were, you would be hiding. Everything would be anonymous. I do not even think you should reply the people insulting you. It is super easy to judge and condemn when you are outside the person’s shoes. I really hope this post is the first real step towards getting over your hurt and pain. Take care.

  217. jane

    I want to salute ur courage! Many gurls are goin through worse in tha hands of monsters and are scared to speak up. Welldone my sister! Welldone for speaking out! Welldone for telling all others that might be going through this that speaking out is the best option! If I could hug you right now I would. You are a victor nt a victim. May the rest of your years be beautiful and may u find true and complete healing. And those who hurt you, may God punish them until they comeout as u did and confess their sins! God Bless U

  218. Asiata


  219. ANON

    I’m so so sorry for everything you went through. I pray that God takes away your pain and that you will be able to live a normal life without fear one day. It must be difficult but try to ignore the people sending you such hateful comments, they have no idea what they are talking about and should keep their opinions to themselves. It was so brave of you to come out with your story and I pray that you remain strong. Those men who ruined your lives will get what they deserve one day.

  220. Diddy

    I feel your pain girl. God will strengthen you. But what i don’t understand is why you kept visiting after the first time they had you threesome. Well shit happens. Let God be the judge

  221. MIMI

    I believe everything about this story. It’s unfortunate how Nigerian men are and can be to support evil. Those useless, unreasonable tweets coming from wild dogs. I know what it feels like to love someone and get raped and even offered out like a sacrificial lamb and then you just keep hoping that someday, he’ll stop, apologise and he’ll love you like he used to. Look at the bags of shit and the beautiful women they’re married to. Not all that glitters is gold really. People just do things and think they can get away with it because you’ve been placed in that position that is to be used to help others but I can assure you that those men will pay for every single act. No man or woman might be able to do anything but karma is so natural, it’ll hit them right back like a boomerang. Look at the monsters those women are living with looking all responsible. I feel so shattered for you but may the good Lord console you, in Jesus name

  222. Douglas

    I can’t say I feel your pain… and there is very little I can do make you feel better. You have done well to heal, please keep it that way and also push any suicidal thoughts far. Everything is past now.

    A Rose is still a Rose, no matter what. Put all this behind you and move on with your life without worry or fear.

  223. Toyin

    I am absolutely disgusted by the persistent re-victimization of rape survivors by ignorant and illiterate individuals! What right do you have to question her on a traumatic experience? Stop the victim-blaming! Stop asking and contemplating stupid questions! Have some empathy and common sense people. What if this was your story? Your sister’s? Your daughter’s?

    These are the questions we should be asking-
    Why did these men feel like they had the authority to violate a woman in this manner? Why does society feel the need the defend the perpetrators?

    Sugabelly, I can’t say I know what you are going through. I am absolutely overwhelmed and inspired by your strength. Your voice speaks for millions of women worldwide who have been silenced by an unjust rape culture.

  224. Mimi

    First of all, I would say that this is really touching. When ppl tell stories, we are supposed to learn from them but many will not pick any lessons from this experience.
    Sugabelly ur parents failed in their duties. At 17 I dare not get home beyond 6pm until I got to the age of 22 and my curfew was pushed to 7pm.
    Lesson to parents, not just biological. Aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers etc
    Mothers too need to be most careful because sexual assault is imminent.
    Fear is always observed in cases like this. People saying she was enjoying it blah blah….. did u not hear her give reasons and we know how nobodies are easily expended in this nation. she also mentioned nude pictures and Sex tapes. This lil girl had a lot to be scared of. I’m sure we have in recent years seen released Sex tapes of some undergraduates by the same persons which they committed the act with.
    These blames are not necessary. This is someone who has gone to the world beyond and back. So just know that ur judgements won’t kill her.
    Has it even occurred to us that even as u debate on how true this story is, that there are ppl in ur area going through this kind of molestation?
    How many cases of violence against women have we heard of just this year alone in marriage for that matter. These ones even ended in death plus so many more that we don’t hear about.
    I have had ladies who fall in love with their molesters hoping for a change someday. All sorts that we have read in this story are being done to them. They are sooooo scared to talk about it for fear of being judged, and called names etc. That’s the norm in naija. Just look around ur community, if u don’t find ppl like this, then come back and call Sugabelly a liar all u want.
    Sugabelly u are a strong woman and I admire ur strength. Your worst days are over. Thank u for coming out and sharing ur story.
    My only advice to u is this. Jesus knows…. run into him and u will have unspeakable joy and peace. Jesus cares

