Speak Yoruba

Speak Yoruba is a delightful little app I was introduced to by its creator Abake Adenle, that helps you learn common Yoruba words on the go with your iPhone or iPad.

I’m a huge language nerd, and one of my biggest regrets is losing the Yoruba I learned a child living in Lagos, so I’m super excited about an app that lets me show off a little to my Yoruba friends. From the design of the app, I can tell the primary target was parents hoping to get their kids excited about Yoruba, but the Speak Yoruba app is really useful for adults wanting to get their feet wet too.

Already, I’ve learned some Yoruba words I had no idea about like “Daran daran”.

Speak Yoruba’s been out for a little while already, and it’s super exciting to support an app made in Nigeria, by a Nigerian, for Nigerians, so if you haven’t already, hit the banner below to cop it in the app store.


Available for $1.99  in the iTunes App Store

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  1. Udochi

    This is pretty cool. I’m the webmaster for an organization called Express Igbo. http://www.expressigbo.com whose mission is to preserve and promote the use of the Igbo language. I have been following your Ndebe project for several years now, and am curious about what happened to it. I have also tried to get in touch with you on several occasions. I really want to have a conversation with you if you are ever in DC, please let me buy you lunch.

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