  225. Bigman

    What stupid businesses and marriages are you talking about, VAL? Had it been your own sister will you sit where you are and talk about business or whatever?
    Those men deserve to be castrated! And I pray that Nemesis will catch up with all of them while they are still alive! May their sins be visited upon them a hundred fold! They forgot that they shall have female kids too. They deserve to be exposed, and exposure they will get. I pray there can be a way to make them pay!
    Please be strong, dear Empress. You deserve to live a good life, and you must live a good life!
    You could be source of strenght and hope to many of our girls who may have fallen victim to such monsters and cowards! You can still make a great impact touching their lives and giving them hope- making them know that it is not the end of the world. You can be stronger when you know others draw strenght from you!
    Its really not the end of the world. You were made for a reason; do not live your life for anyone but God. Embrace Him and let Him take charge!
    Your Purpose on Earth isnt fulfilled yet! Who knows, one day, your art work may be celebrated more than that of Michelangelo, and that will be a message of hope to many!
    The other day, I saw on TV about a Kenyan Lady who got kidnapped from her wedding ground and bruttally gang-raped for days. She was told she’d never have kids again after treatment and a lot happened afterwards. But she didnt give up on life. She dedicated her life to helping rape victims and at the end, she’s happily married with a good jod and she has kids.
    Your story will be better! Just be strong and Never give up on life!
    Thank you!

  226. James Ibor

    You are a great Woman. Breaking your silence is indicative of your reputation which distinguishes you from your disposition when the Audu’s sucked your blood. The IGP’s new gender unit armed with the Child Rights Act, 2003 must investigate this. Note, she was 17

  227. Lofty

    Wow! this lady is attention seeker the whole story might be true but she got it wrong all together. Those taking side of her because of the pain she might passed through should remember that somebody else life is at stake we should try to strike balance instead of being a dogmatic fellow. Thank God the person concerned is coming up to tell story about the scenario let us be patient and hear from him before final curusification.

  228. The Truth

    Babe, I’m actually sorry about all these things u have gone through. I believe u will be relieved now that you have shared what you have been keeping within you for years. Forget justice, you can’t get that on earth ( especially in a Shitty country like Nigeriaa) bt I believe Allah SWT will bring these rascals to book. But, I strongly believe nemesis will catch up with these people. I’m actually not mad aat all dese stupid comments people posted here… only if they knw how dominant some beast of a men could me.. especially to a naive young lady. I’m not ur follower on twitter but I stalk ur page and ur mentions real time cos of what peeps say about you.. You really need to be very careful now because of all these things u ve shared. I’m not scaring now bt I think you know the kind of people you are balling with. Pray hard and wait onto God for Justice cos it’s only Allah can do that right. Go on and enjoy ur life and be strong. #Bliss

  229. Namo

    I will speak my mind. I will not judge sugabelle, considering her age, maturity and how vulnerable she was at that time. Apparently she was ignorant of the process and avenues to address such incident and painfully blinded by “love”, which I cannot clearly define in this context, but with reference to her age, I will not try to justify or understand completely what transpired. I also want to believe she could have gotten pregnant within the period of abuse as no mention of contraceptive was made. Those guys, Abdul et al, are wicked and deserve to be in cages far away from civilization. If I may, I will advise ladies, if you feel someone you truly love has just abused you sexually and you have expressed displeasure/disgust to the person and it is repeated, find strength to avoid that person, flee is the word and possibly discuss or report the issue with a trusted person or appropriate authority. I am not a lawyer or a psychologist, I am an engineer, yet this is my coded observation here, a young lady has a crush, the young man realises this and the hold he has on her, he takes advantage of it, it progresses to abuse and graduates into psychological/mental manipulation (Master/Slave situation). Surprisingly most times the victim never realises, until something happens to snap him or her back to reality, then he or she tries to react or seek help. Women are more vulnerable in these cases. A pidgin English proverb states “If sontin happen once na mistake, if e happen again the second time e fit be coincidence, but if e happen the third time or pass like so…..then wahala dey o, na either oppression, ignorance or stupidity, make the person seek help !!!”. @Sugabelly, I can’t say I understand what you have been through, but I admire your courage and strength, you are beautiful, intelligent and smart….the world is wicked. I pray you overcome whatever struggle you may be facing and find true happiness. Your story will help a lot of women, that counts. @Sugabelly you have survived this, you will live and be better.

  230. Kech


    I am praying for you every day to get through this. Rape and sexual assualt is very real..all too real in a country in Nigeria where wome’s and children’s rights mean nothing. I am so saddned by what you went through and had to endure. Please ignore the ignorant morons and their stupid comments, juts makes my blood boil.

    Take one day at a time. I hope speaking about it will provide you some type of closure. We cannot imagine what you had to endure but I pray that this revelation brings about the beginning of some social justice in our country. The perpetrators will unlikely ever pay for their crime in a Nigerian court, but we pray the Good Lord judges them and finds them wanting. They shall never have peace, such evil heartless souls.

    Ji sie ike nwanne m. This too shall pass xxx

  231. Tonia Allen

    I love u sugabelle ur a huge inspiration to me when I was 11 something happened I was almost raped by an 18 yr old guy and when the whole situation was put to question everyone blamed me everyone asked me why I answered when he called me to the room, the boy wasn’t even called Or questioned, everything crumbled, am self destructive now due to constant bad luck in everything I do and no one to talk to I began cutting my self am covered in scars of my own doing, am 20 yrs now, I met a boy last year he is 23now we became close friends I told him everything about me and about my depression he seemed to understand , for the first time I thought someone needed me he asked me out I said yes he happens to be my neighbor and so there was no distance problem we are like 8 months into the relationship I got pregnant but after like a 3 weeks of pregnancy I took pills that got rid of it ,during the period we had the pregnancy scare he went ahead to have unprotected sex with another girl I later saw their messages “gosh I missed u, last night was amazing, ur pussy was the bomb u smelt amazing ” when I saw the message my heart froze I could feel the sting running through my viens I bought a packet of blade and started doing what I know best I used each blade till it got blunt I felt betrayed I tried taking pills to end everything silently but I just ended up throwing it back up I never knew he could do that I was in toxic shock for days, i remembered the baby I got rid of and how I could have just kept it and done what was right I wanna leave him but I haven’t had the courage to. he looks at my scars and calls it my choice, don’t get me wrong he’s a sweet guy but I felt betrayed. the one person that knew my story took a dump all over it. if I stay he might manipulate me and the whole thing could go worse I don’t have the courage to go am stuck I can’t move I can’t breathe and no one can see me…… Please I need advice I am @TallLightSkinB

    • I care for Tonia too

      Dear Tonia, don’t continue with a relationship in which your partner cheats. I have also observed that a guy who can be your friend without expecting sex in return for friendship is truly your friend. Most of such friends are friends to Jesus Christ. Please go to any Bible believing church, and talk with the Pastor’s wife. I am putting you in prayers, and I know God will direct you rightly

    • O.E.

      I couldn’t help but feel the need to respond to you. You need intense counseling and psychological help. Putting your hope in others to validate yourself will lead you nowhere fast. This boy that you have set so much expectations on, unfortunately, owes you nothing. And that is the truth. He is not your savior or your knight in shining armor, he cannot help you be rid of your demons. He has already shown you that he does not really care about you and yet you insist that he is sweet and what not. Please run do not walk from this relationship and take the time out to truly find yourself, HEAL, grow in confidence, self love, become WHOLE again before you try to share yourself with another human being, or you will always find yourself being too needy, emotionally broken and dependent in any relationship you embark on, which may end up being too heavy a burden for your partner to carry. This is very unhealthy. I hope you have someone in your life you can talk to or who can help you, maybe you might find solace in the church or any other such counselling programs. I wish you the best and I pray you find your healing.

  232. Victoria

    My dear, it is hard not to feel ur pain. I can’t empathise with you Kos I can’t feel what you have been feeling but I definitely sympathise with you… it is very hard and I was going to say why did you keep going back hut then again I don’t know how abuse works and u were just a kid… may God Comfort you and bring those shameless bastards to their rot. And for those of u posting irritating comments here about she been a prostitute and how she is too blame, don’t worry when u or ur sisters or daughters experience it u will learn to think thoroughly before you open your God forsaken gutters to Judge…

  233. Amusan Oluwatobi

    I guess this is a wake-up call to parents to instill bravery in their wards. Even as a guy, I remember my parents telling us to stand up to whatever was wrong that we were not comfortable with.

    Recently I resigned my well-paying job, why? Verbal abuse… constantly.

    Nothing ia ever too big to let go, not even Mustapha Audu not that Alteq internship.

    The moment the abuse started, a sane lady would have quit the damn job. You would have gotten another! And yes! You would have fallen in love with another guy … Live goes on, init?

    I wish you well though. I hope you get over all the trauma.

  234. Madge

    I am not a fan of your foul language or pseudo feminism vibe BUT .. I cannot fathom why people are insulting you or dont believe you. My husband sent me the link to your article last night, I read it this morning. I could barely get through it, it is like a descent into the pit of Satan. That someone you trusted and lived,and met under such innocent, regular ,circumstances could do this to you just tore me up. But it’s not just the rapes, its the fact that these agents of satan acheived their real purpose. To strip you of any real sense of worth and belonging, you have also probably lost your Catholic faith. You now flirt with depression and sucide thoughts on an alarmingly regular basis. This is just so upsetting. I cant imagine how much pain you must be in, or your family. You mentioned you told a priest in confession? Please remember that no priest can reveal what happens in the confessional. Look, as a person who recently rediscovered her faith I would urge you to read Divine Mercy ( not just the prayer but the stories associates with it). Forgive these cowards BUT continue to blast their names and pictures all over the media. Yes!! These people and their ilk are a danger to society. Forgiveness is to free yourself from their hold over you, but it does not involve shielding demons. That’s not in the Cathechism!! Please pray a decade of the rosary, I will pray one for you today. Let He who gives a peace beyond all understanding heal you, strengthen you, comfort you. When evil happens, even a greater good can come from it. You have now become an advocate for all those who remain silent and take the hurt to their graves. My husband, who sent the article, was discussing it with a friend on the phone and he was saying that even at University, there were girls who talked about certain guys who ” jumped” girls. These demons are still at large, now successful men. I wish more would out them!! My post is too long, sorry. Godbless and keep you, beautiful courageous lady. But stop with!

  235. Christina Typearls

    Initially, I thot the stories were false, but going through all these. Am sorry I disbelieved.. ,. You are a role model and a strong woman for having the conviction to put your experience out there for others to learn, be encouraged and those vile ones to know that there is only hidden sins, not unpunished ones.

  236. Joseph ejiro

    am sorry but those of you shaming someone for not speaking up at
    age 17 after she was gangedraped need to have several seats!!!
    at age 17 most of you were still sucking your mother’s breast milk, still
    collecting pocket money from daddy, still writing jamb 5 times, still
    trying hard to meet up to your bed time, still couldn’t bring friends
    over…etc and here you are judging a child at 17 for not speaking up
    after bring gang raped? give me a break!
    the Nigerian society doesn’t even give room for a child at that age to
    speak up, worse a girl child. let’s say she told her parents, guess what,
    her parents will shut her up, either claim she is lying, she is possessed
    or tell her to keep it secret for fear of her not being wife material.
    Nigerians are the most hypocritical bitches Ive ever known. as if at age
    17 they could even hold a pen properly.
    most of us all went through struggles as teenagers that we couldn’t
    voice out due to the fear of the same society that will eventually shame
    you after you do.
    I feel for sugabelle. I was 17 once, so I know what it must have felt
    like for her, I know what it feels like to have internal struggles with
    yourself cause you are going through something you can’t speak about
    cause society said you can’t and you don’t have the strength (yet) to
    fight society.
    Nigerians will always blame the victim and make the villain a hero.

  237. ABBEY

    Sugabelly, I am in the week of fasting and praying when I came across your story. I acknowledge your pain, your betrayal and the hurt you have been put through. Now you have shamed them, they would want nothing more than to see you take your own life so they can rejoice. These people do not deserve your life. DO NOT LET THEM WIN THIS BATTLE. You named and shamed them and I and millions of unknown faces who has suffered from any form of rape stand with and by you Sugabelly. Stand tall and raise your head high because you are strong, beautiful and powerful. There is power and healing in the pen. Pour out every single detail and aspect of all the horrors you have had to go through, document it, publish it in books and journals. Your story should never go untold. The way they made your life hell, they should have their names immortalised forever for generations after generations to know they are descendants of vile rapists. The pen is mightier than the sword or wealth.
    Finally I will have you in my prayers and may God avenge your cause. May the God we serve never let these evil men get away with this atrocities. May he rise for your name sake.
    This is now your time of freedom and healing. I stand with you.

  238. Crystal

    My heart is broken by this. I went through a similar thing when I was 8-9 with only two perpetrators but I can’t even imagine how you must feel. Still very fresh in your memory. You’re so brave for sharing this. I still can’t. I feel broken and I know how it feels to go through this in Nigeria. Who can we tell? There is almost no one in power that can/will protect us.

    You won, girl. you’re the survivor.. but I wish all (your) abusers could somehow just suffer until their internal friction causes them to vanish into thin air.

  239. Mm

    Coming out now or later wouldn’t have changed how you feel, just look for strength wherever possible to move past this. There is something I always do in bad situations, I look for the good in it and believe I am being directed towards something better. THE FACT THAT YOU ARE STILL ALIVE MEANS THERE IS STILL HOPE AND GOD HAS GREAT PLANS FOR YOU, he sees all and he never forgets, just leave it to him. Find it in you to forgive yourself and the men. You might not have been able to save yourself but you have saved many and for that I thank you. May the Lord strengthen and keep you.

  240. Anon

    Dear…..beyond the stories and the hurt….I think what you need now is a true friend…Jesus. .In your write up I can see hurt and unforgiveness..its only a new relationship with Christ that can erase the past…I pray you find rest in God….remember he has loved you with an everlasting love.

  241. Raheem

    You’re just manipulative sit that wants cheap attention and there are a lot of girls like you out there trying to seduce older guys. Later claiming they were raped and used. I’m sure you started having sex way before you met the guy and u enjoyed all and satisfied all their sexual fantasies. You were just a cheap slut, manipulative batch, junkie and attention seeker. Choke on your pills coz I know people like you very very well. I’ll be happy if your slapped with a libel suit and you’ll beg for mercy and it’ll never come. Olosho!

  242. Osho

    No matter how much negative comments you get do not stop spreading the word. I will join you too.
    If the Nigerian system will not give you justice then you must give I to yourself.

  243. Samuel Eso

    This story is a signal to all cares parent that have the fair of God to please take good care of their girls be more closer, be their councillor, What this lady was saying is the orders of the day in our country it has not just started but long ago,l wish all good women and good fathers should stand out to stop the ambitious of this audu son from becoming a govnor or deputy gov,or hold any post in this country, I believe many innocent ladies would have survived the same thing in the hand of this monster, its happening all over, may God save our ladies.

  244. CHARLES

    I am going to reply without reading the comments of others here. If you continue throwing all this to the public, believe me you know an apology from your friends(old)will make things easier, plus you ust be ready to forgive them.

    You also have to admit your role in all these, its your mistake. What is your personality and relationship with GOD, especially now all this has happened. Close this blog now and channel grievance to him. You said it yourself, you are afraid for your family, but if you really love them, why put them through all this pain again, and entertaining this rumour and vain generation. Lolo, i feel 4u. But now, the choice is yours, never late to turn around. I know you are bold now, be bolder. Stop all this. Thank you

    • charlotte

      God punish you!!may it happen to you …yes!!!! if you are a man,men will come and rape you then you can now have opportunity to rant

      • CHARLES

        Sorry, but in the end you will regret taking sides when you have not heard both sides of the story. Now, get to hear from Mustapha and read their email exchange,google it this same girl admits still loving a beast that gang raped her months after their relationship. Those that tell you about her psychological makeup.? Her view of life in general? her personality? What is her background? Heard she hates the mum and the Mum’s boyfriend raped her.


  245. Faleke Crystal

    God’s grace bounds u n wiv no boundaries, mehn, pple av died for less, some av killed for very less aswel…I’m totally nt shocked bou d responses from d public nor d so many long notes jus to comfort u, I’m also a writer(poet), a very good one, n I know ur a good tale teller aswel, very creative one, buh I also know d greatest tales r mainly inspired by d most sincere depths from d soul…dis is too deep=too sincere, so mny lines dere cldnt av bn formed, dey were remembered ordeals u obviously had survived…mehn, ur fuckin strong, n truly ba, ud reach heights in ds naija n beyond o, I’m sure(buh dat wld be if u dnt give in to dem o, talking suicide here). Seriously readers, av u actually tot of d ones Sugarbelly left out? I’m so sure it ws worse dan she cld ever recall, think of how ‘unsurvivable’ a regular relationship is, how it ruins gender trust(Adele hs made albums n abnormal sales via d hrtbrk she’s survived)… I jus know ever phase we survive, takes us to phases we’re strong enuf to conquer…God wld rly use u hun, try maintain ur sanity… I cnt talk bou d guys, dey dnt worth us making dem famous…

  246. Nello3

    All those insulting this lady need to go to school and study a four year course called “abuse”, are u stupid?, what stupid questions are you asking as to why she kept going back, that is why it is abuse mumu. Who is asking why she did not say anything, mumu again, that is why it is abuse, who says why is she talking now, bastard, does when she said it change the fact that it happened. All these blocked head Nigerians with their shallow mindedness, na your sister and mama this kind thing go do next so that you come ask your smart questions. Idiot!

  247. joseph Daniel

    If it’s true they must pay for this and those who responded in the negative,my prayer is that let this happen to their sisters and female children. This is Nigeria and most children of the highly connected do this almost on a daily basis.

  248. udy

    well i understand your past predicament, living with such trauma for years. People dont really understand especially when they are not women or when they’ve not be abused. And for those saying she’s telling a cheap lie, well you may never know because you were not there and because its not easy for a girl to tell the next person her rape story.Especially, when it has to do with someone you were emotionally attached to. Most girls have had to pass through this in one way or the other and blaming them is not the best thing to do. @Sugabelly, i hope you fight a good course…
    God bless the women

  249. Anonymous

    I just read your post and I am deeply sorry for all you had to go through and am sincerely proud of you and the woman you have become. Strong, powerful and beautiful despite all the pain and trauma they put you through. I can’t imagine the fear, the hate, the anger and most of all how they stole your innocence. I am truly sorry. I know it doesn’t change the past but just so you know someone out there believes your story and I pray you get justice for the inhuman act. Time heals all wounds and writing this article clearly means you are free. Fly like a bird the sky is your limit and never doubt that. Ps ignore the ignorant their heart is shallow and trust me the have their own demons they are fighting as well. To all the negative comments and people out there I hope that some day God heals your broken heart just the way he healed hers to find peace and solace in posting these article because she is free and you aren’t.

  250. SYSOS

    All the best Sugabelly, I pray God gives you the grace to stand strong… you’ve spoken your mind and it may take decades to heal but you’re beautiful and divine…stay so.

  251. Nuel Ukah

    OMG! Why do people always see rape victims as impostors and liars?! It’s so pathetic and annoying. The most challenging status quo of life is being a girl.
    Only he that wears a shoe knows where it hurts.
    @SugarBelly, I totally understand and feel for you. Please, let me help you. And any other rape victim. Please, kindly contact me via Tel.: 08188488338, 07036852651 or via facebook: or via e-mail:
    Please, let me help you. I’ll be expecting to hear from you, or anyone out there who needs help. Accept my sympathy.
    Best regards.

  252. Ayobami

    Okay….Uhm.where do i start from, do i start from Apologizing to you because i’m also a male and its a total disgrace….or should i start releasing the Rain of Curses upon those Wolves…Yes WOLVES. we call men….But one thing i know and i can bodly say…is…it is well with you..No one ever believes things like this till it happens to them….P.s those idiots who criticise her for speaking out…I congratulate you…Your are yet to realise you are in a very precarious situation where no one can actually save you from your highly rated stupidity and grotesque attitude towards something like this…if you don’t believe…its simple….Don’t say anithing…Instead of opening ur big mouth and blasting her for her courage

    And to our blessed sister….God bless you….Think not of the past….Focus on the present…

    Thank you

  253. XX

    There’s this defence mechanism called “identification with the aggressor” because the pain was so much, she had to let them defy her so many times. From experience I can tell, that’s the only way she could find solace. Hopefully, one day we would stop criticizing rape victims rather than hate the monsters who dared to make a young girl’s body filthy

  254. yoursister

    I apologise on behalf of the Nigerian Society we failed you!!
    I apologise on behalf of your Family and Friends !! we failed you
    I apologise on behalf of these Pshycopants/Rapist !! They failed you
    I apologise on behalf of all Nigerian Women we failed you
    I apologise on the behalf of our Security Agents we failed you
    Please forgive us all so that you can move on ,leave this in the past and have the brightest future you have ever imagine!! (mentally)
    I can see you star shining right ahead of you,by sharing your story you have saved so many.God Bless you We are the guilty ones .
    By Gods Grace you will be succesful in life ,have a great husband who will adore you and children who will look up to you in everything and everyway.

  255. Sam I

    My sister forwarded your story to me. I am male and I must tell you the deep sadness and empathy for your story has left me unable to do anything else today.
    I weep for what you went through
    I weep for these men who do not understand the depth of their crime, not just against the law but against humanity against all our sisters, mothers, friends
    I weep for many women, young and old who keep silent and face this everyday
    I weep for the children who of these beasts who because of power and money will continue to perpetrate this evil on the young and impressionable
    I weep for my Government who are silent
    I weep for my culture, rich and beautiful but which sadly encourages men to subjugate women continually
    I weep because I know your voice will be heard but little would be done to bring the evil of these men to face justice
    I WEEP
    But your have made your voice heard, I have heard and I will continue to express to all I know. Yes, they may have the power and wealth but that will be eroded faster by the total lack of respect we have in them as humans.
    Until the day that true change comes, slowly, slowly.

  256. Joel

    To be really fair with you @sugarbelly, you have not created a truest expression of what happened to you.

    After reading all you wrote so carefully,

    I saw that it seemed like you enjoyed what they did to you. If you were raped’ all over again and again, babe cmon, – and you could visit them for the same thing from time to time whole you continued such an enigmatic Act- sweedie, it all makes it si hard for me to totally believe your single story..

    You wouldn’t be doing this to create panic in some people’s homes. Buh if all you have said are actually close to the truth, I hope you get over it all soon.

  257. Eric

    Mustafa, if you are reading this, and if all these allegations are true which I believe they are, then you, your brothers and your friends need to make it up with sugarbelly. you need to collectively apologise to her. This will make it easy for her to forgive you and for you also to forgive yourselves . Trust me it is not going to be easy. I will be surprise if you can do this.

  258. Harry

    I’d say blaqqueen’s comment is absolutely spot on!!! Sugabelly, I’d suggest you read her comment, cause its refreshingly honest, without the hurtful words.

  259. Eloks

    Lotanna, what you describe is a true life phenomenon. Whether it’s your personal experience I’d another story on its own. Why? I’ve read stuff on print media that ended up being utter crap crafted solely for profit – not to mention social media where the laws are still being birthed. It’s only fair to hold a wo/man innocent until proven otherwise. I feel the psin

  260. Tunde adefolaju

    Life must go on. Telling the story is 50percent deliverance. Unfortunately you have to encounter those beast in ur lifetime, they are like their fathers, heartless people oppressing the harmless@17. Don’t worry they will suffer they can’t escape. Let God take over. There are some situations one can not handle himself. You are a champion. Keep going forward stop taking those drugs. Take JESUS and let HIM fill you. Your joy will overflow. Honestly I love you.

  261. Jeremiah

    If you EVER got to read this, REMEMBER :

    2. You are are to blame for DISOBEYING JESUS’ COMMAND NOT to indulge in sexual sin BEFORE MARRIAGE.
    4. Give your LIFE and LOVE to JESUS and NOT to Audu as a first step.
    5. Go for DELIVERANCE session to cut-the Soul tie which is making you send NUDE pictures of yourself to someone you rightly termed a MOLESTOR. UNTIL YOU ARE DELIVERED, THIS WILL CONTINUE AND NOT STOP. No amount of phychological

  262. Eloks

    As a mentor of teens I feel the plight and pain of the 17 yr old that was abused. I fully understand why she kept going back… Only someone who doesn’t understand the intricate workings of the going mind would discount the veracity of your claims. But from the point of forensic psychology, I have questions. Where was mom??? You could stay out till midnight without any checks. Where was dad? That was beyond her control, I know. Loyola girl: good money, exposure, high moral standards, sometimes legalistic; unattached parents …. So she couldn’t talk. Why sugabelly? Sounds like opposite of sugar daddy( no judging, just first impression) after being used as a suga thing. Why the graphic details of what went on and unbridled use of the F word? Maybe you are venting and thereby finding healing. But otherwise it raises doubt as to if this is a firsthand encounter. It seems to go beyond a victim telling her story to evoking the imagination and passions – anger, disgust or sensuality of the reader. Unless, as earlier said it is a quest to ‘hold back no more and find freedom’. I believe this is Your story, thud I encourage you to get in touch with Joyce Mayer, she was raped by her own father over 200 times. Today sha’s the sweetest looking great grand mother I know and she’s helped hundreds of thousands like you. God can turn your mess into a message and use you to help the African girl. Damn you, Eloks! Where was God? Everything that happened were the results of human choices, but God is forgiving enough to ignore our having broken His laws and still stoop down to help us when cry out to him. I love you and want you to know that your violators do not represent manhood. There are still men who respect, value and adore women. My wife and female friends can bear witness.

  263. Jeremiah

    If you EVER got to read this, REMEMBER :

    2. You are are to blame for DISOBEYING JESUS’ COMMAND NOT to indulge in sexual sin BEFORE MARRIAGE.
    4. Give your LIFE and LOVE to JESUS and NOT to Audu as a first step.
    5. Go for DELIVERANCE session to cut-the Soul tie which is making you send NUDE pictures of yourself to someone you rightly termed a MOLESTOR. UNTIL YOU ARE DELIVERED, THIS WILL CONTINUE AND NOT STOP. No amount of psychological treatment-no matter how expensive can STOP or cover your guilt-ONLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CAN FREE YOU OF GUILT, SHAME, TRAUMA, ETCETERA: that is if you EVER BELIEVED IN A JESUS, TALK-MORE OF HIS BLOOD!


  264. chikki

    it’s a pity,you had to go through all these.stay strong and be strong.and for all those criticizing her,she was only 17 then and naive.think if had been ur kid sister,would be doing dis.
    instead of criticizing, let’s come together and help her get justice, becos it could be ur sister or daughter tomorrow. time will Indeed heal you.

  265. PEEKS

    You are obviously a mentally deranged bitch!.. Why are you now including the pictures or their spouses???! Just validates that you are angry and miserable that none of them ended up with you even after selling yourself cheap. Your mother told you to stop following them as you said to Mustapha in one of your numerous stalker emails! I suggest you get a life real fast before you really do commit suicide from the karma and backlash. MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Stop stooping so lowlife really goes on you don’t need to attach yourself to an experience of so many years ago…FOOL!!

  266. Amani Bathily

    You are courage. You have so much strenght and your deserve so much respect. What you are doing is not only the right thing but it is admirable. This is a big problem whether in Nigeria and in many other countries, victims of sexual abuse are blamed for the abuse they had to endure. I have a close friend of mine who experienced something far less worse but similar none the less and it was so distressing as there is no legal system to protect and recognise that she is a victim and this was not right. So thank you for speaking out. Time does miracles when it comes to healing and you deserve only the best things in life from now on, because you truly are a couragious person. So much respect for you. Lots of love my dear.

  267. Dayo

    This is so pathetic,it could happen to anybody,at 17 having boyfriend makes girls feel on top of the world.You know tbe thinking at a 17 years old girl is ‘am a big girl’.
    Most guys have the huge to rape,especially in Africa where nobody believe a rape victim,us so sad.
    Those guys that rape you will never tell the true this is Nigeria.
    I say kudos to you as problem shared is half solved,i pray God heal you.
    As for those guys either they confess or not Almighty God knows everybody’s mind.
    If they happen to live 100 years on earth,we’ll all live more than that in heaven and we all will account for what we have done on earth.

  268. chyke

    U will always be in my prayers. I bet ur a catholic, pls always try to spend time in d blessed sacrament cos nothing pass God. God bless u my lil sister…..

  269. Iye

    Hi, I find your story very touching and I would love to feature you in a video for one of my songs called “SinnerMan”. I think the world needs to know and offenders should be punished.

    I am not afraid of anyone, as long as you’re not and you’re willing to place your hand upon the bible and swear that its all through, I am ready to go.

    My name is Iye. please google “SinnerMan by MsIye” let me know if you’re interested. check out my twitter page as well @msiye.

    God Bless You!

    the Iye

    • Mirium

      Why does she need to put her hand on a Bible to swear that what she has been saying for years is true?
      You heartless 419, trying to capitalize on someone pain for your gain. It is clear that you do not believe her, hence she has to “swear by on a bible”.
      Go scrunge in the pit of hell…..but if you are in Nigeria, you are in hell already so no wonder you want to use her pain.

  270. Funke

    I heard ur story today for the first time in church and I didn’t understand the extent till I went and read it and I wept.. I am sorry for what u went thru and all the nasty remarks and comments I am reading. It must be like reliving the whole ordeal all over again.. God allows somethings to happen but what the devil meant for evil I pray God ‘ll turn around for good.. I pray God ‘ll heal ur every wound and give u grace to forgive the monsters cos that is what they are.. I pray God ‘ll vindicate u and fight for u in ur silence.. u don’t owe anyone an explanation. U ‘ve said ur bit and it is on record.. Their wives know for certain THE TRUTH because as the Yoruba say “Efin ni wa” Their true character ‘ll show and the first person to see it will be their wives. I cringe at the very thought of what I went thru as I ‘ve daughters.. may they never go thru that in Jesus name.. pls use this ordeal as a stepping stone for greater things… to touch other girls lives…use it to speak to other vulnerable young girls…. there are a lot of them out there… God bless u. (Hugs)

  271. Iye

    Hi Suga,

    I am so touched by your story and I believe they should be punished, if you’re willing to put your hand on the bible and swear it all to be true, i believe we can do something about it and get more Nigerians talking and get a solid case.

    I have a song called “Sinneman” and I think you’ll be perfect for the camera to tell the story from. a lot of injustice are going on against women in this country and the upcoming men are beginning to think its cool to disregard us.

    Please google “Sinnerman by MsIye” and let me know if you’re interested.

    God keep you. Thank you.

    The Iye